Samantha Who?

Season 1 Episode 4

The Virgin

Aired Monday 9:30 PM Nov 05, 2007 on ABC

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  • Sometimes painful to watch this episode was not as good as the previous three.

    It's probably just me but I found some scenes in this episode quite excruciating to watch, particularly when Samantha was with the young guy who turned out to be a virgin. The scenes with Todd were not as good as usual either. Regina was on form and I loved the way she took the opportunity of Samantha's amnesia to throw out all her junk from the garage. I bet there's some folk out there who can relate to that one. Her jibes at Andrea in the bar were also priceless. I hope the series will pick up again in the next episode.
  • Samantha can't remember sex so she is a virgin...again.

    Finally the line that has been played over and over and over again (in promos) since before this series first aired. Samantha can't remember sex so Andrea encourages her to give it up again and her mother encourages her to reassert her virginity.

    The over-hyped line is of course:
    Samantha: I'm a virgin.
    Consarige: And I'm a pirate. Yuck, yuck, yuck.

    The rest of the episode consists of numerous scenes where Andrea encourages Sam to "Get back on the horse" and Regina (Sam's mom) repeatedly avoiding having The Talk with her adult daughter. There are also several embarrassing references to the parents sex life. Finally Sam decides to ask Todd to be the horse but, of course, Todd has moved on and Sam goes home still a born again virgin.

    I am no prude. In fact I have enjoyed double entrant (see Moonlighting) humor but in the twenty-first century bedroom humor is passing for funny and I am not amused.

    Samantha Who? which was once so promising is just dull and disappointing.
  • Like a virgin/Touch for the very first time.

    Sam can't remember a thing, now she can't remember whatever or not she had any sex. this is a deep answer that leads to an answer that sam's a vergin. another good episode of the series that probe her past in every epsiode. I also like to mention the performance of Jennifer Esposito as Sam's loyal friend. she's appealing and beautiful as ever. I've been following her performance since her "Spin City" days. I never saw her as beatiful now as she was years ago. I love the show. It's like putting pices together to form a mystery of her past.
  • Sam realizes ahe cant remember sex.

    THis episode was great. I love this show. It is my favorite new show this fall. But this episode proves why I like this show. It was funny and had random things that no other show would. Sam discovering who she is and who she was is always fun to watch. Her mom was really funny when she was treating her like a little kid and when she showed up at the bar. I love Melissa McCarthy she always brings the funniest lines and is always so strange that she is kind of a stalker. My favorite parts are when Sam talks to Frank (the doorman) he always has the funniest one liners out of the whole show. THis episode was sweet and hilarious, all wrapped in one package.