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  • I am deeply saddened that there are only 26 episodes...

    After watching all 26 episodes of Samurai Champloo I was bewildered to find that there are no other episodes and their may never will be. This series has to be my favorite animated series by far. It's gritty, exciting, funny, and deep. It had me on the edge of my seat till the end. The story line was fascinating along with character development and the music used along with the artwork were to die for. the production as a whole was spectacular. Some episodes will go off tangent and never return in any of the next episodes, making the continuity of the series questionable, but it still stays on the overall story-line from beginning to end which is very unique. within the 26 episodes you'll see the 3 main characters journey through danger and certain death all in the hopes of finding themselves. You also see how well the series sets itself up for more episodes, which is why I was so bewildered to find there were no more episodes.

    As an enthusiast of Japanese culture and history, and a proud fan of this show, I have to say that I really enjoyed this series, and I would want nothing more right now than to watch more of it. It's a real shame that they ended it only after 26 episodes, there's so many possibilities for new episodes and so much money to be made by Fuji TV.
  • Shinichiro Watanabe may well be the best anime director out there.

    Strangely enough I was never much of a fan of Cowboy Bebop, I watched a few episodes but never seemed to get into it. Contrary to this, from the same director Shinichiro Watanabe comes Samurai Champloo, an anime that I deeply enjoyed and is easily one of the best animations I have ever experienced.

    I am to understand that 'Champloo' means 'mix' and that is certainly the case here. This is a tale of feudal Japan and samurai in all its traditional culture and context blended with a hip-hop soundtrack and ghetto-punk sensibilities. It sure makes for an interesting combination, but I'm sure for many viewers this may be hard to look past and may seem disjointed, however I feel that it creates a show that is never stale and although is filled with deep emotional content, never takes itself too seriously or seems too laboured. Some of the tracks used as backing compliment the action sequences perfectly as well, and seen as this is a show about samurai, viewers will be expecting great fight scenes, and this definately does not disappoint. Another aspect of this anime is that it isn't afraid to borrow aspects of other cultures and settings to help with its storytelling and to keep things fresh.

    The general plot is that on a chance encounter, a waitress named Fuu rescues two wandering ronin to help her look for 'A samurai who smells of sunflowers'. Mugen and Jin act as her bodyguards throughout their travels as the three stumble upon many challenges and adventures. It will be worth noting that this show is far more episodic than a lot of other anime in that although there is a general storyline, each episode usually shows a single substoryline, often unrelated to the general plot. However this shouldn't be offputting as each episode shows great character development and often provides clues as to finding the sunflower samurai, on top of that each episode is brialliantly written and never seems forced or samey. Champloo takes us to many settings, from Yakuza hideouts, to brothels, dojos to graffiti tagged houses. No moment is a wasted one and each is very enjoyable.

    The characters are very likable, which is great considering this show tends to focus more on that aspect as opposed to storyline. Fuu is a headstrong, yet kind young woman. Mugen is a brash, arrogant warrior, who is skilled at break dance inspired sword play and has a habit of getting on people's nerves, who tends to solve (or rather create) problems with his sword. Lastly Jin is another greatly talented samurai, who is calm and collected and serves as a complete contrast to Mugen. One of the best aspects of this show is the great chemistry between the three main characters. Often in episodes, each would get their own sub-storyline which cleverly entwine with eachothers' and it is nice to see how three completely different personalities handle situations.

    Samurai Champloo is not without its emotional impact. Some episodes are very harrowing and have had me close to tears, the soundtrack switches to more traditional Japanese music at these times to fit the mood beautifully. However it is not all doom and gloom as this anime certainly has a good sense of humour, I've yet to meet someone who isn't entertained by Mugen's hasty actions. Episodes such as 'War of the Words' and 'Baseball Blues' are very amusing and yet clever at the same time, these contrast well with other episodes like 'Misguided Miscreants' and 'Elegy of Entrapment' which are very powerful and really make their mark on you, unlike a lot of anime.

