Samurai Deeper Kyo

Season 1 Episode 3

Red Mirage

Aired Unknown Jul 15, 2002 on

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  • Kyoshiro wants to flee the village at once, but Yuya wants to collect her bounties. One of the Sainsaishuu, Kurosasori finds them and demands to fight Kyo. Kyoshiro and Yuya flee, and Benitora, another member of the Sansaishuu defeats Kurosasori. Shirogar

    An awesome episode and one that starts the series in its direction when Kyo finally awakens fully. The battle against Shirogarasu is amazing and we get to see Kyo\'s Red Mirage attack (one that we never see again sadly). The introduction of Benitora is good because he\'s a bit of a comic relief.