Samurai Champloo

Season 2 Episode 14

Evanescent Encounter (Part 3)

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Mar 09, 2006 on Cartoon Network

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  • Fuu finally speaks to her dying father, and after epic battles from both Jin and Mugen, the group breaks up.

    Although the episode is very good, and has some very beautiful moments, I feel that it falls short; there's still a longing for a little something more. The ending does indeed fit the show's style; the characters don't show their true affection, and simply walk down a fork in the road. However, there is no sense of finality to it, it seems that the journey the characters took to getting to this point was far more exciting than the destination. All the mystery behind the sunflower samurai is revealed, and the battles are indeed wonderfully executed, but the ending lacks power, a strong contrast to the creators' other show, Cowboy Bebop.
  • What is the best way to end any show where the story is about the journey of several characters. They come to a three way road and simply say. Bye, see ya later?

    All endings should be this sweet. It shows the acceptance that all things must come to a end and we should accept that. What is the best way to end any show where the story is about the journey of several characters. They come to a three way road and simply say. Bye, see ya later? Too many time do we hold on to things in our life when in reality we should be comfortable with the fact that nothing is permanent. Stories are meant to end. As much as I enjoyed this short lived series. It had the best closing lines of any series I have ever seen. \"All right, see ya.\"
  • The best ending to any anime.

    I fell further in love with the show once I had finished the final episode. Episodes...more like. It was the only show I have ever watched that made me worry so much that the characters were dead. I have never cried that much, as far back as I can remember.
    There were parts of the episode that didn't 'require' crying but I was in hysterics anyway.
    The very end made me angry when I first saw it. I didn't want it to end like that. Friends can't just split up after all they've been through. But after a few minutes, it hit me that they were going to meet up again. That's one of the good things about this series to me. The story doesn't actually end at the finish of the episodes. You know they're going to meet up again, no matter whether they like it or not.
  • One of the best endings

    This episode was one of the greatest episodes of Samurai Champloo ever, it was just great, and the series finale. Mugen and the Pirate continue their fight, but things get a little dirty, so they decide to settle it outside. Meanwhile, Jin was defeated, and the mysterious man comes over to kill Fuu's father, and next, to kill Fuu. But thanks to Jin, he's able to kill him instead, but gets wounded badly. On the other hand, Mugen was successful in defeating the pirate guy, but now has to take care of the other one. He uses a bomb, but Mugen survives. At the end, they all have to take different paths, just a great ending.
  • A perfect way to end a perfect show.

    A show that fulfills its promise to bring you and age of courage, samurai, and hip-hop all intertwined with a super story of loookng for the sunflower samurai. This last episode reveals everything we want to know. Why the sunflower samurai left Fuu, why Jin killed his master, and Mugens will for survival. The perfect way to end a season, leaving all the questions answered and possiblities for new stories (though its not gonna happen.) Jin and Mugen resolve not to kill each other, and they go their own ways, leaving us to think up of new ojourneys for them. With lessons that you can actually live by, this show and episode is worth the time. Simply awesome, and Im sad that there are not many cartoons like this, willing to do something different and new. nice work.
  • All good things must come to an end. And Samurai Champloo is no exception. As much as I hate seeing a extraordinary series go

    The first time the series finale aired, I totally missed it and I kicked myself in the butt about it for a month. But, I just saw it yesterday and while I watched I realized why I feel in love with show in the first place... Unfortuantly, I didn't tape it.

    I don't even know how to describe this episode to its fullest potential. With as much stuff that went down in the fight with Mugen(which was kick-ass in every aspect), he still managed to stay sarcastic, even on edge of death. Fuu, kept me at the brink of tears through this entire episode. I loved when she went to confront her father with her main objective of telling him off in her mind and finding him basically on his death bed and letting her emotions take over. While Jin pratically came back to from the dead to settle the score(and protect Fuu) with the man who almost killed him. I felt so bad for Fuu, as she had her father be killed in front of her and then had to watch probably 2 of the most important people die in front.... All in the same day.

    I would have to say, my favorite part of the whole series was right before the group split up and Fuu tells the boys she lied about the coin, and got the whole adventure going. And after she starts walking away, the two pause and look after her, as if they are going to follow her(like usual), but they walk away. And that was where I started crying.

    I seriously think they need a movie, showing them meeting up in some type of bizarre twist of events, just for the viewers satisfaction.
  • A very good one at that.

    This was a good episode, for a last episode that is. It was kinda sad to see them split-up at the end. And they did it, like it was nothing too. Like their time was nothing. But still, the action kicked butt man. This was a good one. I love Samurai Champloo.
  • Mugen and some dude fight cause of something happened in the past. Jin fought this dude. Fuu finally found her daddy and he was killed. The gang go off on their separate ways finding their own adventure.

