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Fuu's dialogue (spoilers)

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    hmm i really wont 2 kno wat fuu ment on dat ep >
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    Well, buckle up, because this is probably going to be very LONG. Because this topic has kind of branched off into the topic of relationships (or what is implied anyways) I'm going to give my take on things.

    I personally think that the whole series has been a trail of misunderstandings, especially when it comes to relationships. And, I also DON'T think that one ship (JinxFuu or MugenxFuu) is really implied more than the other. The whole basis of the show started out with Mugen and Jin being equal, and thats the way that it ended. We could argue for hours about certain facts, about what characters did and how that gives one relationship more steam than the other, but the simple fact is that in the end of the day no one ended up together.

    And, I'm not quite sure what that conversation ment. I'm not sure if it was even that important. Jin has always been the one to see that something is wrong or that someone is not what they seem first, so (what I took it as) was that somehow, Jin knew that Fuu might intend to run off on her own. He started to ask her "Should I.. (go with you?)" but Fuu interruped, saying that Mugen would be angry and hurt if he was left out. But, who knows? We should try to ask the creator- everyone send fanmail and ask! (And no, that last passage was not even from a shipping standpoint.)

    But, hey! The more I think about my insane theory, the more it makes sense. Fuu isn't hard to read. And, she had a minor breakdown. And she apologized. Apologized for leaving!

    I'm surpised. That actually made some sense.

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