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  • Sammy was a good show and I hope they bring that show back

    Sammy was a good show same as Stressed Eric and God, the Devil and Bob. No fair for NBC cancelling that show and two episodes were aired :(. I totally hope Sammy would be on DVD with 2 episodes and the unaired episodes (just like God, the Devil and Bob is on DVD with the unaired episodes) as for 2017. James Blake was my Favourite character in that show and Kathy Kelly :(. I also cannot found the show to watch online :( and I think some of the people may have the show recorded on tape and I am not really sure about this. I try contacting David Spade for the show and still I am not sure about this either. Sammy was so awesome and it was the best NBC show ever.
  • Especially by NBC

    Why does NBC even bother green lighting animated shows? Every last one they have aired (save Father of the Pride, see my review) have been prematurly cancled, Sammy, God the Devil, and Bob, Stressed Eric. Two weeks in the middle of August is not a good indicator of how a show will do. Sammy was a fairly funny show that lasted TWO weeks. Based loosly on David Spade's life. It followed the life a newly successful actor and his disfunctional family. I wish I could tell you more, but like I said it lasted TWO WEEKS. Thumbs up to David for probing this area of his life.

    Hopefully this will show up on DVD so we can see where this series was headed.