Samurai Champloo

Cartoon Network (ended 2007)





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  • this show really did'nt have a strong beging.untill a few episodes later.the primary plot of the show was a young woman looking for a particular samurai that smells of sunflowers?(yeah i did'nt get it either)

    this one anime alone won the hearts of many samurai-x fans and as well as many adultswim viewers also.also the show brang to adultswim a kind of kill bill meets samurai x story setting.couple that with some beat box ryhms and a little old school hip-hop music and you have a new look to something really overherd.the show had many jaw droping fight scense along with some very funny and very emotional episodes.aside from the action thier was also the characters of gene and mugen which disspite thier differences in combat and personality both of them were more then spectacular swordsmen,fuu on the other hand was a very interesting character to get to know and even though she has nothing at all in commen with gene and mugen it still seems like shes fits in with them in a sort of odd sense.well in conclusion the show may have only been the standerd 26 episodes it was still worth watching the entire show from beging to the very end.