Samantha Who?

Season 1 Episode 6

The Hypnotherapist

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 19, 2007 on ABC

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  • Samantha discovers a few things from the hypnotherapist.

    This was a quite pleasing episode of Samantha Who. The moment when she realised she remembered playing Annie and it was not her own life was very funny and well done. Samantha and Frank were great together there. The hypnotherapist does not really uncover that many hidden memories but she does get over her fear of elevators. Samantha was rather cruel to Todd, though. Throwing him out of the apartment was a bit harsh, I thought. The scene when Samantha goes to Angrea's place hoping to move in with her were very funny too. Still, this was another enjoyable installment.
  • Dialogue is not as snappy as it has been in the first few episodes.

    Ever since "The Virgin" episode, this show has lost some of its charm. The episodes prior to "The Virgin" were hilarious. Watching Sam reacquaint herself with her life makes for some very funny moments. However, I fear the writers have already run out of material or are not fully exploiting the material's potential. While I enjoyed the idea that Sam confused her reality with a memory about the plot of the play "Annie", it was Sam's reaction that disappointed. Why would she turn on her parents like that? Yes, they are kooky, but all parents are. And tossing Todd out of her apartment? Sam's sudden sense that everyone has betrayed her seems to come out of nowhere.