    Taking a couple of steps away from the average anime style, Champloo is very well drawn and animated. It's style is somewhat unique and really gets gives the characters more life than most other anume. The painted background art is serene and does a good job in transporting you into the setting of Feudal Japan, this show is very much a feast for the eyes without relying on obvious computer enhancement techniques; this looks like more classic animation. I would consider this an action oriented anime, and the fight sequences live up to this and are consistantly impressive throughout the entirity of the series. Being that Mugen and Jin are both very different, it's nice to see the animators bring their two completely opposite fighting styles to life, be it Mugen's capoeira-esque fighting or Jin's precise martial-arts.

    Overall this show is absolute genious, and although a couple of episodes (one of which being a recap episode) slip from greatness. The rest of it easily makes up for it. I think I'd be right in saying that most anime viewers would not be happy about the more episodic storyline Champloo has, as most anime have quite long story arcs, however by no means is that a bad thing, as it is well written and the voice acting is stellar (I watched the subbed version). This is one of the few anime in which every shot matters and has been put in there for a reason, there is no wasting time or random frames added in for the sake of it. This is the reason I praise the director so highly for Samurai Champloo is such a well thought out, well executed show, that has its roots in traditional culture and animation and yet manages to be totally unique. Anyone with any sense should check this anime out, for it is nothing short of brilliance.
  • amazing fights...

    I'm gonna cut to the chase, if you are looking for a deep intellectual anime then plz stop reading. This is a great show that has such a interesting vibe that even though the story line wasn't great i still was hooked. The episodes aren't really strung together. Its a lot of random stuff that happens, but its still enjoyable. The fights are crazy but still somewhat realistic. One of the main characters actual has a Capoeira looking fighting style. The incredible unique flare to this show keeps it fresh throughout the entire series, and its humor will keep you laughing. Overall it was a great show, not a memorable one, but a show that kept me entertained throughout the series.
  • A really different take on the classical samurai genre and a really great show too.

    The show follows the exploits of two very different samurai named Mugen and Jin durring the edo era. Following a chance meeting with a young girl named Fuu the waring duo embark on a journey with her to search for her lost father. On the way they encounter friends and enemies as well as confronting their own pasts.

    This is a very original take on the much used genre. The characters are starngely endearing and their interactions are both touching and funny. The show also has a great soundtrack which perfectly accompany the fabulour fight sequences. All in all a really great show.
  • Great

    Samurai Champloo has become a favorite anime of mine. Since the two maine characters samurai have differnt fighting styles, it's always interesting to watch the fight. Mugen is a breakdance fighter and likes to use his feet, along with everything round him. Jin, on the otherhand, is a more traditional fighter, and uses quick slashes. The fight scenes are fast paced and intense. Special effect are also well done in the fights.

    The music they used seemed odd at first, because it is hip hop, but as the series progresses, it becomes better integreted, and I started to like. If you have a bit of free time and want to see a great action packed anime, check out Samurai Champloo.
  • this show really did'nt have a strong beging.untill a few episodes later.the primary plot of the show was a young woman looking for a particular samurai that smells of sunflowers?(yeah i did'nt get it either)

    this one anime alone won the hearts of many samurai-x fans and as well as many adultswim viewers also.also the show brang to adultswim a kind of kill bill meets samurai x story setting.couple that with some beat box ryhms and a little old school hip-hop music and you have a new look to something really overherd.the show had many jaw droping fight scense along with some very funny and very emotional episodes.aside from the action thier was also the characters of gene and mugen which disspite thier differences in combat and personality both of them were more then spectacular swordsmen,fuu on the other hand was a very interesting character to get to know and even though she has nothing at all in commen with gene and mugen it still seems like shes fits in with them in a sort of odd sense.well in conclusion the show may have only been the standerd 26 episodes it was still worth watching the entire show from beging to the very end.
  • While a stereotypical Samurai anime about 2 samurai, Mugen and Jin, and a 1 girl, Fuu, the action is top notch and the show is hilarious. Only downside is some of the music.

    This anime is kind of stereotypical. Not anything specail that can seperate the story or characters much from other Samurai anime, besides the rap music.

    The 3 main characters are Mugen, Fuu and Jin. These character's personalities, in my opinion, are pretty basic in animes.

