Samantha Who?

Season 1 Episode 7

The Hockey Date

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 26, 2007 on ABC

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  • Fun at the hockey rink.

    Another fine episode here. I liked the introduction of Kevin, I hope he appears in the show again. There were some great scenes between Andrea and Dena in the bar, the two of them work so well together, so contrasting yet have a surprising amount in common. Samantha's father didn't have much to do but her mother was great, especially when she set Kevin and Samantha up together. I also loved the bits about the food allergies, especially when she was on the phone and asking the person at the other hand to stand next to her to see if she dies! Great stuff.
  • Back on track with this one!

    This episode restores my faith in this show. The plot returns to the more "mundane" aspects of recovering amnesia, but it is the mundane fears that have proven to be the most humorous. The writers need to take note that it's not the big, life-altering events that develop character, or re-develop Sam in this case. "The Virgin" missed so badly as did "The Hypnotherapist," both of which tried to tackle issues that have been covered ad nauseam. This episode deals with a very realistic fear all people have, even those who have never suffered amnesia: what do I have to offer another person? And Christina Applegate delivered the angst in the charming manner I've come to expect from Sam. She never misses with the doe-eyed look.

    Additionally, Sam's interaction with her "friend" Todd illustrates the chemistry these two actors have together. Barry Watson's reaction to Sam's constant dropping by the apartment is both humorous and gentle as he always indulges her whims; nobody knows Sam like Todd. Finally, the scene with Dena and Andrea getting drunk during appetizer night sets up some new territory for this pair as Andrea's constant eye rolling at Dena was getting old. We will learn that these two opposites aren't really that opposite after all. The show has the potential for creating couples that will become television classics.
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