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  • This show may not be historically accurate but it is still enjoyable none the less.

    The show follows Kyoshiro a former samurai who now works as a medicine man. However it soon emerges that Kyoshiro is not alone, the soul of an old and very powerful enemy now dwells with in him. A chance encounter with the bounty hunter Yuya Shiina soon causes that dark personality to emerge and Demon Eyes Kyo reappears upon the earth.

    This show is often criticised for being very historically inaccurate but lest be honest it features soul swaping and magical powers do we really acre. The plot is interesting, the animation is good and the characters are worth being interested in. Thats is enough for me.
  • Disappointing.

    After watching Rurouni Kenshin, i was looking for a Good samurai anime to watch. I found Samurai Deeper Kyo. I was really impressed with the trailers and ads,and was expecting something really big. It all started well with A Decent intro, The first Episode was very promising with Just three interesting characters But after that we have an onslaught of uninteresting and pointless Characters, episode after episode. There are so many insignificant characters which You'll forget. The plot gets really confusing too.

    As this is a Samurai Anime, you'd expect the combat to be the high point but sadly that cannot be said. Most fight scenes are Just confusing with very little action shown. There's no free flowing smoothly animated combat here. you see Monsters being cut down but the action leading up to the kill is never shown. I never really liked This 'one hit one kill' system of combat. while i could compare Samurai Deeper kyo to Basilisk, the combat sequences in Basilisk are far more interesting. The animation is Good but nothing special and the dub is ok. The plot feels lifeless with so many uninteresting, weird characters. They should've kept the Plot simple and then maybe i would've loved this anime. There are some Decent combat scenes and Some good episodes But Samurai Deeper Kyo suffers from supreme mediocricity and Never really gets going.
  • Samurai Deeper Kyo...

    Although the manga was better, the show was still very good. Definitely not my favorite, but still better then some other shows out there. normally I wouldn't even think about watching this, but I recommend seeing at least the first episode, especially if you have read the manga. Its a little bit confusing at first, but as long as you pay attention to the story, you should be able to follow it well. The story is original and has action, comity, and lots more so, like I said earlier, I recommend you seeing a few episodes. Whats the worst that could happen, right?
  • Absolutely loved it...

    I absolutely loved this show. I believe it is one of, if not the best, samurai themed shows.
    Unlike Rurouni Kenshin, which is also a good show, SDK wasn't repetitive or predictable. After watching Kenshin for a bit, it seemed like you could predict the next move, but in SDK you never knew what to expect. Plus it wasn't as drawn out as Kenshin was. I mean the anime only has 26 episodes compared to Kenshin's 95 plus OVAs.
    The animation was wonderful and voicing was well done.
    Well, I'll admit the english dub was...weird after watching the whole thing in Japanese (I watch everything in Japanese with subtitles first.) Then again what anime doesn't have a issue with the english dubbing being somewhat bad.
    I plan on buying the complete collectors set of SDK sometime soon, I MUST own it on DVD.
  • Schedule

    Just wanted everyone to know that it comes on Encore WAM! everyday at 4:3OPM, with replays at 2:3OAM and 8:3OAM the following morning. Encore WAM! plays several anime series, so it could be taken off for an extended ammount of time after its run, but usually runs two to three times in a row before being replaced with another anime, then is re-aired again after the replacement finishes its run. Just a little FYI, currently (August 21, 2007) it is on episode 21, with the final episode airing on Sunday August 26, 2007, but is scheduled to run again with Episode #1, "Road to Armageddon," airing on Monday August 27, 2007 at 4:3OPM.
  • A average anime.

    Samurai Deeper Kyo as anime is average. As a manga it's a great read with a great story, action, drama and some romance. I'm not sure what the anime lacked, it just didn't have the same feel as the manga. It could be it was just twenty six episodes and stopped well short of the manga, which is still going. Also they story just wasn't the same, the animation wasn't that good. I really think anime companies should wait till manga series are almost done if not done before they start creating anime based of a manga. Including this one, also Ai Yori Aoshi, Kare Kano, Rurouni Kenshin, Berserk and others.
  • rruoni kenshin im the year 2000 buh buh buh

    Some will point a finger at Samurai Deeper Kyo and claim it to be a more modern Rurouni Kenshin, but that would be carrying things a bit too far. Both involve Japanese history and quite a bit of swordplay, but they differ strongly at many points.

