Samurai Deeper Kyo

Season 1 Episode 26

The Samurai Sings A Ballad

Aired Unknown Jan 05, 2003 on

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  • I think it was Kyo... The story was built around him in a greater degree than Kyoshiro.

    Ok Murasame made Yuya make the promise to make Kyo smile with love... The man in question smiled warmly and said Yuya... Not to mention the unclear view of the man that fell to the ground had short hair... it is possible that kyo got a haircut and enjoyed the simple life after his bout with Kyoshiro, he had become the best there was no reason to continue fighting. Kyoshiro did the same, remeber episode 1. he had long hair, so it isnt out of the question that since Kyo and Kyoshiro were very much alike since they were once one felt the same after theu accomplished their goals. Get a haircut and live easy! But... I wish those asses would have shown us for sure! who really won!