Samurai Girl Real Bout High School

(ended 2001)




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Samurai Girl Real Bout High School

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Ryoko is one of the most popular girls in Daimon High School. Not only is she tall and good looking but she is one of the top martial arts fighters in a school with an overabundance of clubs and where disputes among classmates are settled by officially sanctioned duels called K-Fights.

Ryoko finds a mysterious pendant in the locker room one day and when she puts it on, she's transported to a world where she has to fight monsters or bad things will happen. And when rival martial arts student Shizuma Kusanagi makes his comeback and other fighters from other dimensions get involved, Ryoko will have to learn some new tricks to survive.

Character Info Ryoko Mitsurugi - A junior in Daimon High School, Ryoko is devoted to the precepts of the samurai -- loving justice and detesting vice. Her main martial art is Kendo, and in this series she becomes a student of Tessai Onizuka and develops the Hiten/Mitsurugi sword technique.

Hitomi Yuki - Ryoko's classmate and best friend. She doesn't have any martial arts abilities but she can cook and scream like no one else's business.

Shizuma Kusanagi - Shizuma is a roughneck from the Kansai district. He brought the K-fight to Daimon High School and was Ryoko's rival in fighting there until she defeated him. He tends to drive Ryoko nuts with his casual attitude and arrogance. He doesn't use weapons but has a flaming fist technique as a finishing move.

Azumi Kiribayashi - A senior at Daimon High School, Azumi loves to bother Ryoko throughout the series especially by flirting with Ryoko's crush, Tatsuya Shishikura. Her weapon of choice is the naginata (long wooden spear).

Daisaku Kamiya - Daisaku has been following Ryoko around for over a year and is very proud of being her groupie. He's usually seen with some camera or camcorder filming all her fights.

Miyuki Onizuka - A young teenage girl who lives at the Hiten Shrine. She's very quiet and shy.

Tessai Onizuka - A martial arts master who lives at the Hiten shrine.

Tamaki Nakamura - The fast-talking announcer at Daimon High.

Takao Todo - The principal of Daimon High. He approves the K-fights.

Keiichiro Nagumo - A champion fighter and founder of the K-fight system.

Sara Himekawa - A blonde teen friend of Shizuma.

Reiha - A mysterious girl from the alternate dimension.

This series was based on the manga called Samurai Girl Real Bout High School which is published by Tokyopop. There are only 13 episodes on 4 DVD's but follows a different story arc than the manga along with a cast of new characters. It originally broadcast in Japan on the CS Broadcast Kids Station on Mondays 8:30pm and also had reruns on Saturday midnights.

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