    The main character, Kyo, is essentially a samurai version of Dark Schneider from Bastard!!, minus the sorcery. Kyo first comes across as evil, but as time is given, he is gradually shown to be more good than most people would care to realize. While Kyo's design comes off as being a bit bland, there are quite a few other characters that are just as interesting to look at. Most of these interesting designs are used on the Kenyou, but Kyo's real body and Migeiya are just two which are a treat to check out. Just as good is the fight music. Despite the fact that the rest of the series lacks any punch with songs, the fight music is able to reel you into each clash and put you in the right mood.

    The fight music may be good, but the clashes themselves are a complete contrast. They are predictable as far as who wins, and the general overabundance of talking in the middle of fights slows down the overall pacing. The factor that hampers them the greatest is the dirt-poor animation. For a series aired in 2002, I should not be reminded of Violinist of Hamelin. The sheer overuse of stills filled with motion lines and looped cels only helps to drag everything, and precious time is killed that could be better used for other purposes. This time could have been better used towards softening the impact of an ending that really is unsatisfying. The combination of a few last-minute plot twists only manage to confuse the audience and make the final fight less than thrilling. It did not end up as a complete disaster, but I felt that there could have been more done as far as dedicating time to certain events and not leaving a few question marks hanging over top of some important elements.

    If you can look beyond the unimpressive fights and bad animation, there is quite some fun to be had with Samurai Deeper Kyo. However, this is not a replacement for Rurouni Kenshin.
  • OMG!!

    This is one of the best shows Ive ever seen, so It has good animation, really good voice overs, really good story, and it has really cool characters! so I gave this amazing show A 9 out of 10, its a really good show, and if you havent seen it its on at 4:00pm on channel 139, I dont no if its on on the week days, so you can check, Youll love it, Its a true master piece, well almost :). So well I guess thats it, but remember try watching it on channel 139, at 4:00PM, see ya :)!
  • i think it was kyo too!

    ok why do i say kyo won? the last part when he said 'yuya', it was his voice. also, at the point when he won, he was smiling in an evil manner, like how kyo always does. i don't care if he had short hair or he was seen selling medicine!!! hmm but perhaps he took over kyoshiro's body? or they combined again? but even so, i know kyo was definately in charge!
    from the beginning to the middle, i thought the 'mumyo junpu ryuu, satsujin ken, mizuchi' was getting reallllly boring cos they kept repeating that single skill. but once they entered the sea of trees it started to get quite interesting!! however i was disappointed when he didn't get back his bodythen..
    and sakuya annoyed me. in the beginning they didn't even elaborate why the hell a dumb lady with a ridiculously long fringe who sits in a hut is called sakuya-SAMA and seem to be given outrageous respect from ppl around her! and she just goes, 'kyoshiro...' or 'kyo..' or 'the stars have switched places!!!!' -_- i mean shouldn't they at least tell us about the superiority of the Mibu clan and their powers first? i think this was why ppl gave up watching halfway. the holes in the story were too much to bear!
    for the most part it was really entertaining, however occasionally there were ridiculous parts like the tokyo tower appearing and nobunaga and kyo didn't even know where they were! and it didn't really make good sense if u recall the events: the white haired guy with the gun (i forgot his name, sorry!) started shooting all the other muramasa swords and then he suddenly decides to not shoot the one kyo's carrying!!! and then he doesn't have to cos somehow kyo does it himself! doh.
    but despite all this, it was really quite good. i got hooked and had to finish the last half of the episodes in a day. i loved the drawing. however i wished that kyo would have shown a bit more affection towards yuya! but i guess its the nature of samurai right? also, the music and plot somehow reminded me of final fantasy. don't ask me why!
  • A great samurai show that fans of Ninja Scroll will definitely love.

