Samurai 7

Season 1 Episode 1

The Master

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Apr 01, 2006 on IFC

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  • the first episode.

    the episode begins with a war between machines and samurai.kambei is shown in action.i loved the part where he took out a battleship single-handedly.he and shichiroji head for the mother-ship and it flash forwards to the current era.Kanna village is holding a meeting on what to do with the nobuseri.then,the elder says that they would hire samurai to take care of them and commands the village mikumari,kirara,to bring samurai before"the ears of rice start to bend".thus,she goes on a mission with another villager named rikichi and her sister a town,she meets first a young samurai and rejects him because he does not carry the"scent of a battlefield".then she sees kambei taking down a bandit and her pendant glows.thus,she knows he will be the leader.