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Samurai Champloo

Season 1 Episode 8

The Art of Altercation

Aired Sunday 12:00 AM Jul 02, 2005 on Cartoon Network
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Episode Summary

A man hunting for Jin has been challenging any samurai wearing glasses he can find, accompanied by a beat-boxing duo of underlings. The question arises as to whether or not he will recognize Jin when he becomes infatuated with Fuu, for Jin has had to pawn his glasses.moreless

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  • We get to undertstand a little more about one of the main characters. We get to see a little about his past.

    In this episode they are all hungry once more. They happen to stop in front of a pawn shop where Jin gives his glasses so that they can get some money. A man who wants to be known as the best fighter searches for Jin because Jin killed his teacher who happened to be the best but only knows that he wears glasses and his name is Jin so he fights anyone who has that description. They go to eat and happen to meet a woman who invites Mugen and Jin to drink with her. Mugen of course is the first to accept and drags Jin off as well leaving Fuu after she met the man in search of Jin but Jin does not have his glasses so he was not suspected, the man leaves his whereabouts with Fuu if she gets intersted. Fuu decides to go see him just to find out that he is looking for Jin. Mugen and Jin got drugged and robbed by the woman. They do some tricks to get money so that Jin can get his glasses back but when they do the man is in the pawn shop after they figure what is going on. One of the followers for the man wants to fight jin because Jin\'s teacher was also this man teacher. But it seems like Jin had a good reason for killing his teacher but we wont find out until later in the series.moreless
  • A solid episode, with a nice introduction to Jin's past.

    Well, well, well. After seven episodes, of, well, "filler", we finally see something into one of the main characters' pasts. Jin apparently killed his teacher, something which greatly angered all of his fellow students. We're actually introduced to his past through a moronic swordsman who wants to be known as the best. Jin's teacher WAS the best, but Jin killed him. And judging from Jin's reaction to this information being revealed, it looks like Jin may have had an actual excuse.

    Anyway, the episode was great. Jin was Jin, Fuu was her usual whiny self, and Mugen was at his idiotic best. By the by, Mugen was seduced by another lady...who also poisoned him, just like in Redeye Reprisal. The poor guy just has no luck with women!!!

    But Jin was the star of the episode. I hope that later episodes continue to delve into the interesting nature of his past. Hopefully, we'll find out exactly why he killed his teacher.

    Keep watching!moreless

Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (1)

    • Nagamitsu and his Kago
      He's carried everywhere in a palanquin, or Kago. No way would he have been allowed to do this: those who may ride in palanquins are all persons of distinction who are connections of the Tokugawa clan; lords of domains (Kuni) and lords of castles having 10,000 koku (bushels) and upwards; the sons of provincial Daimyo (beneficiaries), lords of castles; chamberlains and higher functionaries, and the legitimate sons of such (i. e. sons by their wives; but not sons by their concubines); persons (of any rank) above fifty years of age; of the two professions of doctors of medicine and soothsayers (astrologers, onyoshi) and invalids and sick persons. Apart from the above named, irregularities must be prohibited; but those who have applied for and received official permission to ride are not included in the prohibition."
      Nagamitsy wears purple (the Imperial color, forbidden to all but royalty) and detailed with a flame-colored pattern that makes him look as much like a custom hot-rod as his palanquin.

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Ogura: I've looked for you. To find you, I even apprenticed myself to a man like that and waited. Why did you betray him? A man like you, why did you betray our master?
      Jin: I'm not the one who did the betraying. But I won't make excuses. Regardless, it's true that I killed my master.
      Ogura: You! (Charges at Jin)

    • Budou Kiba: (To Jin) I'm sorry that my husband is stupid.
      Fuu: Hey, hey!
      Budou Kiba: Understand, all men are stupid, so be sure to dominate from the beginning.

    • (Nagamitsu's katana is knocked out of his hand but lands on his opponent, knocking him out)
      Nagamitsu: Aerial Killing Technique... umm... Flying Sword!

    • (Shinpachi's beat-boxing in the background)
      Nagamitsu: Hello honey.
      Fuu: Umm...
      Nagamitsu: Me? I'm a man who will be "big". Rather, "big" no "bigger than biggest". My name is... Saganshougen Nagamitsu!
      Fuu: (Irritated) How is he shy?

  • NOTES (6)


    • Abarenbou Shogun - TV Show
      When Nagamitsu mentions "abarenbou" and "kogarashi" the writers are making an inside joke for people who watch live action samurai series. "Abarenbou Shogun" is an old Japanese samurai television show.

    • Kongarashi Monjirou - TV show
      When Nagamitsu mentions "Kongarashi", the writers are making an inside joke for those who watch live action samurai series. "Kongarashi Monjirou" is an old Japanese samurai series about a yakuza, set in the same sort of time period.

    • Battle Royale - Opening Credits
      The very last shot of this episode is reminiscent to the opening credits/logo in the Japanese cult film 'Battle Royale'.