    On the battlefield of Sekigahara, two men are entrapped in their will of destroying each other. One side reveals a young Samurai warrior known as Mibu Kyoshiro. The other side shows a red haired man with eyes like a damn, who is most commonly referred to as Demon Eyes Kyo. Moments later, after the battle was decided, a meteor crashes into the heart of Sekigahara, ensnaring both the mighty warriors. However, four years later, Mibu Kyoshiro is found wandering around the streets, selling medicine for a living. Though he was attacked by a transforming demon known as a Kenyou. As he’s on the verge of death, Mibu goes through a personality change, and Demon Eyes Kyo takes over!

    Why is Kyo trapped within his greatest rival’s body? What is the mystery that lies behind these Kenyou, who continually haunt Kyo as he searches for the body he was taken away from? The last thing I’ve expected from this anime was a deep story filled with many plot twists. Even when questions are answered, particularly the origins of Mibu and Kyo, and their relationship together, you’re fed with even more twists, and the excitement just keeps building and building until the very last moment. The ending is also a huge question itself that’s left for you, the viewer, to interpret with the material you are given.

    What I loved most about Samurai Deeper Kyo is how it strays far far away from the episodic formula. People would expect that Kyo and Mibu would simultaneously switch for half of each episode. But it’s Kyo who takes over the majority of the time, while Mibu pops in every six episodes or so. It doesn’t happen at random too. Also, with a concept where the main character is pitted against a ton of demons, you’d expect Kyo to battle a new Kenyou every episode. That’s also not the case. Samurai Deeper Kyo is completely unpredictable, so it’s better to not expect anything when watching this.

    Without a doubt, Samurai Deeper Kyo’s biggest strength, other than its awesome storyline, is its productions. Every episode in the anime feels rich. It’s not exactly pouring in quality, but it simply feels rich. The animation is top notched, the sound department is just so amazing, and many people had ranked the entire opening sequence as the best in any anime! Can’t say the same for its ending, but it’s still worth seeing after every episode, even though it’s the ending. Also, the fight scenes are cleverly planned and enjoyable. Sword based animes are known for either how fast paced it is, or how tactical it is. Samurai Deeper Kyo is as tactical as it looks, and it looks beautiful! There are scenes that look predictable, but then the whole battle takes you by complete surprise.

    The only thing wrong with Samurai Deeper Kyo is that it starts off really slow. There are many people who have lost interest in the show midway through or earlier. Though it picks up at a tremendous rate, and doesn’t slow down; it keeps on getting faster. If it didn’t start off so slow, this anime would probably be much more popular than it is right now. It’s sad too, because it carries the best and most twisting storyline in any samurai based anime right now. Samurai Deeper Kyo starts off slow, but it ends extremely strong. Even after you’re done watching it, its magic continues on towards your interpretation of the ending. If you’re a big fan of the movie Ninja Scroll, then waste no time in watching Samurai Deeper Kyo. Though if you are a person who loses patience quickly, then watch something else.
  • Anime center around a guy named Kyo who was a thousand man slayer whose soul was being sealed into the medicine seller, Kyoshiro. Met Benitora and Yuya along his journey. They later proceeded to the sea of trees to get back his body and involved in a figh

    The first 5episodes were nice. It simply capture the attention of the auidience regardless of the fighting scenes or the storyline itself. However, the standard dropped very soon. I must say that the idea of adding in the Kenyou was simply absurb as it always appear out of nowhere and soon was dead when Kyo attack it. The story was not original and was edited into a funny way that it turned boring and ridiculous as the anime develops.The translation was not very well done too. I would recommend its manga more than its animation as the story is more complete and make more sense.
  • Kyoshiro and Kyo: Two spirits in one body. Yuya is looking for a \"man with a wound on his back\" who killed her older brother. The two head to Edo together. One after another, samurai come after Onime-no-Kyo. Why do Kyoshiro and Kyo share the same body?

    A very well-written and delivered story. Samurai Deeper Kyo focuses around fictional events that took place during the Battle of Sekigahara in 1600 AD within Japan. During the battle, two samurai clashed swords and, in turn, became bitter enemies: Kyoshiro Mibu and the titular character \"Demon Eyes\" Kyo. During their showdown, a meteor strikes the battlefield and ends the fight.

    Four years pass. A simple medicine man is hunted by a bounty hunter named Yuya Shiina. During their encounter, something far more serious comes into play. They are attacked by a monster and, in the ensuing crisis, the medicine man reveals a deep secret: \"Demon Eyes\" Kyo\'s spirit had been locked inside of him. Following Kyo\'s reappearance, the future of mankind will be changed forever.

