Samantha Who?

Season 2 Episode 3

The Pill

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Oct 27, 2008 on ABC
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Desperate to regain her memory, Sam opts to join a clinical trial and starts taking pills for her memory. Sam's memories start coming back, but she doesn't like what she learns about her former self. Elsewhere, someone confuses Dena and Andrea as being a gay couple, which frustrates Andrea and sends her on the hunt to find someone hotter than Dena.moreless

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  • Sam takes part in a clinical trial.

    This installment was a lot similar to the ones in the first season. There were a lot of funny sequences right from the word go. The frequent switching between the past and the present were well conceived and the visual effects were spot on.

    The story kicks off with Sam agreeing to take part in a clinical trial for a pill that would bring back her memory created during her pre-amnesia days. However, the doctor figures out that the memories that come back, though vivid, are fleeting and go away after sometime. The ones which Sam regains (and eventually loses) are jotted down by her in a notebook. This helps her realize the kind of person she was. She also remembers that Todd had proposed to her, and she had blatantly turned him down. When she rushes to apologize to Todd, the memory eventually fades away, leaving her totally clueless when she meets Todd.

    I totally enjoyed a lot of parts in this episode. The ones initially, with Regina and Sam at the doctors office were hilarious. I still don't understand why the crew is trying to focus less on Andrea-Sam (or Andrea-Sam-Dena) and focus more on Andrea-Dena. Though, at the moment I feel this is working fine. The lesbian storyline was well dealt with. Overall, a good episode.moreless
  • Samantha discovers that Todd proposed to her.

    After two average episodes to kick off the sophomore season Samantha Who finally came through with a well-written one. Here we saw Sam take part in a clinical trial for a new drug for amnesiacs only for the trial to be stopped just when she was making some progress.

    I really liked the scene with Samantha running to talk to Todd only to forget why when she got there. Really heartbreaking, but more importantly it showed that the writers think this series may have longevity as they are holding off on their eventual reunion.

    We had a great guest appearance by Tony Hale (Arrested Development) as the goofy doctor who had a crush on Samantha. Jean Smart was great as usual and Barry Watson was hilarious as well. Anybody else notice some similarities between Todd and Dan Humphrey from Gossip Girl? Andrea was funny as well trying to get a lesbian attracted to her and feeling complimented when Dina said she was ugly on the inside.

    Really good episode here.moreless
Tony Hale (I)

Tony Hale (I)

Dr. Andy Adams

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Tate Berney

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Bryan Keith

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    • Samantha: (opening monologue) Time travel. It sounds so science-fiction-y. But in a way, we travel through time everyday. A childhood memory can instantly pull you into the past. A wish can send you zooming into the future. What's actually hard is to stay planted in the present. To be here in the now.

    • Todd: What's wrong?
      Samantha: Nothing. Oh, I lucked out. I get to be part of this, uhmm, this study for memory recovery.
      Todd: You have crazy eyes. Is that part of the study?
      Samantha: I don't know. I'm not a scientist.

    • Todd: You look nice. You have any special place in mind?
      Samantha: Uhm yeah, actually. There's this cute place off I-90 West
      Todd: I-90? Wait. SO our first date is really me giving you a ride to the airport?
      Samantha: We have three hours. You're lucky, there's fog in New York.

    • Samantha: I just need one more pill. You gotta hook me up, doc.
      Dr. Adams: Samantha, there are no more pills.
      Samantha: Don't tell me that, man! I need a slam. I need a bang. I need a pop.
      Dr. Adams: Now I think you may be making up slang.

    • (after Samantha turns down Todd's proposal)
      Todd: This is where you push me away because you're scared.
      Samantha: Do not tell me how I'm feeling.
      Todd: I'm trying to tell you I love you.
      Samantha: Yeah? If you did, you wouldn't do this.
      Todd: You're right! Forget it. Big mistake. (hides ring in the bookshelf) There. Never happened. Better?
      Samantha: So now you're just gonna try to make me feel bad about it?
      Todd: Feel however you want, Sam! You always do. Goodbye!

    • Samantha: (trying to keep a memory in her head) Don't talk to me, Frank.
      Frank: Always my first choice.

    • Samantha: (end monologue) Navigating through memories can be quite a trip. And maybe it's true. Maybe the mind like any smart traveler does know where it's safe to go and where it's not. At least until the time is right.

    • Regina: Montpellier!
      Samantha: I'm sorry?
      Regina: Capital of Vermont. I can never remember that one. These pills are great.
      Samantha: Oh yeah. They're like a party in my head.

    • (Flashback scene)
      Todd: Why don't you put on some clothes and we'll get some food, I mean, unless you've never done it in that order before.
      Samantha Newly: Jerk.

  • NOTES (3)

    • International Airdates:
      Latin America: November 24, 2008, on Canal Sony
      Finland: January 24, 2010 on Nelonen

    • Although his name appears in the opening credits, Kevin Dunn (Howard Newly) does not appear in this episode.

    • The song playing when Samantha walks in and Todd has candles lit and she asks him if he paid the electric bill is Melody Gardot's "Sweet Memory".

      The song playing when Samantha walks into her building and has a flashback to meeting Frank for the first time and then she walks into her apartment and tells Todd about the study is Jefferson Airplane's "White Rabbit".