Samantha Who?

Season 1 Episode 2

The Job

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 22, 2007 on ABC

Episode Recap

Samantha is at her parents house while Regina and Howard are at the kitchen with Dina. Sam wants to find out where she works and while looking for a card that will tip her off, she finds out she has an appointment with what Dina suggests may be a neurologist. Dina gives her a ride and Sam learn that Dina's mother is dead and that Sam neither went to the funeral nor sent flowers. At the doctors, Sam realizes that she is at a plastic surgeon because the old Sam wanted a boob job. After randomly bumping into Andrea near the doctor's office, Sam joins Andrea in the elevator. When the door closes, Andrea tells her that something good came out of her accident that she was afraid of elevators. When the elevator opens, Sam is standing the corner holding onto the railings for dear life. Sam is still curious about her job and asks Andrea what she does and Andrea points out that she is the vice president of something. Still having no clue what exactly her job entailed, Samantha had to pretend to have her full memory and follow along with Andrea's lie that her time off was spent in a rehab facility. Later, she goes to get dressed to Todd's apartment and asks him about her job. Todd tells her that the old her didn't want him to be involved in it and she always talked to him in a slow way like to monkeys when he dared to ask. The only thing he knows is that she banned birthdays at the office and that she confiscated cakes that she then took to their apartment. As she leaves the bulding, she asks the Frank the doorman how she looks and tells her that its an improvement. Sam asks what he thinks of her getting a boob job, he lets her clear that they are not friends.
Then she returns to her office and before she could get any information from her assistant or Andrea, she's dragged into a meeting where she learns she works for a real estate company, whose business practices are pretty questionable. Sam is less than pleased with her job. Sam joins Dina and Andrea at a bar where Sam tells them she wants to quit her job. Dina reminds her that her life is a blank slate and that she can do anything with it. So she decides to quit, that is, until the bill comes and her credit card gets declined. Looks like the 180 she tried to pull on her life won't be as easy as she'd hoped with the $30,000 in credit card debt she owes. She talks to Todd about her debt and asks what she spent so much money on. He opens the closet and points out all the shoes and matching purses. Suddenly, Andrea's advice to keep her life as is might be her only option. While trying to come up with a way to be satisfied in her current job, Samantha flashed back to life at the office with old Samantha. The flashback reminded her of how her boss makes inappropriate sexual remarks to female employees and she uses this knowledge to save the church and bring about some change in her workplace. She gives a birthday party to her assistant and is not even her real birthday.
Dina gets to her house and finds some flowers at the door with a card saying sorry for her loss.