Samurai Champloo

Season 2 Episode 14

Evanescent Encounter (Part 3)

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Mar 09, 2006 on Cartoon Network
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As Fuu finally confronts the Sunflower Samurai, Mugen and Jin face their ultimate tests. While Mugen must face one of the three insane brothers, Jin continues his battle with Kagetoki Kariya. And there's the small matter of their own duel...

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  • Seperate Ways

    This is the final episode of both the arc but also the show in general. This episode is my favorate in the entire series because everything is just coming full circle.

    I like how it was both dramatic and suspenseful at the same time. We see Fuu running to meet her father while Mugen is fighting two crazy trashy samurai assasins. It's pritty suspenseful because I was hopping not just can Mugen hold the two off long enough but hopping Mugen and Jin will win and survive in general.

    In that fight we see how both those samurai and Mugen contrast. The two samurai are the ones that truely have no honor, their not even samurai their just trash. They have served a higher possition and have had a promising carrer but the organization they served was corrupt. And once they lost their job all they did was flush their morals, character and dignity all to earn fast bucks and for revenge.

    Mugen says he has lived with disgrace all his life but he never dwelled on it he worked around it. He has served a organization that was also corrupt but he quit because he realized it was not the right pathway to go the rest of his life. And he has most of his life been search for some sense of redemption for his sins but most of all a new life for himself. And he has developed a code of honor that does exist, helping Fuu was part of it. That is what not just makes Mugen a true samurai but a man as well. There was also that contrast with Jin and the Shogun Samurai assasin. Both of them are worthy as samurai however as men Jin is the most worthy, the Shogun Samurai completely fails at. The problem with the Shogun Samurai is he can't think for himself from parts of his life I've observed he doesn't have a real life, he's just a person that just follows order and his whole life is just the job. But Jin is someone that can think for himself, he has a will of his own, he knows right from wrong, yes he has been alone but not for long. He's been looking for another life for himself. So he's a true man. And that is why I feel not just physically but spirtually both won their fights because their true men.

    When Fuu meets The Sunflower Samurai I'll admit it was emotional. We saw Fuu didn't harbor much hatred toward him but not much love either, there wasn't even much dialogue between the two but their didn't need to be it was all in the emotions. All that I found realistic and in the end of that reunion it was sort of openended because we're not sure what Fuu feels toward him in the end, but also I wasn't sure what to feel toward him. I don't hate him I just don't like what he did, his actions were an example of the problematic nature of ambition. I know he fought for what's truely right even though it was a doomed rebelion if you think about your history it was just not a good time to start it. But he also did what is wrong as a man which was abandon his family. Can Fuu forgive him, could I forgive him I don't know forgiveness is a thing you never do lightly it really something that only time itself can judge.

    The final interplay between the three was great, I loved it when we saw both Mugen and Jin finally have their duel. And the end result was excelent both their swords broke when they struck, which ment they can't kill one another because their an equal match. And we see in the end all three of them are truelly friends in the end which is what all of them were deep down inside all this time.

    I'll admit I was a little sad that the show ended but I really don't see anywhere else it could of gone so I'm glad it ended the way it did. Mugen, Jin, and Fuu's journey has ended but a new one has started for all three of them but they must travel their Seperate Ways for that is the way of life. They think about their new journey, as we think about ours.moreless
  • Fuu finally speaks to her dying father, and after epic battles from both Jin and Mugen, the group breaks up.