    Mugen is the lone samurai who goes through life by his own strength. He is a criminal. He uses cheap, dirty tactics to win any fight. He's very athletic. I love his style of fighting. He's not just a samurai, his fighting style could be used in street fight. Whats stereotypical about him? Many animes have a character who does anything to win, and live life on their own. That doesn't keep him from being my favorite character though.

    Jin is the clean fighting samurai who trained in a dojo. He is a very smart and selfless person. Whats stereotypical? He is the genious who fights with honor. That sounds a lot like your average samurai if you ask me.

    Fuu is not a samurai. Her mother died and her father left. Her goal is to one day find her father. With the help of Mugen and Jin she may do just that. Whats stereotypical? She's the average attractive and clumsy heroine.

    The main story (avoiding spoilers as much as possible) is Fuu, Jin and Mugen set out to find the warrior who smells like sunflowers (after the events of episode 1). The only thing that's keeping Mugen and Jin on the journy is to kill eachother in the end. The action is top notch. It's fun watching Mugen break dance, killing people left and right. Jin's fights are pretty basic, with him just standing still killing people. This anime has good comedy. This anime does contain sexual content.

    Only thing I dislike is the music. From the opening song to backround music, it's mostly rap. I eventually got used to it though.

    If you love anime then you MUST watch Samurai Champloo.
  • Amazing anime with wild fights and awesome story.

    This anime brings you right into the fight. The first episode sets the tone for what is an amazing story coupled with a hip-hop theme and gnarly fights. The relationships that develop between the characters not only push the story forward but make it almost impossible to watch a single episode at a time.
    The use of anachronism such as Jin's glasses and Mugen's fighting style add a fresh flavor to an old anime story of "a group on a journey to find something." There are many parts that will make you laugh adn some that are heartbreaking, but most of all you will be blown away by the animation, story, and hanging on every word.
  • It is about this girl named Fuu, whoses looking for her father, whos the samurai that smells like sunflowers. She travels Japan looking for him, with her two "friends". Mugen and Jin. Mugen is the laid back samurai where Jin is the one who does right.

    This show is so freakin' funny. It's like the voices are played by Black people. When Mugen gets mad its so funny the way he talks when he yells. At first i didn't watch it cause I never heard of it then lucky me I was watchin On Demand, turned it on and I was hooked. It was kinda funny. And for those who say the "hip=hop" theme doesn't really do much for the show. It makes the show good. The very last episode was my favorite it showed all this emotion. How fuus father was killed in front her was to sad. and it just sumed up their friendship. them two boys would do anything for her. and the sad part was that they each went their seperate ways when i thought they was gonna travel together again :'( but sadly no.
  • I think that this anime was great from the moment Fuu, Mugen, and Jin were together. It is also funny, great action, and music. My only remark is that they could have made somethings with a little less inapropriate material.

    Fuu is an orphan that has a job at a shop. Mugen and Jin are two wandering samurai that can't stand punks. One day Mugen walks into Fuu's shop and makes a deal with her. Jin then comes in and a fight starts. They get caught and are sentanced to death. Fuu saves them and they now owe her their lives. They wander hungry and searching for the sunflower samurai for a reason the two samurai's don't know. The series is filled with great moments. I also love the fact that both Mugen and Jin still fight each other to the death throughout the series even though they have shared fun times and are basically friends, their fight is always interrupted because they are evenly matched.
  • Must watch this one

    This is a series I doubt a person could ever hate. When you put a 3 people that you never thought would be working together in a lifetime together it's a comedy and always fun to watch their serious or harsh backgrounds and what led them to doing what they do now! Two guys, Mugen and Gene somehow get caught up in helping a girl, Fuu, find the man who smells of sunflowers. I know it might sound crazy, but in the end it's a surprise to see who this really is. Mugen is a fighter who has a style much like that of a streetfighter who makes moves so that his enemies do predict his next move. It's very interesting to see that his technique is highly effective for someone of his status. Watch the series and find out about his struggle to survive background and his so called friends involved in it. It'll be surprise. Gene is more like a samuri. Trained in a dojo and ended up killing his master! Fuu who doesn't fight at all depends on Mugen and Gene to get her out of numerous amounts of situations in the series. She twisted a situation that should have been the end of the road for her and turned it around by using her intuition. Turns out it worked that's why she convinced Mugen and Gene to help her with her search. These three encounter many obstacles in their paths and meet very "interesting" characters during their journey. If you haven't already watched this series, I think it's time you give it a chance. It a choice you won't regret because it's worth it!!!!
  • anime on a whole new level!

