Samurai 7

Season 1 Episode 17

The Remembrance

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jul 22, 2006 on IFC



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    • Komachi's friend: Kambei's fighting a one-man war now. He's not letting the other samurai help.
      Komachi: Yeah, Momataro and Heihachi are busy rebuilding stuff, but everyone else is just bored.

    • Komachi: Kiku's feeling kind of lonely now.
      Komachi's friend: How come?
      Komachi: Cause Kambei isn't here.
      Komachi's friend: Oh yeah, that makes sense.
      Kikuchiyo: Shut up!
      Komachi: Kiku acts like he doesn't like him, but he's followed Kambei from the start.

    • Messenger: For his inability to find the envoy's assassin, Ayamaro has been stripped of his title. He will remain in the capital until the emperor decides his fate.
      Tessai: His fate?
      Ukyo: Poor father, whatever shall we do?
      Messenger: The emperor would like you to continue your father's duties as magistrate.

    • Kirara: Is that a book about war?
      Katsushiro: Yes. Since the fighting ended, I've felt uneasy, like I still crave the battlefield.

    • Kikuchiyo: Hey, what is a samurai, anyway?
      Heihachi: Look in a mirror. You'll see one staring back.

    • Kikuchiyo: Hey, what are you rats laughing at?
      Komachi: You're just not cut out for harvesting work, Kiku.
      Kikuchiyo: Excuse me, I may look like this now, but in my farming days, they called me, "Swift God to the rice field workers.

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