    Although the episode is very good, and has some very beautiful moments, I feel that it falls short; there's still a longing for a little something more. The ending does indeed fit the show's style; the characters don't show their true affection, and simply walk down a fork in the road. However, there is no sense of finality to it, it seems that the journey the characters took to getting to this point was far more exciting than the destination. All the mystery behind the sunflower samurai is revealed, and the battles are indeed wonderfully executed, but the ending lacks power, a strong contrast to the creators' other show, Cowboy Bebop.moreless
  • What is the best way to end any show where the story is about the journey of several characters. They come to a three way road and simply say. Bye, see ya later?moreless

    All endings should be this sweet. It shows the acceptance that all things must come to a end and we should accept that. What is the best way to end any show where the story is about the journey of several characters. They come to a three way road and simply say. Bye, see ya later? Too many time do we hold on to things in our life when in reality we should be comfortable with the fact that nothing is permanent. Stories are meant to end. As much as I enjoyed this short lived series. It had the best closing lines of any series I have ever seen. \"All right, see ya.\"moreless
  • The best ending to any anime.

    I fell further in love with the show once I had finished the final episode. Episodes...more like. It was the only show I have ever watched that made me worry so much that the characters were dead. I have never cried that much, as far back as I can remember.

    There were parts of the episode that didn't 'require' crying but I was in hysterics anyway.

    The very end made me angry when I first saw it. I didn't want it to end like that. Friends can't just split up after all they've been through. But after a few minutes, it hit me that they were going to meet up again. That's one of the good things about this series to me. The story doesn't actually end at the finish of the episodes. You know they're going to meet up again, no matter whether they like it or not.moreless
  • One of the best endings

    This episode was one of the greatest episodes of Samurai Champloo ever, it was just great, and the series finale. Mugen and the Pirate continue their fight, but things get a little dirty, so they decide to settle it outside. Meanwhile, Jin was defeated, and the mysterious man comes over to kill Fuu's father, and next, to kill Fuu. But thanks to Jin, he's able to kill him instead, but gets wounded badly. On the other hand, Mugen was successful in defeating the pirate guy, but now has to take care of the other one. He uses a bomb, but Mugen survives. At the end, they all have to take different paths, just a great ending.moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • At the end of the episode, Mugen is seen with a new sword on his back. That sword is from medieval times and did not exist in the Edo period of Japan.

  • QUOTES (10)

    • Jin: For my entire life, I've chosen to fight for no one but myself. My dedication, and my study of the sword, was for no one but myself. Until now...

    • Kariya Kagetoki You have my compliments. You somehow managed to avoid a fatal blow. In your current condition, however, you can't possibly defeat me.

    • Kariya: (cleans the blood off his katana) After I've killed Kasumi, my orders are to kill his family and followers.

    • (Flashback)
      Fuu: (Praying at a shrine) God... please, even if it's just once. One day, please let me meet my father.

    • Kariya: (standing above him) You're Kasumi Seizou, aren't you? I'm Director Kariya Kagetoki. By order of the government, I have come to take your life.
      Seizou: Kill me. I might as well be dead already.
      Kariya: Any last words?
      Seizou: Fuu. I have no right to ask for forgiveness, I don't deserve it. But you should know not a single day has passed when I have not thought of you and your mother. Please forgive me.

    • (Jin and Mugen wake up)
      Mugen: It seems weird. Until now, whenever I found someone stronger than me, I wasn't satisfied until I killed him. But I don't feel like killing you now.
      Jin: I think I've found what I was looking for all this time. I, who was always alone... found comrades for the first time.

    • Fuu: (To Mugen and Jin) I hope we meet again.

    • Fuu: There's something I want to tell you.
      Mugen: Huh?
      Jin: What is it?
      Fuu: When we first started this journey, we made a bet right?
      (thinking back to when they first met)
      Fuu: I'm going to toss the coin, if it's heads, you two can both fight each other, but if it's tails, then both of you have to come with me. Understood?
      Mugen and Jin: Agreed.
      (Fuu flips the coin and it comes up tails)
      (back to the present)
      Fuu: Well it was actually heads.
      Mugen: What?
      Jin: It can't be...

    • Fuu: You're alive.
      Mugen: It's you? I thought you were the grim reaper.
      Fuu: I'm just always crying.

    • Mugen: We really suck.
      Jin: You got that right.

  • NOTES (6)