Samurai 7

IFC (ended 2006)


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  • Based rather loosly on 7 Samurai this is the story about a village who is being forced to give up the majority of their food to the bandits, mechanines that were once men; so one villagers has had enough and decides they need to defend themselves.

    This anime is short, but it's full of action. Based on the movie 7 Samurai, it's about the village of Kanna and the priestess, along with her sister and another villager, going off to search for samurai to help protect their village.
    Some people who have seen the movie consider the show to dishonour the creator; by it's an adaption to the movie, and this way we learn more about the samurai who are protecting the village.
    The show has underlying themes, about honour and pretty much about the people who are in power, though the love interest's are there too, but it's not taken over the show. The honour part - when you look into things about samurai - is pretty much looked at all the samurai. The one's who uphold honour, like Kanbei or even Kyuzo, you wonder about them and know that all they want is to live, even if they are called ronin.
    While being a short anime, the amount of detail that has been put into the show is magical. This is a classic anime.
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