    Oh my gosh(X100000) I nearly cried when I saw this!!!It was a great show that should have there own little movie! The show was good to the bitter end! I just wished it would make another season! At least I recored the last 3 episodes! I'll miss them: Mugen's wild skills and obbessed fights with Jin and Fuu. Fuu's determination to stop Jin and Mugen's fighting, her mysterous ways, and the face that she can eat like a horse. And Jin's swift samurai style, his calming attitude, and his light humor.
  • The journey finally comes to an end.

    The last episode of Samurai Champloo.
    Mugen, hurt from a stomach wound, is dodging the whoever-he-was's chain and ends up making so he sort of kills himself. A good battle for Mugen.
    I thought Jin was dead from the last episode! I was relieved to see him return to finish off the guy he was battling. After stabbing the guy with his sword, himself also getting stabbed, things slowly got better. The end had them all walking in 3 different directions on there own paths...
    Since I'm the type of person who hates when series end I was screaming "No! Turn back and follow Fuu! STOP!" but I knew it was useless. I'm gonna have to hope the creator of this show makes another show just as good.
  • Mugen kills the dude,Jin comes back and kills the dude who tried to kill him. foo find her daddy then he dies. then the group breaks up.

    The series was very good. But the end just kind of really threw me off. They justed wanted to end this series. Some one could have died,gotten married, turned gay, or something. I think they should had stay as a group and just travel. That would have been a better finale. I feel there is a part of this story that is missing. A large chunk waiting to surface. I expected that they wouldn't show how their group ended. Yes the series is over but we have to learn to except and live with it. Sadly the show is over..OR IS IT..........
  • I will miss this show.

    As the last episode of the series, this one stood up and defined the show. In nearly every other case, there\'s been no honest match for Mugen and Jin, except for themselves. They\'re complete opposites, but they work the same. They use their skills to further themselves and even though they won\'t admit it (Due to Mugen\'s pride and Jin\'s quiet nature), they use their skills to protect Fuu.

    And its a very big plus that they reveal so much about Jin in this arc... We knew that he killed his master, but we thought it was an act of betrayal which didn\'t fit the character... His master had been very dishonorable in attacking his pupil in his sleep... Jin won the match before he knew his attempted killer\'s identity.

    Speaking overall for the arc, I like that Jin had to take on the master samurai, Muguen was clearly no match for him.. He uses the area to fight, whereas the other samurai protects the spot that he stands in. All the effort is on Mugen to make the advancements. He had no chance. Whereas, when Mugen surrendered his sword to his own enemy, he knew he was probably asking to die, but his use of everything around him and acrobatics meant that he was hard to catch, even with such long reach. Jin would have failed in that battle had he surrendered his sword.

    Mugen\'s last action against the brothers should have killed him... I didn\'t want to see the character die but the creators put him in such a position that there\'s no way he could have lived, I\'m not sure how he survived. though it was clear how Jin survived, he survived a simple stab wound, happens all the time.

    I guess only two things disappoint me about the episode... Fuu is going to wander for a long time.. Their most recent enemies may be defeated but the Shogunate is still strong... How can they leave Fuu to wander off. Jin has said that he had found what he was looking for.

    The other thing that bugs me is that this was the last episode... I hate to see a good show end... but there\'s nothing they can do... it has to end sooner or later.
  • It ends, and in a very good way.

    This series' ending was a very good one and very satisfying. Usually, before the ending, you kinda know who's gonna die and who's gonna live. But this time, when I saw it, I was on the edge of my seat. The fighting was cool and I was really afraid that Mugen and Jin were gonna die. When they split up, I thought that that was really sad. Especially HOW they split up. I didn't want that to happen! I was even watching the credits very closely to see if any one of them bumped into each other (even though they went in opposite directions). Anway, very satisfying and sad to see it end.
  • The closer to the series, a little bit heavy-handed but overall delivers the goods.

    This is a fitting conclusion to the 3-part series ending arc. Delivers the expected conclusions to many conflicts and the requisite emotional drama and nostalgia to be expected from a series finale. Jin's story is the most expertly wrapped up in my opinion.

    The only reason I give this ep below a 9 is that the execution seemed a little heavy-handed. Mainly, instead of letting the character's actions speak for themselves and having the viewer decipher the meaning behind them and the inner conflicts and resolutions of each character, the writers instead opt to have each of them basically spill the guts of their inner monologue. Jin does it the most. Just for my tastes, I think more should've been left for viewer interpretation. Overall a strong ep.
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