Samurai Champloo

Season 2 Episode 5

Lullabies Of The Lost (Verse 2)

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Dec 17, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Jin ends a life he hoped to spare. Continuation of the last episode.

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  • the second part of Lullabies of the Lost. read to find out what happens and u need 2 to have seen or read about the 1st 1 2 undastan what's hanenen(happening)moreless

    The man from pt.1 tells Fuu she needs to go back to her friends.The police find out Mugen isn't this criminal guy they are looking.okuru leaves Fuu&he thinks about when his village was burnt down.Then mugen talks to okuru and tells him the police people thought he(okuru)was crazy.


    Fuu&Jin meet up.Fights happen Mugen vs.Okuru and Jin vs. someone from his past. Of course Jin wins and right before the guy dies he says he only wanted to be like him.The guy Jin killed was like a brother to him.WOW!!!Mugen and Okuru have to stop fighting b/c the police people come.Mugen jumps in when they try to kill him saying "keep your hands off of him he's mine".The guy burns and falls off a cliff yet mugen says he saw something in that man that he has never seen b4 and thinks he is still alive.They ask about the samurai that smells of sunflowers and Fuu tells them she wants revenge for her mother.They start talking about food and walk away.

    >**i like the song at the end of the show**<moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • During the Edo period the Matsumae family (Matsumae - Han) controlled the northern domanin of Hokkaido. The Matsumae used force to clear the way for Japanese emigration into Ainu territory. Referring to the episode, Okuru's clothing, the building in his village and the description he makes of the land he comes from strongly suggest that he is from Ainu.

  • QUOTES (8)

    • Okuru: Death leaves no beautiful corpses.

    • (The Matsumae-Han samurai interrupt Mugen's and Okuru's fight)
      Mugen: (Shouts) You bastards! Don't get in my way! (Dodges flaming arrow) Damn it! Annoying bastards.

    • (Jin and Yukimaru are fighting)
      Jin: Are you really going to do this?
      Yukimaru: You betrayed me... and then you left me behind. I will not let you go.

    • Mugen: (To Okuru) I've seen those eyes before. They're similar to the eyes of a head that's been cut off. The ones that are slightly wet and don't know what they see. Hey, are you really alive?

    • Mugen: (Notices Okuru playing a melody) You are Okuru, aren't you? They were just out there... People called Matsumae-Han or something. They gave me a lot of trouble. They thought I was you.
      Okuru: Did they give you money?
      Mugen: I just want to fight you.

    • Mugen: (Watching Okuru in amazement) I've never seen a guy like this before. He is definitely alive. I have that feeling.

    • (After Jin killed Yukimaru)
      Fuu: Was he someone you knew?
      Jin: He was like a younger brother. It's an old story.

    • Yukimaru: (To Jin) That was a lie when I said I wanted to become famous. I just wanted to be... you.

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