Samurai 7

Season 1 Episode 2

The Pupil

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Apr 08, 2006 on IFC

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  • the second episode

    the green-haired samurai who is introduced in the first episode goes to the samurai who stopped the bandit who,upon request,reveals his name to be "Shimada Kambei".then,the young samurai reveals that his name is "Okamoto Katsushiro" and that he admires Bushido(the samurai way of life)though he has never been in a war before.then,Kirara and the others catch up with Kambei and make their offer.He declines saying that he has always fought losing battles and is ,thus,not fit to lead the villagers.then,Ukyo,the son of the local merchant,kidnaps Kirara and tries to take her to his private harem.Katsushiro and Kikuchiyo(a machine samurai introduced in the first episode) try to save her.She escapes from the bodyguards of Ukyo and is cornered with a sheer drop as her only means of escape.She jumps and,as expected,Kambei shows up and saves her.