Samantha Who?

Season 2 Episode 18

The First Date

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Jul 09, 2009 on ABC
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Episode Summary

Samantha tries to find balance between her new job and Todd. Andrea is shadowed by a camera crew for a new reality show on celebrity weddings. Howard's retirement causes problem with Regina.

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  • Got some watchable stuff...

    This and the last ones made some giant leaps in terms of time lines of the plot. Funk comes in all of a sudden, then Sam has a job. Andrea has a wedding planned. Howard retires. And wait, is this the last of Barry Watson? Too bad, he has a regular, and it makes sense to keep him for the last 2 remaining episodes.

    We had some good lines here. I laughed out loud when Sam made a reference to some Belzon - is it like the name of some alien?. The episode ended on a pretty gloomy note, with the possibility of Todd, Howard, and Regina not returning back for the last 2 installments. I am not sure if the show is now tailored to end the tale. Because it depends on when the writing has been done - that is before or after the cancellation decision. It would be quite interesting to speculate on that.moreless

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    • Samantha: Look at me. I have the Senate's switchboard on my speed dial. There are hookers who are dying to have that.

    • Todd: Really, I'm not mad. At the fourth call, I was mad. But at the 10th, I remembered how awful it was being with you before.
      Samantha: OK, I'm not a student of human emotions but that kinda sounds like someone who's mad.

    • (Sam adjusts to Todd's schedule for their date.)
      Samantha: Alright. Alright, I will cancel. The village hasn't had water for a year. What's one more day? Right?

    • Todd: Okay. OK, Sam, what's going on? Tell me the truth and I won't be upset. Well, no, I will be. But not as upset if I find out that you're lying. Or probably the same. Actually, I don't see this going well for you either way.
      Samantha: OK. Funk called before we left. And he said I had to come here and meet this guy.
      Todd: Wait. So this is work?
      Samantha: No. You and I, we're still on a date. But if a little work gets done in the process then guess who wins? Everybody.
      Todd: Except me.
      Samantha: Yeah, well, maybe not you.

    • Samantha: I'm not attracted to my boss, Todd.
      Todd: What if he wasn't your boss?
      Samantha: I don't know. I mean, that's like asking me if I would be attracted to my father if he wasn't my father! That's impossible to know.
      Todd: It's impossible to know if you would be attracted to your father?!
      Samantha: Have you seen pictures of him when he was younger? He is a very dashing man.

    • Todd: Now let me ask you one. I went out with this crazy chick.
      Samantha: Hey!
      Todd: Roommate! I may have overreacted to her boss who's also her former lover who showed up on our date and made a jealous scene in front of an old folks' home.
      Samantha: (putting on a guy's voice) Bro, you acted like a little bitch. Did you cry?

    • Samantha: (end monologue) I read somewhere that when God closes a door, he opens a window. Just not too wide I hope. All kinds of things could get in.

  • NOTES (2)


    • Howard: (on the wheel of their new RV) Just remember, If the RV's rocking, don't come a-knockin'.

      The statement is a popular catchphrase written on bumper stickers of RV's and buses and acts as a "Do Not Disturb" sign.

    • Todd: I don't know. With the amnesia, you thought Harry Potter was the 33rd President.

      Harry Potter is a fictional adolescent wizard and central character in British author J.K. Rowling's fantasy novel series with the same name. The books were later adapted into film.

    • Howard: Regina! Guess what?
      Regina: Don't tell me. You finished watching the second season of Alf.

      Alf was an '80s sitcom about an alien who crash-landed on Earth and lived with a suburban family. The series lasted for four seasons.

    • Regina: Anything else you'd like to see? Africa? Russia?
      Howard: Lonesome Dove. Never finished it.

      Lonesome Dove was a Western Drama series which aired on CTV during the mid-'90s.