Samurai 7

Season 1 Episode 13

The Attack

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 24, 2006 on IFC
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The battle begins! As the Nobuseri head toward the village, the samurai and farmers make last preparations. Will they be prepared in time? And, can they fend off the first wave of bandits?

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  • the battle with the Nobuseri begins.

    After Manzo's betrayal is settled,Kambei and the others train the villagers in the art of warfare.They also begin the process of fortifying Kanna.Katsushiro gets over his first kill and the preparations are going on as planned.The day of the battle arrives.Kambei and the villagers are able to fend off the first wave of attacksand keep the bandits from entering the village.But,realising that the villagers can't endure seige after seige,Kambei thinks up a plan to destroy the main ship.The head Nobuseri comes to the village.The villagers plead for mercy and offer Kikuchiyo's head along with a tied up Kyuzo,Katsushiro,and Gorobei saying that they captured them and that they opposed the Nobuseri only because they had less food.They even give them some bushels.When the head Nobuseri threatens to slaughter the villagers,Kirara decides to go with them to avoid it.moreless
Naoki Makishima

Naoki Makishima

Manzo (Jap.)

Recurring Role

Takehiro Murozono

Takehiro Murozono

Mosuke (Jap.)

Recurring Role

Andrew Haskett

Andrew Haskett

Village Elder (Eng.)

Recurring Role

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    • Rikichi: Please, we beg you, let us explain.
      Bandit: Very well, you may try.
      Rikichi: We realize now that we made a terrible mistake. We were hungry and scared we'd starve, but we had no right to do what we did. We had no right to turn against you.

    • Bandits: This is no idle threat. Drop your weapons and cross the bridge one at a time.
      Kambei: Fire!

    • Kambei: Rikichi? You will fire it.
      Rikichi: I will?
      Kambei: You wanted revenge, didn't you?
      Heihachi: Don't worry. It's easy. All you have to do is knock off the clasp. It's just like hitting a nail.

    • Gorobei: It's quiet...too quiet. They can hide the sound, but not the smell
      Shichiroji: Hmm? What's that mean?
      Gorobei: It means this evening's program has just been altered.

    • Kirara: But no matter what, I will stand beside him on his path to become a great samurai, and if any blood stain are left on him, I will be the one to clean them off. I believe that is my duty as a leader and a friend, don't you?
      Kambei: I see. Then I ask you only to be prepared for what may come.

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