Samurai Champloo

Season 1 Episode 7

A Risky Racket

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jun 25, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

A thief was running around town, while Fuu, Jin, and Mugen were going to get some soup. Fuu was daydreaming and the thief "accidentally" bumped into Fuu. When Fuu was paying for the soup, she noticed that her purse was gone and said that the man she bumped into took the money. Will Fuu ever get her money back?moreless

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  • Predictable

    The moment the smart-looking thief turned up, I was thinking, 'I'm sure he's only doing it because he needs to take care of his little sister ... or something like that'. Wasn't too far off at all. Cliched, predictable, and does little to move the overall 'plot' along. Develops Fuu's character a wee bit but not much more than that. One more minor character death to go along with Ishimatsu's and Oniwakamaru's (that one was OK actually) that fell a bit flat.moreless
  • Fuu, Jin, and Mugen have their gambling winnings stolen by a petty theif. The theif however is stealing from the wrong people and will pay for his doings.

    Another decent episode much like the other ones we’re led to believe it’s a simple story but of course there’s more to it.

    Mugen, Jin and Fuu are once again gambling for a meal, and this time they actually


    However, their winnings are stolen by some deceitful little pickpocket.

    The pickpocket we learn later is stealing to buy medicine for his mom, all the while lying to her about what he’s doing.

    However, the pickpocket is extremely dumb as he picks the pockets of a couple of mob guys who go out looking for him.

    Eventually Fuu catches up with the guy and a melee ensues. Shinsuke, however, is taking into custody. Fuu manages to buy him some time so he can escape but sadly his fate

    is sealed.

    The ending is very sad and Fuu actually cries in the end. This was a great episode.

    The meaning I gather was that people will do anything for their loved ones.

  • Perfect example of the harsh realities.

    Jin, Mugen, and Fuu have been robbed early in the episode by a young man. While Jin and Mugen try to hunt down the theif, Fuu finds out that his motives were pure and innocent. At first I was hoping that Mugen and Jin would track him down quick and teach him a lesson. Apparently, the theif and his mother live alone and are very poor and he only stole their money to buy expensive medicine for his sick mother. Fuu got to know the theif very well when she was taken hostage by him to avoid getting arrested. She wanted to help him so she created a diversion while he jumped across a roof to try and escape. Before he knew it he was stabbed with a sword and killed on the ground while trying to get away. It was a really sad ending because Fuu got to know him right before he died and his mother has no one else to help her get by. The ending was even better because when Fuu had to break the news to the theif's mother, I noticed how the writer's never tried to sweeten up the moment to make the tension lighter. It was a perfect way to show that life has some brutal realities.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Tunde Olusanya thinks this: "The Gangster, who originally had the opium (the bad guy for the day) was to me an unmistakable reference to a satire of Bugsy Malone and the gangsters of his time, an example of this satire is present in the old Bugs Bunny cartoons where he typically went by either Mugsy or Rocky, always followed by a bulky but quite stupid goon. This character Mugsy is a classic mobster from the early gangster years of Chicago. Thick black eyebrows, dark skin balding with the remaining hair thick and black, always chewing on a lit cuban even when talking...The badguy in this Champloo episode had all these characteristics: very short, thick black eyebrows along with the trademark furious face, short-tempered, always chewing the large cuban looking cigar (come to think of it did they smoke those kind of cigars in the 1600's?) [Tunde is seeing things here: Kogoro smokes a pipe, not a cigar], fully equipped with two goons, even had the classical shot of him yelling at his goons on two instances."

  • QUOTES (5)

    • Shinsuke: The only people who say money isn't everything are the people who have it.

    • (Shinsuke is keeping Fuu hostage in a house)
      Fuu: I met your mother. She'd be sad if she found out you're a pickpocket.
      Shinsuke: Did you tell her about the stealing?
      Fuu: Of course I didn't. I didn't want to worry such a nice mother.
      Shinsuke: Don't speak to me like you understand.
      Fuu: I do understand. It's good that your mother's alive.

    • (Fuu is peering into Shinsuke's house)
      Shinsuke's mom: Who is it?
      Fuu: (Startled) I'm sorry.
      Shinsuke's mom: Are you Shinsuke's girlfriend?
      Fuu: Um...
      Shinsuke's mom: I see, he's at that age now.

    • (Fuu sees the thief walk past her)
      Fuu: Hey, you! Look at me. you remember who I am?
      Thief: Why? Should I?
      Fuu: I'm the girl whose purse you stole, you jerk.
      (He tries to walk away but Fuu grabs him)
      Fuu: You aren't going anywhere, buddy.
      Thief: Let go.
      Fuu: The hell I will.
      Thief: Damn you.

    • Mugen: Someday I'll make you say "uncle".
      Jin: Who ever says 'uncle'? That's highly unheard of.

  • NOTES (4)