Samurai Champloo

Season 2 Episode 4

Lullabies Of The Lost (Verse 1)

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Dec 10, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Mugen, Jin and Fuu get into a quarrel and separate, and have unexpected encounters; new opponents appear, old grievances return, and Mugen and Fuu meet a mysterious archer.

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  • This Is good.The three of them seperate,but I think they were better off together.

    Mugen is talking to these girls being a huge pervert.The girls say something about some kind of monster.Mugen&Jin start bothering Fuu about the samurai that smells of sunflowers.They start screaming and seperate from each other.It seems like Fuu wants to see the samurai that smells of sunflowers for revenge.I think he is her dad.Now Fuu slips & almost falls.Some guy is shooting arrows at Mugen.


    Now Jin&someone from his past(when he killed his master)are fighting.The other guy wants to kill Jin for revenge.Fuu is drowning thinking over&over that she is going to die.She has a flashback.I see Fuu as a child&the sunflower guy is walking away from her.Yea!I think I was right.I think it is her dad.She is talking to the guy that was shooting arrows at Mugen.I think he likes her.Fuu asked to travel with the man.Some police people come after Mugen.

    To Be Continued...(wow I hate it when things end like that,especially when the next episode doesn't come on until next week.)


Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Training methods at the Mujuu
      We see Jin and Yukimaru sparring with shinai (training swords made of bamboo). Unlikely for this time period. Yoshinori Kono writes that modern kendo using shinai and bogu (protective equipment) is generally believed to have originated during the Kyoho period [1716-1735]. Some suggest that the modern kendo shinai was developed by Tanetake Nakanishi, second headmaster of the Nakanishi-ha Itto-ryu (c. 1750-60?). Tanetake adopted the practice of uchiaigeiko--training through competitive matches between opponents equipped with shinai and bogu-- because he felt that kata training alone was a too difficult and time-consuming way to learn. (Robert Mele, who brought this anachronism to my attention, also offered the 1750 date and Nakanishi Chuzo as the inventor's name).

  • QUOTES (6)

    • Okuru: There is no such thing as dying beautiful.

    • Jin: (To Yukimaru) You can tell them that you killed me. I might as well be dead already.
      (Jumps into a waterfall)

    • Fuu: (to Okuru) There were two useless bodyguards traveling with me. Well, it doesn't matter anymore. Now I'm as lonely as can be. So, it doesn't matter where I die. But... I don't want to drown. Because, you know, your body size doubles. I'm not joking. I want to die beautiful, you know.

    • Yukimaru: (Angry) Why do you only evade?!
      Jin: I don't want to kill you.
      Yukimaru: You can't kill me.
      Jin: You are not worth killing. Killing you will only make my sword rust.

    • (Jin is fighting a masked samurai and is able to reveal his indentity)
      Jin: Just as I thought. Your skills have improved, Yukimaru. Even you have come after me.
      Yukimaru: Ogura wasn't able to achieve his one desire, and he took his own life. I am not like the others at the dojo.

    • Mugen: (to Fuu, about Jin) Tall, dark, and four-eyed here is thinking the same thing: hanging around with a girl with absolutely no sex appeal isn't my idea of fun.
      Jin: That's it; you've gone too far.
      Fuu: Yeah!
      Jin: That four-eyed thing, take it back.
      Fuu: Hey!

  • NOTES (3)