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Samurai Champloo

Season 2 Episode 3

Bogus Booty

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Dec 03, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

Bogus Booty
The shogun's prettiest ninja ends up giving Mugen and Jin an evening that they will never forget. Meanwhile, Fuu gets large.

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  • Mugan and Yatsuha

    This episode is sort of like a noir, the plot itself in the episode isn't really all that imporatant it's really the duo dynamic between both Mugan and the female ninja Yatsuha, and the sexual and slight romantic tention between the two. I thought both of them actually made a pritty good team as well as pair (we sort of if, Mugan would stop with certain bad habbits). Mugan was giving her a bit of grief with slight unsmooth inappoprite expressions, it's no wonder he doesn't have much of a love life. The Yatsuha character is a great new character shame the should couldn't of built more on her but anyway she sort of both reminded in fact looked like an older version of Fuu. I thought she was really funny and cool, I always liked it whenever she tricked Mugan with the oldest trick in the book whenever she wanted Mugan to keep his distance but doesn't.

    Yatsuha: "Oh, look a naked woman."

    Mugan: "Huh?!"

    (Turn around and then gets knocked out)

    But mainly it was when she was tricking him into doing certain tasks for her, basically the pavlov conditioning. That was also hilarious and resulted in one of the best fights ever when he littlerally beats the crap out of every baddie in the area, almost remonicent to that bone breaking fight in Tony Jaa's "The Protector".

    However though the ordeal you did sense within both of them the way they looked at one another despite how they antagonize one another theirs an attraction and they enjoy each others company. And in the end Mugan does get Yatsuha in the end, when they are seperated Yatsuha says she's found the person she's going to marry which is Mugan once they cross paths again. So I guess Mugan does have a love life in the end and has done something right by simply being himself.moreless
  • Poor old Mugen...

    For all his swagger, he never really gets the girl. He still hasn't "scored" with the ladies while the more austere Jin has already fallen in love.

    This episode is funnier than it was intended just for Mugen's yell of "I want my nookie!"

    I wonder how many takes it took to get that line taped without Blum falling over laughing. It was probably very hard for him to deliver with a straight face. :-P

    This episode was also revealing as it showed a little more what life in a brothel was like. These women didn't get to go home when their shift was over. Until certain debts were paid off - debts usually incurred by male family members - they were virtual prisoners.

    Besides "Memoirs of a Geisha", I would recommend viewing some of the "Zatoichi" films of the 1960s for a closer look at the gritty reality.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (2)

    • The power source of the brothel
      First of all, the elevator. While primitive animal- or man-powered lifts and hoists had been in use for ages--there was even one in the Roman Coliseum-- this looks and operates like an Otis-style hydraulic or at least counterweighted elevator, of which there's no known example earlier than 1743 (Louis XV commissioned it for his personal chambers in the Palace of Versailles). The hydraulic elevator is generally said to have been invented in the 1800s and was firmly established by Elisha Otis' invention in 1853 of the safety brake. Using the Versailles example, the brothel's lift is just marginally possible, but very iffy, considering Japan's total isolation from the West at this time.

    • Mugen chases after Yatsuha with his arms spread and makes the sound of a plane engine but he shouldn't know what a plane is.

  • QUOTES (11)

    • Jin: I don't know if you're doing that on purpose or not but...
      Mugen, Jin and Fuu: Banzai!!

    • Fuu: You think we were too hard on him?
      Mugen:No you heard what he said.

    • Mugen: (after finding a bag of coins in the river) We hit the potjack!
      Fuu: That's jackpot!
      Mugen: All I know is we're filthy bitch!
      Fuu: Filthy rich!
      Jin: I hope you're doing that on purpose.

    • (Mugen and Yatsuha are surrounded by some dangerous men)
      Yatsuha: If you beat up all these guys for me, I'll do something amazing for you.
      Mugen: What? I'm not being tricked again. Okay!

    • (Mugen and Jin ran off leaving Fuu)
      Fuu: Damn them. Going to the red light district even though they have me... Being a woman is a disadvantage...
      (Looking at her pet squirrel)
      Fuu: Momo, are you a boy? A girl? I'm hungry. (Momo faints)

    • (Fuu has become incredibly fat)
      Fuu: Oh, I ate and ate. This is the first time I've been full in a while.
      Mugen: She's a monster.

    • Jin, Fuu & Mugen: (After finding the gold coins) Banzai!

    • (Jin's fishing while the rest are eating)
      Fuu: Jin! Give it up already! Come over here and eat with us. I'll share the ones I caught with you.
      Mugen: Leave him alone. He's being stubborn because he's the only one who didn't catch anything.

    • Mugen: (imitating Jin's voice) Fishing is a mental challenge. If you look down on it, you'll be in trouble.

    • Ninja Girl: (About Mugen to her companion) After all, that's the man I'm going to marry. I guess I fell in love with him. (to herself) So long. Once both our journeys are over, I'll come find you.

    • Ninja Girl: Look! A naked woman!
      (Mugen turns)
      Mugen: Huh? Where?
      (The Ninja Girl kicks Mugen in the crotch)

  • NOTES (4)