    The show that will amaze you with its characters, action, look, stlye, feel, and how in depth it gets with relating things from the past to things of the present. The characters in the show all bring a unique kind of personality trait into a trio of ackward foes turned friends. Betweeen Mugen,Jin,and Fuu they are an unstoppable team. You really cant help but to like the show when it incorporates elements such as the hip hop culture, the samurai way of life , and certain things we all have dealt with or will deal with in one point in our lifes. The music of the show fits so perfectly with the action scenes , which are some of the greatest fights in an anime. To watch this show and not like it is a Crime.
  • My number 1^^!!!

    Mugen and Jin are two samurai warriors that can be characterized as the exact opposites when it comes down to their philosophy.During an incident where they accidentally burn down a house by fighting each other they meet Fuu.After escaping from their public murder, for messing up all the town, with Fuu's help Mugen and Jin decide to accompany Fuu on her journey to find the samurai that smells like sunflowers.On their journey they'll meet new people face fearfull enemies and get to know each other better.Will they find the samurai that smells like sunflowers or will they be stopped by the government and most importantly who is this mysterious samurai Fuu wants to find?

    I think that Samurai Champloo kicks ass, nuff said. But in case you didn't get it....

    Samurai Champloo kicks ass, epsecially Jin!! Most people like Mugen, but I like Jin, and none of you moochers can have him, so back off and cry in a dark corner while listening to Linkin Park!!!

    And by the way, they need to show more of it on Adult swim. I mean seriously, its just the first episode over, and over, and over, and over, and over......(more "and overs")...and over again!! Try to keep us up to date, please Adult Swim people, that's all we true Samurai fans ask!!

    If not, bad things will happen to Inuyasha....

    .....That is all.

  • It's the story about Foo, Jin and Mugen, in a very creative and odd "Edo period" Japan. They all get together to help Foo find the Samurai that smells of Sunflowers,but it wont be easy with Mugen's attitude and Jin's past.

    Samurai Champloo is simply a great show. Yeah it's not re-living history, but they don't intend to anyway. Samurai Champloo is worthwhile if you love excellent graphics, the colors are always great for the situation. But the most important and key element that made this show an utter personal favorite is its music. You won't get a better mix of a little bit of everything hip-hoppy than this show.
    It's got samurai, incredible fighting, crazy characters (all of them well development), Japan with all its rural beauty, it has an actual storyline they don't just get stuff outta nowhere and they don't have resurrecting "evil" guys it doesn't repeat itself and GREAT humor. This anime is one of those that make you feel happy after you watch it; it may not be realistic but it sure is fun.
  • Samurai Champloo is one of my favorite animes of all time. Mugen is the best!

    Even though the show is only 26 episodes long, I enjoyed every single thing about it. Fuu is the main character, a young girl working in a tea shop when she first meets Mugen, a samurai with deadly skill. After almost getting her hand chopped off by the local lord's son, Fuu meets Jin, another samurai who has come looking for Mugen to test his skill, which matches Mugen's. The two fight and end up completely destroying the tea shop and both fighters are arrested and nearly killed, but are saved by Fuu. In exchange for saving their lives, and destroying her tea shop, Fuu asks that they both aid her in locating the 'Samurai who smells of Sunflowers'. Their journey is wrought with mishaps and misadventures. I love Mugen, his fighting style and his attitude. Samurai Champloo is has an excellent opening theme, that I find myself humming often. LOL. Overall this show is definitely a Perfect 10!
  • This show was awesome.

