Samantha Who?

Season 1 Episode 13

The Gallery Show

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Apr 28, 2008 on ABC
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Sam is going to Todd's photo exhibit, but doesn't want to go alone, so she asks Craig, whom she thinks is a complete stranger, to join her. Sam soon gets the hint that they've met before and things doing go smoothly. Howard discovers a demeaning picture of Sam in Todd's photo collection.moreless

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  • Lots of fun at the art gallery with Samantha

    This was another fine installment of Samantha Who. Samantha is invited to Todd's show at the gallery and she needs a date to bring along. She goes along to the book shop to find someone suitable and there are lots of humourous moments there. The man she picks up turns out to be someone who mugged her three years ago. Dena also goes to a gallery but the wrong one thanks to Andrea playing a practical joke on her. She has lots of surreal conversations with a man who is part of one of the installations. Definitely one of the best episodes so far.moreless
  • Samantha attends a gallery of Todd's work.

    This was a well-written half hour of comedy and probably my favorite episode of freshman sitcom Samantha Who? The episode hit on all cylinders, the jokes landed perfectly and the gags were great. Samantha walking into the aisle of science fictions nerds was as hilarious as it was pragmatic.

    Frank was on in this episode as well. His bit about not being allowed to listen to the radio was subtle, yet witty. Howard was also on fire with his response to Samantha's nude photo and eventually attempting to steal it.

    The episode also utilized something I strongly support: guest stars. Jerry O'Connell is an underrated comedian who always delivers in whatever role he's given. I am lucky I wasn't drinking something at the moment because his remark about thinking the sign for coat check was a piece of art and taking five minutes to realize that had me in stitches. The beautiful Kiele Sanchez also reprised her role as Chloe in this episode was great. We all know that she was mishandled on Lost, but Samantha Who producers had no problem showcasing her talents here as the jealous and overly hysterical girlfriend of Todd. It's a shame she wasn't made a full-character as she's a great actress. While I think flashing is overdone on television, she was able to make the seemingly hackneyed trait unbelievably funny and cringeworthy.

    If anyone had doubts about Samantha Who being a strong program, they should watch this episode. My only gripe was that Andrea wasn't used to her full potential, but her side-storyline with Dena (especially her first walking into the bizarre art exhibit) was still funny.moreless
  • A fine example of "Samantha Who?".

    To me, the show's best feature is its star, Christina Applegate as Samantha. She is a brilliant comedic actress, funny without resorting to being crude or over-the-top. I like how the amnesia gimmick is continuing to play out, while the show simultaneously moves beyond it to a traditional friends-family-romance sitcom format. For example, Sam is trying to make Todd jealous and accomplishes this by bringing "Lance" to the gallery...but Lance turns out to be a thief, which she remembers in a flashback. All around, an interesting story that advances the plotline and Sam's character development. Some characters are dangerously close to becoming stereotypes, and I'm constantly annoyed by Andrea, who is particularly one-note (both in her characterization and the performance). All-in-all, though, a good episode of a good show.moreless
  • This is so much good fun to watch

    Another hilarious episode of Samantha Who.

    All the characters are getting better in every episode.

    As others have said Christina Applegate is the perfect comedic actress and the delivery of her lines are so great you end up laughing out loud.

    I most look forward to Sam's run-ins with Frank the doorman.

    Melissa McCarthy as Dena (of Gilmore Girls fame) is great alongside Sam's best friend Andrea (Jennifer Esposito) and mother Regina (Jean Smart), the strong female cast is great to see.

    I disagree with Love it or hate it comment previously. I don't understand why anyone wouldn't find this funny. Once you watch a couple of episodes you are hooked.moreless
  • More awkward moments for Samantha as she goes to Todd's gallery viewing - much to the chagrin of his girlfriend Chloe

    Samantha' receipt of an invitation to Todd's showing announces more awkward moments as she finds it difficult to control her emotions, especially as she doen't really know how she is supposed to act with her one time live-in boyfriend. Of course add in the jealous current girlfriend, liberal mother, slightly hazed but doting father, acid tongued best friend and rather kooky childhood friend/stalker and you know things wont all be smooth sailing.

    To add to her woes on the day Sam brings a date, (Jerry O'Connell aka Mr Quinn 'slider' Mallory) who it turns out is not the gentleman he seems as memories of a purse snatching incident sometime before make for n rude awakening for Sam - well she did pick him up trying to break into a car (no keys...really!) so she should have known something was up. Although it does transpire Sam knows a lot more about breaking into cars than many a thief!

