Samurai 7

Season 1 Episode 8

The Guardians

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM May 20, 2006 on IFC

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  • The Shikimoribhito are introduced.

    Kambei and his group go to the Shikimoribhito cave in order to escape from Ukyo's men.None of the people who had gone inside had ever come out alive.Thus,they had gone "out of the frying pan and into the fire".Ukyo gets impatient and shoots an arrow that hits Katsushiro.Tessai(another one of Ayamaro's samurai bodyguards)tells them to leave because it's not wise to disturb the Shikimoribhito.Then,inside the cave,Kambei notices that it's a place where rice is harvested.A lady named Honoka lets them stay in her house and reveals that they work for the Shikimoribhito in order to survive.They exchange energy cells for rice with the Nobuseri.Katsushiro,who catches a fever due to his wound,is later healed by one of the Shikimoribhito.Later,some Nobuseri arrive to carry out their transaction.Rikichi just can't lie low and let them leave.He reveals that his wife was captured by the Nobuseri and taken away.Hearing this,Kikuchiyo gets pissed and goes out of the cave only to be captured.This is also the episode where Katsushiro officially becomes one of the seven.