Samantha Who?

Season 1 Episode 2

The Job

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 22, 2007 on ABC
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It's Samantha's first day back to work and her first board meeting gives her a shocking look at just how cutthroat and competitive she really was.

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  • Sam goes back to work though she doesn't know what she does there and follows up on a doctor's appointment.

    There were some great scenes in Sam's office in this episode, the supporting characters were just great. We had already met Andrea in the pilot but here we meet Tracy the cowering secretary and Chase the monumentally stupid boss. Although she realises that she has a really awful job she can't leave because she has huge credit card bills to pay thanks in the main to her shoe addiction. There was also a lot of jokes about boob jobs and Sam's mum Regina had some funny lines on the subject. The episode as a whole developed all the characters and makes me want to see the next episode.moreless
  • Sam's work day!

    Samantha returns to work in this second epsiode of the series. I recently saw four of the "Samantha Who?" episodes that ran on a Saturday night. ABC ran them as a filler after weeks of college football. Their last saturday night game has USC vs. UCLA. I love both teams and I'm from Michigan. But back to the episode at hand, Sam returns to work and she learns that she is a very mean boss to those around her. She tries to reform herself to those who hated her. that will take lots of episode. But so far, I love the series.moreless
  • Pretty good!

    Samantha finds out what her job was. She wants to quit it, but can't because she's in debt. She also finds out that she was going to get a boob job. He also finds out why and cancels it. She tells the boss off because the only way to win an arguement is whoever had the best breast to look at. She tells him that appearance isn't everything. She wants to make her life better than it was before.

    This was a great episode! Minus all the talk of breasts, I really liked it! I liked her point about appearances and how she should help the "little people." This episode gets a 9.0!moreless
  • **MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS IN REVIEW.** Today, Sam tries to find out what her job is and why she wants a boob job. In these "exciting" (not sure what word to put there) 22 minutes we find out what those answers are. **MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS IN REVIEW.**moreless

    Sam once again wakes up hoping that the whole amnesia thing is just a dream. isn't. She figures out that "Hey, I've got a job!" We go through the whole boob job appointment, the meeting about the church and her furious encounter with her boss whose last name is Chapman (Is that right?). When thinking back, surprisingly as she has amnesia, she remembers that when trying to win an argument with the boss, your boobs have to be something good to look at. Well, hers weren't acceptable. So that explains the whole boob job. I did like how she made a statement that in order to progress in a job, you should NOT be judged on your appearance. That was very moving (lmao) but really, that was a good point in today's episode. More development on characters, especially Andrea. She obviously does not care what Sam does, but wants her to do it HER (as in Andrea's, in case you didn't understand, sorry for interrupting) way. We figured that out in the 1st episode. I would like to continue seeing these flashbacks so I know what she was like before the hit. Anybody else? Out of the 3 new comedies I've seen so far this season, Samantha Who? is my favorite (sorry Carpoolers).

    P.S. By the way, isn't Christina Applegate doing wonders with this part?moreless
  • She goes back to her job and gets some hints about how she was before. She discovers her debt and her excess of material things like shoes and purses. She contemplates a boob job.moreless

    It looks like she will be using her flashbacks to her advantage as she creates her new self. I think Christina does a great job at being both the clueless amnesia girl questioning everything and the shrewd girl in her flashbacks. It looks like Christina can carry this show with nice help from Jennifer Esposito as a sidekick. The actors do well witht the writing. The mom has some funny jokes and Christina makes some of her jokes even more funny with her own unique style. The other sidekick friend will be good too. They also have the star trek guy who will be a nice character addition. I think this show has a chance!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • When Sam (Christina Applegate) first heads to her office and discovers that she is a Vice President she exclaims "Sookie sookie" as she enters the office. In the movie The Sweetest Thing Christina Applegate and Cameron Diaz do the same thing when they enter into a room that they thought was locked.

  • QUOTES (22)

    • Samantha: I have this dream, and I woke up, clean and white as snow, my debts forgiven and my sins all washed away. That sounds awesome but it's a bunch of crap. I mean yesterday can't be unlived. It's part of today. We drag it along like a big old dog. Today is all we can control. We do today right, we may even have a shot at tomorrow.

    • Chase: This rehab of yours. I do not know what they took out of your system, but right now I want you to stand up, I want you to go back there and I want you to pay whatever it takes to just shove that crap right back in your mouth.
      Samantha: Okay.
      Chase: Good meeting.

    • Regina: There's nothing wrong with your breasts. They are great. And they're going to stay great. You know why? Because you have the genes. Here, look at these (she starts undoing her blouse buttons).
      Samantha: No. Stop.

    • Samantha: (to Todd) You know what? I don't mean to complain but I just really feel that I am doing all the work in this break up.

    • Samantha: I don't mean to make anything any weirder than they are between us. Do you think my bra's going to show through this?
      Todd: You do remember we broke up, right?