    At the gallery thing go from odd to weird and back again as we are treated to nude pictures, flashing breasts, attempted robbery, stolen wallets....all tastefully done of course and all for the right reasons (maybe not the wallet)

    All in all a fine example. It would appear the series is one of those 'love it' or 'hate it' shows and I admit to fall into the first group. Maybe not a classic but great for the half-hour shot of fun that we deserve every now and then.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


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  • QUOTES (12)

    • Samantha: Please stay. Look, until the accusation thing, we were having such a good time.
      Craig: No, I think I should go. I think I need to date people I haven't robbed.

    • Andrea: This Greg guy looks familiar. Do I know him?
      Samantha: Oh God. Did you sleep with him?
      Andrea: Oh please. He's wearing a Swatch.

    • Samantha: Did I tell you? [Todd] invited me to his gallery show.
      Frank: He invited me too. But sadly I teach comedy traffic school that night.

    • Howard: (looking at semi-nude photograph) OK... now we're talking.
      Regina: Oh, well... sure. You like that one. It's a naked woman.
      Howard: Well, that's not why I like it. There's an overall theme. There's an intimacy to it.
      Regina: Well, that's what those artists do. They get these models drunk, loosen their inhibitions and have sex with them. You saw Titanic.
      Howard: I don't like it because of the sex. There's an idea. There's a point of view...
      Regina: (interrupting) There's a mole... It's our daughter.
      Howard: Oh, my God.

    • Samantha: You know what? For some reason, I'm not welcome into the apartment that I own.
      Frank: Maybe because you tried to destroy his relationship with Chloe.
      Samantha: (mumbling) I don't know... I'm not a mind reader.

    • (after Samantha crumpled the art show invitation from Todd)
      Regina: Don't do that. I need the address.
      Samantha: What? You're going?
      Regina: Yeah, I didn't sleep with him.

    • (on Chase Chapman and Dena making out behind her)
      Andrea: God! That's my boss! There must be some kind of line he's crossing here, right?
      Samantha: It's not happening if you don't look at it.
      Andrea: Like poverty.

    • (Howard and Regina looking at the photographs on display)
      Howard: Art should challenge you. If I'm gonna pay twelve dollars for parking, art should make me think. I'm not thinking, Regina.
      Regina: Well, don't let it stop you from talking.

    • Todd: See Chloe, Sam brought a date. They're dating.
      Chloe: (to Craig/Lance) Really, for how long?
      Samantha: (to Craig/Lance) Don't answer that. (looks back at Chloe) What are you, writing a book?

    • (Howard standing infront of Samantha's nude photograph)
      Regina: Howard, what are you doing?!
      Howard: I protected her body in her prom night, and I'm gonna protect it now.
      Regina: Well, I have news for you about her prom night.
      Howard: What?!
      Regina: Nothing.

    • Todd: You brought a mugger to my show?
      Samantha: Yeah, well, I was, uh, gonna bring a serial killer, but his van broke down.

    • Samantha: Signals are like art. The meaning can be interpreted in countless ways, like that statue of a giant clothespin. Actually, no one knows what that one means. But sometimes, the signal is nothing like art. Its meaning is crystal clear.

  • NOTES (1)

    • International Airdates
      Israel: June 9, 2008 on YES Stars 1
      Germany: November 26, 2008 on ProSieben
      United Kingdom: Decemeber 4, 2008 on E4
      Norway: January 6, 2009 on TV2
      The Netherlands: April 7, 2009 on Net 5
      Sweden: April 10, 2009 on TV4
      Finland: December 20, 2009 on Nelonen


    • Samantha: ...The meaning can be interpreted in countless ways, like that statue of a giant clothespin.

      Samantha was referring to Claes Oldenburg's 45-foot-high, 10-ton steel sculpture of a clothespin located at Centre Square Plaza, Fifteenth and Market streets in Philadelphia near the City Hall.

    • Regina: Well, that's what those artists do. They get these models drunk. They loosen their inhibitions and they sleep with them. You saw Titanic.

      Titanic is the 1997 movie which starred Leonardo DiCaprio as Jack Dawson and Kate Winslet as Rose DeWitt Bukater. In the movie, Rose asked Jack to sketch her in the nude. Not long after, they made love inside a Renault traveling car in the cargo hold area.

    • Samantha: (making a hand gesture to the guys in the science fiction aisle) Carry on.

      The hand gesture made by Samantha is the Vulcan salute popularized on the original Star Trek series. It consists of raising one's hand with palms out and the middle and ring fingers parted. The usual accompanying greeting with the gesture is "Live long and prosper."