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Samurai 7

Season 1 Episode 12

The Truth

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 17, 2006 on IFC
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Episode Summary

With the traitor discovered, the samurai are at odds over what should be done with him. Meanwhile, Katsushiro tries to come to terms with his feelings over the first life he has taken. And, later, Kikuchiyo reveals a startling secret.

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  • The farmers and samurai have an argument.

    After Katsusshiro kills the Nobuseri scout,Kambei comes and asks Kikuchiyo to bury him.He then disciplines Katsushiro and takes his katana to make it sharper.He tells Katsushiro that if he wishes to become a samurai,he must bear the burden of being tortured by the souls whom he killed in battle.Kirara,feeling sorry for him,tells Katsushiro that she is willing to go down with him.Later,the samurai gather up the villagers to decide the punishment for Manzo.The villagers first support the samurai but after Manzo reveals that they are going to destroy the bridge,they support him.Heihachi is all for executing the traitor,but Kambei isn't .Then Kikuchiyo comes and reveals that he was a farmer and that he chose to become a samurai because life was better as one.Kambei is pleased that he has a warrior with the heart of a farmer and makes him the seventh samurai.He also spares Manzo but threatens to kill him if he tries to betray them agin.moreless
Zarah Little

Zarah Little

Okara (Eng.)

Recurring Role

Mark Stoddard

Mark Stoddard

Manzo (Eng.)

Recurring Role

Kyle Hebert

Kyle Hebert

Mosuke (Eng.)

Recurring Role

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    • Kambei: You were born a farmer, weren't you Kikuchiyo?
      Komachi: Is that true, Kiku? You're a farmer?
      Kikuchiyo: You're disappointed.
      Komachi: Who me? No. That just means you can help us with the harvest.
      Kambei: Then my suspicious were correct.
      Kikuchiyo: You mean you guessed it before?
      Kambei: From the very first time I met you.

    • Kirara: Let me sink with you and share the weight. Kambei was right. We make you kill to protect us because were cowards. At least let me wash the blood that spills on your skin.
      (Kisses Katsushiro's hands)

    • Kambei: You must take care of your swords. I have made the blade of your daito sharper. A samurai is one who kills. Why did you come to this village?
      Katsushiro: To save it, of course.
      Kambei: Then you have done your job. If you wish to continue on the samurai path, you must be prepared to carry the weight of those you kill. Otherwise, the meaning of this wound will be lost.

    • Kambei: Kikuchiyo, deal with the body.
      Kikuchiyo: Why do I have to do it? He's the one who killed the guy.

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