    • Sam: I'm a vice-president of something and I have my own office and I've got a big chair and a coffee cup and the secretary's completely afraid of me. I mean, I am a big damn deal. Oh, and you know what? Found out I'm getting a boob job and I'm afraid of elevators. How was your day?
      Todd: I had a pop-tart.

    • Tracy: (to Sam) Oh my god. It's you. Hi. Sorry.
      Andrea: (whispering) It's your secretary.
      Tracy: I'm sorry. I didn't expect you in today but welcome back. (She hands Sam an apple.) Here's your apple.
      Sam: Oh, thank you.
      Tracy: (snatching the apple back and biting into it) Forgot to start it for you. Sorry.
      Sam: I make her start my apple?

    • Sam: You told them I was in rehab?
      Andrea: Rehab is super-trendy. It makes you seem young.

    • Sam: I have a doctor's appointment card for today. Who's Dr. Kegoshian?
      Dena: Wait. From the hospital? Oh is he the brain doctor?
      Howard: Or is it the guy who got us to donate her organs?
      Regina: Oh we liked him. He was funny.
      Sam: You were going to donate my organs?
      Regina: Not your eyes. I could never look anyone in the face again without wondering.

    • Regina: (to Dena about Sam) Oh, I'm sorry dear, she's busy with me today.
      Sam: Actually I was going to kind of be busy with me today.
      Regina: That doesn't sound like any fun. I mean if we're not going to get to know each other again, what was the point of you getting hit by that car?

    • Sam: I don't know what my job is.
      Regina: Well I don't know any more. You haven't spoken to me for two years.
      Dena: Twenty for me.
      Howard: I think it was something in a building.
      Sam: Oh. Well I guess that rules out astronaut then.

    • Samantha: I have this dream. I was hit by a car, lost my memory, moved in with my parents. Oh please, let it be a dream.

    • Andrea: So, you're honestly telling me that your secretary's birthday just just happens to be today.
      Sam: No, no. But I had to send a message. And, of course she was like "No, no I can't do that" and I said "Look girlie, do I have to command you to have a good time? So, eat a piece of cake, have two pieces of cake!" Poor thing.
      Andrea: She's diabetic, you know.
      Sam: (she rushes to Tracy) Oh, for heaven's sake. No, no. Spit, spit.

    • Sam: Well....... this job SUCKS.

    • Sam (out of breath): Hi.... thank you... secretary... listen... I have ten seconds before this meeting... now just don't ask me... but just tell me... what do we do?
      Tracy: Exactly what we're told, I know that now, it won't happen again.

    • Sam: And now I can't quit my job, and I have to work. It is so unfair!
      Todd: Unfair how?
      Sam: That I have to work! So I can pay my bills! So that I can make money! Okay, so it sounded a lot more unfair in my head than it did out loud.

    • Samantha: Hey, hey, Frank? I'm not really sure about this outfit. You know me, is this me?
      Doorman Frank: Yes, it is.
      Samantha: You didn't look.
      Frank (after glancing at Samantha): It's an improvement over the usual, I'd say.
      Samantha: Really? Wow.
      Frank: Coco Chanel said that to avoid over-accessorizing, women should look in the mirror and remove one thing. With you, it was often your dignity.
      Samantha: Oh. Thank you for... your honesty. Hey, should I get a boob job?
      Frank: We are not friends.
      Samantha: Right.

    • Samantha: Stupid old me! The old me really screw the new me over, didn't she? How am I supposed to start fresh? When my past keeps reaching into my future and pulling me into my present!

    • Samantha: If things happen for a reason, then... what was the reason? Maybe it's that I'm supposed to do something important in my life like improve the world, help the little people.
      Andrea: What little people? dwarfs? the dwarfs are fine!
      Samantha: Or maybe it's just not be unhappy with what I do, I mean... come on Andrea! do you really love what you do?
      Andrea: I don't know! who cares? but if everyone asks if they love what they do the economy will collapse by morning, and how is that helping the dwarfs?

    • Samantha: The point is this thing happened to me. This near death experience.
      Andrea: Oh my God, when?
      Samantha: Oh, when I got hit by a car.
      Andrea: Oh that, yeah, ok go on.

    • Samantha: I don't remember sex.
      Andrea: Oh... You're a virgin!

    • Samantha: I am a big damn deal!

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Air Dates:
      Latinamerica: November 12, 2007 on CANAL SONY
      Israel: March 17, 2008 on YES Stars 1
      Germany: September 10, 2008 on ProSieben
      Norway: September 30, 2008 on TV2
      The Netherlands: October 21, 2008 on Net 5
      United Kingdom: September 18, 2008 on E4
      Sweden: January 23, 2009 on TV4
      Finland: September 20, 2009 on Nelonen

    • Samantha continued to perform well for ABC in its second week, attracting 13.68 million viewers.

    • Joy Osmanski, who plays Tracy, Samantha's secretary at Chapman & Funk, also played a secretary in Fox's short-lived comedy The Loop.