    It took a while to get used to the music, but the show was great from the beginning to the end. The fight scenes were awesome, the characters lovable, and the humour was quite good. I was expecting a little more out of the "Sunflower Samurai", but I suppose things ended appropriately, with Fuu finally meeting him and all. It was pretty crazy how Mugen survived death once again after taking such a beating at the end, unlike in Cowboy Bebop where Spike actually died. Jin looked pretty damn cool with his hair loose... Not really sure what else to say... it was an awesome show.
  • This anime is a champloo (mixture) of many different generations. 3 young characters, Fuu, Mugen, and Jin are brought together by odd circumstances, and stay united by even more ludicrous situations. This show has style to spare.

    This anime is based during the Edo period in Japan (early 1800's), however, this isn't official and the show does many things to show it uses a mish-mash of different cultures and times. Fuu is a waitress at a restaraunt, until it gets burned down during a fight between Jin and Mugen. Jin is a ronin, or a masterless samurai. Mugen is basically a street punk who fights on a whim. Both have more pride than humility, and never back down from the other. Fuu gets them out of trouble for the fight, so they owe her. As payment, she makes them be her bodyguard as she searches for a Sunflower Samurai. Along the way, they encounter a gay Dutchman, a warrior who can kill without making a cut, an American baseball team, a giant, a thug with a gun, and many other foe's from their past, which continually catches up to them. The show relies heavily on hip-hop tracks, and although it sounds awkward, it fits beatifully to the moods and scenery. The flow is continually changing, and there is never a dull moment, but the characters evolve along the way as well. The show wraps up in 26 episodes, and not a single one strikes out (well, one does, but you'll have to watch it to understand...). This is without a doubt the best television series anime I've ever seen, and I'm a Wantanabe fan too. Don't miss this one.
  • Although Samurai Champloo features great fight scenes, animation, has a memorable vibe to it, the overall plot suffers because of its episodic nature.

    Samurai Champloo comes from the makers of Cowboy Beebop. So many would expect great things from this anime. In a way, it does meet expectations, and in another way, it is a total letdown. Samurai Champloo follows the journey of three people: The aggressive samurai, Mugen, the ronin, Jin, and the young Fuu. Throughout the 26 episodes, the three will travel to find "the samurai who smells of sunflowers." This is the main story drive for the show, but in the majority of the episodes, it does not play a large part. That is because Samurai Champloo is an episodic anime. Each episode has a different scenario and no characters are "recurring." This leads to a weak plot, because there really is no plot advancement. They have an objective, and they go to that objective. Along the way they meet some people and move on, leaving the people behind. That is not to say that some of the episodes are moving or enjoyable, because many of the "scenarios" are very moving and enjoyable.

    This being an action anime, the combat action is highly satisfying, and is one of the highlights of the show. Unlike the gravity/reality defying physics of shows like Rurouni Kenshin, Samurai Champloo for the most part stays realistic, but still has enough speed and flare to keep the action interesting. You will not see characters jumping 50 feet in the air while yelling some name that was given to an attack that they are about to use, instead the fights are short and sweet, just like a real samurai fight is supposed to be.

    Comedic scenes also play a part in the anime, and for the most part, is done well. Almost everyone will get some laughs out of it and the comedy is able to shine a light onto the anime, which helps because if this anime were too "dark," it wouldn't be as enjoyable. What the anime is able to do extremely well is strike a balance between serious situations and comedic situations. The anime has plenty of serious scenes, but the comedic scenes are able to make it so that the anime still stays lighthearted.

    The bottom line is that Samurai Champloo is an enjoyable show, that should satisfy most viewers. With plenty of moving and enjoyable episodes, Samurai Champloo is anime worthy of the creators of Cowboy Beebop. However the lack of a strong plot directive will cause the anime to suffer in the eyes of serious anime viewers who take plot seriously. That aside though, the anime is worth checking out, as long as viewers don't go into it expecting a strong plot.
  • two sword fighter a cute but unrational teenage girl and a adventure towards a samurai that smells like sunflowers

    this anime is by far the most unique anime i have watched. its hip hop style view on the japanise samurai re is without a doubt the most INTRESTING view i have seen. the contrasting characters just made it more complete as the fighting is both realistic and bloody which can be seen both negatively or positively. the humerouis and careless free lancse fighter and logical smart gentle swordsman clashes are the most intresting things about the anime in my view. the girl is although used merely to help the plot at the beginning she also becomes more important throughout the series.
  • Samurai Champloo is a shonen anime series consisting of twenty-six episodes. It was directed by Shinichiro Watanabe of Cowboy Bebop fame and produced by manglobe.

