Samurai 7

IFC (ended 2006)


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  • A steampunk version of The Seven Samurai. *spoilers*

    This adaptation of The Seven Samurai is a fairly accurate adaptation when not considering the second half of the series that has an entirely new storyline, and the obvious changes due to the steampunk setting. The addition of the corrupt emperor storyline was very interesting, and Ukyo was a fascinating villain. I found myself rooting for him for awhile there. It had really great sword fights and exciting action. Most of the samuari were also really entertaining, in their own ways. Except for, surprisingly, the team leader. He was awkwardly moody for an old guy. A very harsh teacher and extremely selfish. I dont know why Kirara was wasting her time on him. I'd take Kyuzo, Katsushiro, Heihachi, or Momotaro over him anyday. The characters did get confusing occasionally though. It was like a lot of what happened between them was left off screen or something. "Why is this person crying?" "Why is he mad at him?" But regardless, some pretty exciting stuff with great characters. This is only my second anime, along with Cowboy Bebop, and I would say this is the better of the two.
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