    Later on, during their travels, the recently cooperative pair of Kyo and Yuya meet other interesting people as they search for Kyo\'s body, so he can once again become the most powerful warrior in the world.

    This series has great visuals and delivers the feel that the show is trying to achieve. There is a moral here, but it quickly unravels as the series continues. Also, most of the voice acting is superb, yet the character of Benitora has some weird transitions between his serious and not-so-serious sides, each having a different tone, which may cause some confusion with viewers. The music gives a good feel to the show, dark at times, cheerful in others, and the battle music definitely keeps you glued to the screen.

    The one major flaw I had with this series is the fact that they could have made it a bit longer. Having only 26 episodes and as many characters as they introduce, all with their own pasts and ties to other characters, the show could have easily been 50 episodes, so the series seems a little congested, and moving at too fast a pace at times.

    All in all, if you are searching for a series that is somewhat similar to shows like Inuyasha, and Saiyuki, you need to give this show a try.

    Samurai Deeper Kyo deserves at least a 9 and what else could you expect from the same studio that produced Rurouni Kenshin?
  • Great Show But Ending Bad

    It was a Great Show I have yet to read the manga but the ending had me stumped it still does i mean who Survived and Who Didnt Because half of the show was building up to there battle and then they start fighting one of them falls and one of them stands and then you dont even see who it is which is dumb and because theres no squel you never find out whos it Supposed to Be so to me its whoever u want it to be i guess maybe the manga would anwser my question
  • How do I watch an episode???

    I love Samurai Deeper Kyo! Its one of the best books I have read!.. But I really wanted to see the shows,, but I don't know how?!?.. Can I watch it on this website?? I just came on to this website to see the show,, but I don't know how.. So I can't wright a review if I hadn't seen the show yet.
  • Story of a legendary samurai named Demon Eyes Kyo, who is the slayer of a thousand men.

    This is my favorite samurai anime. It is the best show ever. It's got comedy, lots of sword fighting action, evil villians, betrayal, and even a little bit of romance. The main character is a legendary outlaw/samurai named Demon Eyes Kyo. Throughout the show you try and decide if he's a bad guy or a good guy. Just when you finally think he's a good guy he'll do something else to make you question his morality. I have heard people compare this show with Rurouni Kenshin but they are really not even similar, as anyone who as actually watched both show would know. But I definitely recommend this show to everone.
  • Samurai deeper is really the best anime show to me.

    No other manga or anime tv show is better than this one. This show has a exciting story and is very intresting. The fighting on the show is really good. this show I think this show has way better story plot then DBZ and Inuyasha. I think this show will stay my favorite.
  • A show that gets the job done.

    The story centers around Kyoshiro Mibu, who happens to harbor the spirit of "Demon Eyes Kyo," the killer of a thousand men. Whenever faced with physical pain or a strong enemy, Kyo exerts control over Kyoshiro and the sadistical killer replaces the kind (but perverted) travelling medicine salesman. That's all that really matters here, Kyo eventually takes full control and slices through just about any enemy that gets in his way.
    Unfortunaetly, the story just keeps throwing these derformed monsters, called "kenyo" at Kyo and his allies (servants). In the manga there wer no kenyo, only strong enemies. The kenyo just seem to be generic enemies for Kyo to cut up and instead the show focuses on battles and not the storyline. I'd reccomend the manga more than the anime on this one.
    The other characters are pretty well done, with the exception of Benitora and Yukimura (both of them don't take themselves seriously), but there aren't any super hyper girls to piss you off like most animes. They aren't bad, they could just be better. And I'd reccomend the original japanese version, as the dub is particularly terrible.
  • My opinion for the end.

    My opinion for the end of this show is that none of the 2 of them died!I think that kyo and kyoshiro are now the same person again! In the end we see that the person who survives has short hair and i agree to the review of DarcWindalf is correct , it was kyo who was suppossed to smile to yuya, but he has short hair, i don\'t think that it showed kyo and kyoshiro as the same person before they won \"him\" :) so it all shows that they are one person again. So now we have a happy ending!! :)