    The plot of Samurai Champloo largely revolves around Fuu's quest to find the samurai who smells of sunflowers and the unfinished duel between Mugen and Jin. Mugen meets Fuu when he enters a tea house where she is a waitress and offers to take care of some ruffians in exchange for food. Fuu agrees, but Mugen characteristically overreacts and the scene erupts into a brawl. As the situation progresses, he and Jin end up in a duel that remains unfinished as they literally bring the tea house down on themselves and are arrested and sentenced to death. Fuu recruits the two to help her in a quest to find the Sunflower Samurai in exchange for helping them escape from prison. Mugen and Jin, however, are intent on completing their duel first. Fuu gets them to agree to a coin flip: heads, they continue their duel; tails, they travel with her and put their duel on hold until the journey is over. Mugen flips the coin and Fuu tells them it is tails: Mugen and Jin are thus obligated to hold off on their duel and journey with her. At various times, however, they try to abandon Fuu, and they also intermittently confront one another – each vowing to kill the other by journey's end. Throughout the journey the trio are often broke and starving. They are also forced to face many elements of their pasts. In the two-part "Misguided Miscreants" (a.k.a. "Dark Night's Road"), Mugen encounters his old pirate gang and becomes involved in a looting scheme with his old partner Mukuro. The situation quickly turns into a backstabbing contest resulting in much bloodshed. It is revealed that Jin killed his master, Mariya Enshirou, and in a number of episodes ("The Art of Altercation"; "Lullabies of the Lost") he is pursued by students of his former dojo who wish to exact revenge. Jin is reluctant to kill these pursuers. In the final three-episode arc, "Evanescent Encounter" (a.k.a. "Circle of Transmigration"), all three must confront their unresolved pasts. Fuu finally meets and confronts the Sunflower Samurai. Jin is challenged by a master swordsman, named Kariya Kagetoki, who is revealed as the primary antagonist of the series, although he has remained behind the scenes until this story arc. It is revealed that Kariya attempted to gain control of Jin's dojo and train its adepts for the purposes of assassination. Mariya Enshirou was ordered to kill Jin because of his opposition to the plan, and in the ensuing fight Jin killed his master in self-defense and was forced to flee the dojo. It also turns out that Kariya had the group tracked so that he could find and kill the Sunflower Samurai, Kasumi Seizou, as punishment for his role in the Shimabara Rebellion. In the course of the story, Mugen is also forced to confront three brothers seeking revenge because Mugen crippled one of them during his days of piracy.
  • What a great show...

