Samurai 7

Season 1 Episode 11

The Village

Aired Saturday 10:30 PM Jun 10, 2006 on IFC
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The samurai arrive at Kanna Village, but find that many of the inhabitants seem to be missing. While Kambei meets with the village elder, Kikuchiyo discovers that the women of the village have gone into hiding along with the rice. He reveals this to the other samurai and they begin the work of preparing the village for the coming battle with the Nobuseri. But, a traitor lurks in the village's midst...moreless

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  • Katsushiro's first kill.

    The samurai enter the Kanna village.But they find that nobody is there to greet them.Komachi finds one of her friends who tells her that Manzo,a cowardly farmer,made everyone hide from the samurai.Kikuchiyo finds them all and ultimately they get a decent greeting.Kirara then tells her grandmother that she brought seven samurai and that she believes that they are all good ones.After hearing that the bridge connecting 3 families living on the outskirts to the main village has to be destroyed,Manzo,who was acting as a spy,decides to completely betray the samurai.He meets a Nobuseri soldier at night and reveals that there are seven samurai.When the soldier is about to leave,Katsushiro,who had been alerted by Kirara and Manzo's daughter fights and ,with some difficulty,kills him.moreless
Mark Stoddard

Mark Stoddard

Manzo (Eng.)

Recurring Role

Naoki Makishima

Naoki Makishima

Manzo (Jap.)

Recurring Role

Andrew Haskett

Andrew Haskett

Village Elder (Eng.)

Recurring Role

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    • Shino: Great samurai!
      Katsushiro: Don't worry, Shino, I won't hurt your father.
      Kirara: Can you defeat him?
      Katsushiro: I must.

    • Kikuchiyo: You guys are having all the fun.
      Heihachi: Hey, Kikuchiyo!
      Kikuchiyo: Can't hear you.
      Heihachi: Kikuchiyo-dono, I think I'm going to need your help on this one.
      Kikuchiyo: Oh, why didn't you say so? Be right down.

    • Kyuzo: Hold your breath when you draw the bow.
      Farmer: Okay.
      Kyuzo: See your enemy closer to you than he really is. Draw him to you, then fire.

    • Kambei: Heihachi-dono, you'll be on weapons detail.
      Heihachi: Hmm.
      Kambei: Shichiroji, I trust you know what to do, right?
      Shichiroji: Just leave it to me.
      Kambei: Kyuzo-dono. I want you to gather the village men and teach them to use bow and arrow.
      Kyuzo: Understood.
      Katsushiro: What should I do, sensei?
      Kambei: You'll be on guard duty.

    • Kikuchiyo: Well, look what I found. Rice and women. What do you know, huh? OH, thought you could hide the goods from me, but I'm too smart for farmers.

    • Komachi: Kiku, is this another test of braveness or something?
      Kikuchiyo: Ha ha. This time it's a test to see if all farmers think a like.

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