Samurai Deeper Kyo

Season 1 Episode 1

The Way to Armageddon

Aired Unknown Jul 01, 2002 on

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  • Demon Eyes Kyo is known for killing 1000 persons his eyes shine red when When he kill but after the battle of sekigahara he suddenly disappear. Four year after the battle a young medicine salesmen get capture buy a bountyhunter but they get attacked.

    It is a big adventur with much action, fiendship and meny historic things. In this serie it is ninjas, samurai and meny fighting tekniks you can learn meny things about Japanese history, about ninjas and meny other things when you read this serie you never get bored of looking on this serie. It is a good story and a good beginning it feels like you were in the story yourselves and feel the power of the attacks feel like they were hurting you as much as the one thats are attacked. Someparts of the story it is realy funny you think that you never can stop laugh.
  • The intro to the series. Starts off pretty exciting with the fight between Kyoshiro and Demon Eyes Kyo. Then, it jumps ahead in time and Kyoshiro is a medecine seller, but is captured by a female bounty hunter, Shiina Yuya. Then, a mysterious warrior appe

    A good intro to this series. The music stands out as being pretty good and nicely fitting the scenes. Also, those who are familiar with Japanese History may be delighted to see Sanada Yukimura and Hattori Hanzo in the beginning. The fight scene between Kyo and Kyoshiro, although brief, is fairly good. Not great, but it's pretty good. The episode ends on a cliffhanger, begging you to watch the next one.
  • A great way to start off a series.

    Assuming we haven't watched the series yet, the story moves onto a battle scene that's being fought between a man and a demon, making us confused already. On the sidelines are a bunch of spectators who are humbly waiting for the victor to rise. Moments later after the man triumphed over the demon, a meteor is spotted above the atmosphere, speeding its way towards the field. Everyone who loved their lives enough ran away from the battle being raged, as the image of the two staring each other down slowly fades away, and the heart of the meteor come smacking down onto the two warriors. Did they really die? It appears not, because years later, the man in black hair became a medicine traveller who happens to come by an unconscious attractive women on the road. Though the man was fooled by the women as she purposely used her fine body as bait. She was really a bounty hunter, and Mibu Kyoshiro, the medicine man, happens to have a bounty placed on his head.

    After capturing the rather pathetic and easily caught bounty, a mysterious pale man interrupts the two. When attempting to shoot him down using her gun with three revolvers, he blocked it using his tongue! And soon after, he transformmed into a snake monster, chanting to them both that he's been desiring the flesh of Mibu for so long. The same people who were on the side during Mibu and the Demon's fight appear once again, and are confident something will happen. Something does happen as the same Demon takes over the body of Kyoshiro! Yamada then gladly hands Kyo, the demon, his most treasured sword.

    Why is Kyo inside his greatest enemies' body? Who is this snake demon? Personally I couldn't control myself and immediately watched several episodes at a time. In the beginning of the episode, you don't know what the hell is going. But then after a few more events occur, somehow the past events that didn't make any sense to you magically does. It's also really suspicious why Mibu allows himself to be caught so easily by an ameteur bounty hunter, especially a girl. Kyo, who is more known as Demon Eyes Kyo, is a killer of a thousand men and was hailed as the strongest samurai warrior in the world. But then Mibu comes along and defeats him. Why the change of heart all of a sudden on Mibu's part? This is truly one of the best opening episodes ever.
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