    Samurai Champloo is a very well done anime, from animation to music to voice talent; it’s a very atmospheric experience. The action is another excellent facet of the show, giving viewers a new, engaging look at exciting, fast paced and deadly samurai fights.
    The pace of the show is slow but, very intriguing, hysterical, and even emotional at times, while offering a somewhat accurate glimpse of the Edo period in Japan, and the very delicate and euphoric beauty the culture and people provide the viewers. Come the end, I found myself very attached to the three characters of whom the story, to a large degree, revolved around, Fuu, Mugen, and Jin.
    Fuu is a young girl who frees Mugen and Jin after they destroyed the facility that she worked at during a duel to the death, and were to both be sentenced to die because of it. She’s a very charismatic and humorous girl, who somehow manages to make the two of them help her in return for her aid. So the three of them embark on a journey across the country to find “The Samurai that Smells of Sunflowers” which is the only thing Fuu knows about the man they seek. Slowly, throughout the story, we learn of who the man is, and the deeper relevance he is toward all their fortunes.
    Mugen is gruff and unpredictable man who is an unconventional samurai as he’s very active when he fights, utilizing the environment and pure athletic flexibility to defeat his opponents, despite his eccentric abilities, he’s an excellent warrior and swordsman. He doesn’t like to talk about his past, and appears on most accounts to be void of morality, but he’s very amusing because of his callous nature and wit. Like Jin, he seeks to ultimately continue his fight to the death with the other man, to test his own ability and prove to himself that he is the better combatant, he is held back by a very tenuous bond to Fuu’s and his pledge to help her, and it isn’t entirely clear why he doesn’t break this word like any other past promise.
    Jin is a very silent samurai, and ghosts of his past are more evident on his cheerless demeanor then Mugen, he harbors his own secrets close to him, and seems at times almost without the will to live. Despite these personal issues he’s an extremely adept swordsman, whom strikes with blinding speed and deadly accuracy; not uncontrollable like Mugen, he’s a very disciplined man when it comes to the Way of the Samurai, on and off the field of battle. He’s seems a kindly man, mostly selfless, but unattached to others, and is unemotional in his social tactics. He also seeks to finish his fight with Mugen, perhaps to test his abilities, but it isn’t very clear if there are other more substantial reasons. His ties to Fuu’s cause seem just as fragile, but you find that maybe he doesn’t really mind helping her, as if perhaps he needs just a little more purpose, so to speak.
    The story, I must say, is a little lacking, but upon watching the majority of the episodes I realized that Samurai Champloo wouldn’t be what it was if it didn’t deviate all over, and focused only on furthering the plot each episode. It’s like a collection of short stories… but upon reaching the last three episodes which indeed provide an excellent conclusion to the little saga, one can only breathe a sigh of contentment when seeing the outcome of the fates of everyone’s favorite samurai’s, Mugen and Jin, and the beloved ditsy Fuu.
    Overall, a very solid show, providing excellent characters and voice acting, gorgeous animation, poignant music, and a fairly good storyline… Bravo.
  • Awsome

    All I know is that I love this show, mainly Mugen. This show is amazing they should Keep the awsome sword fighting action coming. WHOOOO!!!!!!! Or mabey I am just obsesing....No I just like Anime.I love it so much that I think there should be a 24 hour anime station where they would show all type of Anime, from all parts of Japan. Not only would they show anime but in between comerials they would sell manga. If you ask me there is just not enough information on anime and manga out there. I meet people every day who didn't know that this stuff existed. All I'm sayin is give people information on things around them. there id a whole world out there that people don't know about.
  • It's a good anime but the terrible style of hip-hop kinda kills the show.

    "Samurai Champloo" is about a girl named Fuu who is wandering around the world to find the Samurai that smells of sunflowers. In a restaurant, she encounters two elite yet distracted samurais named Mugen and Jin. After a little mishap back at the restaurant, the two samurais agree to help Fuu in her journey. But on eproblem: Mugen and Jin? They both hate eachother.

    So far it's doing good but I don't really like how they put the rapping and pop culture they know it's a samuri type anime and not just some kind of yoyoyo baby i find it to be annoying sometimes. Mugen is my favorite character mainly because he's the leader and Fuu is okay but they should put alot of character into Fuu mainly because she's the main character but somehow I find this to be really wierd anime.
  • Mugen, Jin, and Fuu travel Edo period Japan in search of the Sunflower Samurai, the only problem being no one really knows anything about him. But bound by a bet they continue, making a living, trouble and enemies as they go about their long quest.

