Samurai Champloo

Season 2 Episode 13

Evanescent Encounter (Part 2)

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Mar 02, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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As Jin duels Kagetoki Kariya, the most powerful man in the shogunate, Mugen has to contend with three brothers who want his head. Will they survive?

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  • Very Exciting, had some great moments in it

    Pirateman kidnaps Fuu, and takes her with her, and decides whether to kill her, or just leave her partly-dead, he decides just to leave her half-dead, whipping her with his little scythe weapon. On the other hand, Mugen and Jin encounter Kagetoki Kariya, but Mugen decides to go after Fuu, and leaves Jin to the mysterious man. They fight against each other, but while their fighting, Mugen meets some danger when the crazy one attacks him, luckilly, Mugen is able to kill him, but now he has to take care of the other two, and Fuu will meet the Sunflower Samurai...moreless
  • **Spoilers**

    This episode was suspensful and revealing. We finally, know that Jin only killed his sensei in defense, and it sounded like he regretted it. The Jin has to fight this guy who was the one who wanted him killed. Mugen is about to fight him to (with Jin), but Jin tells him to go save Fuu (who got captured, like always). Mugen does that, but as he is on a boat, some strange guy with a claw attacks him, and capsizes the boat. mugen easily stabs him in the gut (killing him) and makes his way to where Fuu is being held captive. It quickly shows Jin talking about how he has to use, THAT MOVE, or whatever, to kill the guy he's against. He does that attack, and then the camera pans out so we see blood dripping. The people holding Fuu hpstage keep beating her until Mugen arrives (yay!) and throws his sword at her, unbinding her ropes, and yelling at her to find "That sunflower guy". She runs off, but is injured so her movements, are jagged. Mugen starts fighting one of the guys, and tells them that he killed their accomplice (who is revealed to be their brother), and the man explains, why him and his brother's hate mugen. Screen goes to Fuu, who is desperately running to a temple (I'm assuming, where the sunflower samurai is) and finally reaches it. The screen switches to Jin and we see him falling (the blood was his). The episode ends with a picture of a sun flower.

    Wow. This episode had so much action packed into it. I totally thought Jin would be able to take out that evil samurai guy. I was so surpised when we saw Jin fall. It was totally suspenseful too. I mean, we finally get to see the sunflower samurai, but then the episode ends.

    If the episode summary was at all confusing, I apologize for not knowing the names. I wasn't planning on including the episode summary, but oh well. It just sort of happened.moreless

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    • Kariya: At any rate, it is your fate to be killed by my hand.
      Jin: That's fine. I would like to see that Hand of God as well.
      Kariya: Yes. I've been bored for quite a while.

    • Kariya: If you're looking for Kasumi's daughter, she's crossed over to the island.
      Jin: Do you know him? You know Seizo Kasumi?
      Kariya: I know he's a felon who abandoned his country and had his soul stolen by that foreign religion. I've heard that he fled here to Kyushu and that he was involved in the Shimabara Rebellion. I also know he's the man that the Shogunate wants eliminated more than anyone else. They've known all along that his daughter was trying to find him. In fact, it's helped them. They've let her run free this whole time so they're able to discover Kasumi's whereabouts. And now, although it pains me to say this, I have to insist that you two die right here.
      Mugen: You're taking us on by yourself? You sure got a big pair on ya, pal.
      Kariya: (readies his sword) Come, I hope that you don't disappoint me.

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