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Samurai 7

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Kanna, a small village, is being persecuted by mechanized samurai called Nobuseri. The Nobuseri return every harvest to seize the village's crops. Faced with starvation, the villagers send out a mission to find and recruit some samurai to defend them. With no pay to offer except rice, and knowing full well that only helpless and eager samurai would even consider accepting such a deal, the villagers can only hope that their saviors will appear before the rice is ready for harvest.

Samurai 7 is based on Akira Kurosawa's c movie, "The Seven Samurai" or "Shichinin no samurai". The Japanese promo for the series aired on April 15, 2004 and the Japanese "preview" aired on June 13, 2004.

It first aired on IFC in the U.S. on Saturday, April 1, 2006 at 10:30 p.m. ET/PT in conjunction with IFC's "Samurai Saturdays," a weekly presentation of c, Asian martial-arts-themed movies.

Characters: Farmers Kirara: A Mikumari or water maiden. She is the village priestess. She goes in search of samurai with her special water in a necklace to help her village of Kanna. Komachi: Kirara's little sister who helps locate the samurai. She takes a liking to Kikuchiyo. Rikichi: A peasant from the village of Kanna who also helps to search for the samurai. His wife was kidnapped in a previous raid from the bandits, and Kambei promises him that they'll rescue her. Manzo: A farmer from Kanna who is scared of the Nobuseri. He rather turn the samurai in than face the bandits. Okara: Komachi's female friend from the village to whom she writes letters to when they are away. She carries a baby on her back. Mosuke: a farmer from Kanna who also rather turn the samurai in than face the Nobuseri. Village Elder: The elder and leader of Kanna. He seems to become very happy when he hears news of the death of any Nobuseri. Samurai Kambei Shimada: The wisest and leader of the seven samurai. He has much experience, being in many battles. However, all the battles he fought were for the losing side, and thus lives in the shadow of his painful past. Katsushiro Okamoto: A young samurai who has never been in a true battle before, but believes in the honor of the samurai code. He wishes to become Kambei's student and promises to protect Kirara no matter what. Kikuchiyo: A robot, once a farmer, who paid to have his body forged with a mechanized exoskeleton, much like the Nobuseri. He is often looked upon as a bother; but is eventually excepted as one of the seven. Gorobei Katayama: A skilled samurai who has made his living by entertaining people. Because of his skill in battle and acrobatic ability, Kambei makes him his "left hand man" in defending the village. Kyuzo: A mysterious blond man who wears crimson-red clothing. He formerly worked as a bodyguard for Ayamaro, but, wanting to defeat Kambei in battle someday, joins them in their mission to defend Kanna Village. Heihachi Hayashida: Heihachi would rather eat than fight. During the Great War he avoided fighting by taking a position as a combat engineer. He helps the samurai by becoming their mechanic, and orchestrates the construction of many medieval-type weapons. Shichiroji Kambei and Shichiroji fought in the Great War side by side and thus have become the best of friends. He temporarily leaves behind his wife to join Kambei as his "right hand man".

Opressors: Nobuseri: Former samurai who have converted their bodies into large machines during the previous war. In the current era, the Akindo period, they call themselves the Nobuseri and act as bandits, taking rice from farmers. Ukyo: The young heir to Ayamaro's position, in the city where Kirara begins her search. At first sight, he wants Kirara as part of his Harem. He also has a greta dislike for mechanized samurai. Ayamaro: The magistrate and Ukyo's father. Tessai: He serves as a bodyguard to Ukyo. Hyougo: Along with Kyuzo, he serves as a bodyguard for Ayamaro.

Supporting: Masamune: An old man who makes repairs on Kikuchiyo. Sanae: Rikichi's wife who was abducted by Nobuseri Yukino: A prostitute who works at Firefly House, an inn at Kougakyo's pleasure district. She finds Shichiroji after the Great War and takes care of him, eventually becoming his wife. Honoka: A refugee living with the Guardians. Her sister, Mizuki, was captured by the Nobuseri. Mizuki: Honoka's sister. She wad captured by the Nobuseri like Rikichi's wife. The Guardians: Refugees living in an underground lair. They eventually help the samurai escape to the surface.moreless
Takehito Koyasu

Takehito Koyasu

Ukyo (Jap.)

Luci Christian

Luci Christian

Komachi Mikumari (Eng.)

Shinichiro Miki

Shinichiro Miki

Kyuzo (Jap.)

Colleen Clinkenbeard

Colleen Clinkenbeard

Kirara Mikumari (Eng.)

Greg Ayres

Greg Ayres

Heihachi Hayashida (Eng.)

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