    WWow, just wow is all I can really manage to say about Samurai Champloo. Apparently anything Shinichiro Watanabe touches turns to gold. I thought I'd never really watch something of the same caliber as Cowboy Bebop again, but how wrong I was. Everything about this show is just so . . . . well perfect. Samurai Champloo sort of blends together hip-hop culture, and Japanese/Samurai culture to produce something genuinely unique and fresh. It provides an interesting atmosphere to the show that is simply unlike anything I've seen before, and it really makes it that much greater for me, even though I'm not a big fan of hip-hop I cant imagine Samurai Champloo any other way. The story and characters are well-written and developed, the emphasis is placed on the latter as Samurai Champloo is a heavily character driven series, forging its excellence on the experience and development of its characters rather then focusing on the main story itself. This is not to say the story itself is weak, as it its actually quite good, its just that has less prevelance much like its predecessor Cowboy Bebop did. When the story does play itself out in the various two and three parters throughout the series though I guarentee you will be awe-struck, especially the finale. Perhaps the strongest bit about Samurai Champloo is the fighting. Its all fluent and fast, unplagued by the flashbacks, and long dialogue exchanges of typical animes, concentrating more on fast and beautifully animated scenes. Its all straight up swordplay and martial arts which is another reason I love the series so much, its all also very dynamic. Every fight is different, and every character fights in a unique manner, from Jin's deadly and precise sword style, to Mugens rambunctions, wild, and dancey style, every fight is interesting and new and keeps a feeling of interest. The one thing that Samurai Champloo doesn't have going for it would seem to be length, it clocks in at just 26 episodes, but those 26 episodes are much better and entertaining then any the other countless episodes other sub-par animes will fling at you. Getting through this series I have to say I regret it a bit, Samurai Champloo is in a league of its own, and I really don't think I will often find anything of its quality again or even ever will (until Watanabe makes another series at any rate). Don't let that stop you though, if your a real anime fan you owe it to yourself to give this one a try, I dare say there's nothing better out there.
  • mugen, jin and fuu set out on a journey filled with comedy action and violence in search of a samurai who smells of sunflowers.

    a good show with very good sword action which i love very much, and some comedy which is much needed for anime shows and this provides plenty of it. The flow of the show and how the whole thing revolves around this sunflower samurai is great. I give it a 9.5 for rocking on so many levels.
  • during the Japanese "Edo era", two Samurai Warriors Mugen and Jin, have a chance meeting with a girl named Fuu. Through a series of events, Fuu leads the warriors on a quest into several Japanese locations to find the samurai who smells of sunflowers.

    Cool show!
    From the makers of Cowboy Bebop comes Samurai Champloo ! Sometime during the 17th-19th century, during the Japanese "Edo era", two Samurai Warriors known as Mugen and Jin, have a chance meeting with a 15 year old girl named Fuu. Through a series of events, Fuu leads the warriors on a quest into several differant Japanese locations to find the samurai who smells of sunflowers.
  • This show was awesome. I saw a few episodes in Adult Swim, but I don't always get to stay up late at night. I really liked the Japanese setting and the hip-hop and feudal society. It almost gives us a taste of what Japan was like back then.

    The sad thing about this show is, that the goal was a little bit stupid and the series ended too quickly. Twenty-six episodes for a series like this is very, very short. The ending was a little bit screwed. It had a little bit of potential to keep on going, but it was nice while it lasted.

    I wouldn't recommend the kiddies watching this.
  • This show could have been something special on the same page as such classics like Ninja Scroll(NOT THE TV SERIES), Samurai X OVAs, Rurouni Kenshin, or Basilisk.

    Samurai Champloo could have been great like the classics above, but it ended up like Samurai Deeper Kyo. Just average, nothing special. There was nothing really special about the show. The characters were intresting but not compelling, by the end I didn't really care that much about anyone them. The mix of comedy was the one pretty good part of the show. The music was just bad, no make that terrible. The action never got me excited. The animation was very good I'll give it that everything about that was great. Now for the worst part the story throughout the 26 episodes were a big let down. The story had no real drama or drive, it never gave the characters any real emotion, and the ending was just plain anti-climatic. I like when shows end without no real resolution. It happens a lot in romantic anime, but even their character evolve and come to some sort of ending when the series ends. Samurai Champloo just ends without any king of resolution. Now if you're intrested in real samurai shows I'd definitely check out the shows above.
  • Samurai Cha!!!!!!!

    Now i love all sorts of anime, but i especially love swords and ninja and pirates! This show is so awesome, i dont know any other good samurai based anime, and i love this one especially because the main character a samurai named Mugen is really more like a con rather than a traditional samurai! Also its from the makers of Cowboy Bebob one of my favorite shows. I also think its cool how theres a "hip hop" theme to Mugen's fighting style thats funny too i mean he incorperates brake dancing into his fighting style. I mean its just another one of man's grat creations!
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