Samurai Girl Real Bout High School

Season 1 Episode 3

Enter The Way of the Swordsman

Aired Monday 8:30 PM Aug 13, 2001 on

Episode Recap

Principal Todo and a master talk about Nagumo's surprise return. Although he can't disclose Nagumo's location, the master asks Todo what kind of trouble Nagumo had gotten into.

The students talk about the events from yesterday. Nakamura interviews Ryoko about how she feels about it and Ryoko answers politely. Nakamura asks if she'll K-fight Nagumo. Ryoko says she will not fight meaningless battles, but she'll take on any challengers. The crowd cheers, but Ryoko disappears before Nakamura can ask another question.

Ryoko retreats to a forest area and Then Hitomi surprises her; apparently she knows her hiding spots. They talk about Nagumo and K-fighting. Ryoko thinks about the dragon for a moment. She asks Hitomi about what happened after Azumi's fight. Maybe Todo knows something about it? Then Daisaku appears out of the water. After getting punched for spying on her, Daisaku tells them that Nagumo is probably located at the Hiten Shrine. Ryoko asks casually how Daisaku gets his info. Ryoko excuses herself to go there alone, warning Daisaku not to follow her or else.

Ryoko walks up the long stairway to the Hiten Shrine, and when she arrives, she is so impressed by the look that she role-plays some samurai movie scenes. As she falls back from a pretend blow, she looks up at shrine girl Miyuki. Ryoko stands up, but Miyuki just stares at her and then leaves. Ryoko asks Miyuki if she knows Nagumo, but Miyuki backs off shyly and quietly. Then a blond woman (Mari) and some thugs appear and surround them; they want to know where Nagumo is. They threaten Miyuki but somehow one of the thugs gets hurt. The thugs attack but the master arrives and beats back all of them. Ryoko looks really impressed. The master tells them to leave, and the woman agrees. She puts down a business card and leaves. The master also tells Ryoko to leave since Nagumo is not there. Ryoko rushes out and down the stairs, but then looks back up at the shrine.

After some more Kendo practice with Tatsuya, Ryoko rinses her feet off, and ponders the master's actions from yesterday. Tatsuya and Ryoko talk some more. Ryoko asks if she's too weird for being tall and a samurai drama queen (or otaku). She apologizes, but Tatsuya tells her don't worry, and that she's pretty cute, and she's on her way to bring a handsome woman. Then they almost get hit by some blades. Azumi arrives. She and Ryoko exchange words, and just when they're about to fight, Tatsuya calms them down. Azumi remembers why she's there and tells Ryoko she wants a word with her. Azumi drags Ryoko along the road and they end up at the Hiten Shrine, where Azumi wants to introduce her to someone. Azumi arrives and asks Miyuki for Master Tessai. They go to the backyard, where Tessai is practicing some striking movements with his heavy wooden sword. Azumi remarks that this is Master Tessai Onizuka one of the few master swordsmen.

Although Ryoko has already met Tessai, she begs him to take her on as an apprentice. Tessai tells Ryoko to go home. Ryoko refuses. Tessai tells her again, but Ryoko refuses again. After a few times, Tessai slides over his wooden sword and tells her to go home. Ryoko finds the sword really heavy but she declares she will swing it until he takes her as an apprentice. Ryoko goes to the yard and lifts the sword. Mari and the goons plan their next attack on Miyuki. Ryoko swings the sword some more. Miyuki is in the nearby forest where the thugs wander about, but the thugs get beat up by Nagumo. The thugs recognize Nagumo and attack. Ryoko stops swinging and rests. She sees Azumi meditating, and picks up the sword to swing again. She does a few more swings and then collapses in exhaustion.

When she wakes up she's in a bed and her hand's been bandaged. She sees Miyuki and Azumi. Daisaku also greets her telling her he's filmed her sleeping the entire time. Azumi tells Ryoko her training starts tomorrow. Tessai arrives briefly and tells her that training begins at sunrise. Azumi says thanks are in order and squeezes her already hurt hand. Ryoko rushes outside and thanks Tessai. Meanwhile, Nagumo delivers the goons to Mari. He throws a punch next to Mari and tells her not to get near the place and to relay that message to her superior, Mr. Gates.