Samurai Girl

Season 1 Episode 4

Book of the Heart

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 06, 2008 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

In the car Heaven and her father talk. They chat about her future. He tells her she'll be safe, for her it means she'll be a prisoner. He explains everything is well planned out. He explains he only saw opportunities in her. Then the car window is smashed. It's Jake who is there to save her. She climbs out of the window. She jumps off the roof onto Jakes bike and they take off together. Severin helps them. Mr. Kogo mobilizes all his men. She goes back to the hotel to get her sword. He gives her two minutes. She goes in.

Inside she sneaks by some guards and finds her sword, however a guard catches her. Now something magical happens, the sword flies to her hands and so she manages to get away. Some of Sato's men return, so Jake goes in. To hide, they make out in a corner – longer than necessary.

They finally run off hand in hand.

The two arrive at his place. Cheryl and Otto are glad that she's ok. However there's a surprise. Karen is there, Jake's fiancée. Jake isn't really glad to see her as it appears. Jake explains that she's his EX-fiancée. She wants his baby as she explains. The baby is a mother bike. Jake fixed it up for her. She hugs him. Heaven tells them to get going. Karen kisses Jake. He promises to kick her out.

As soon is his away, Cheryl promises Heaven to spy on Jake and Karen. Otto has to go with Cheryl.

Sato and Mr. Kogo look at the surveillance video. They see the flying sword and see the prophecy come true.

Meanwhile Heaven tries to get the sword flying again. But it isn't working. Severin steps by. He thanks her for her work, and she is upset that she found out her entire life was a lie. He also tells her about the protocol she heard her father talk about. The Marishi protocol would mean that she is Marishi. He thinks he knows a guy.

Then she goes running and Karen joins her. They have some hostile talk. They start to talk over Jake – it turns a bit angry and they speed up. Heaven lets Karen win.

Back at home Jake and Karen are building a motorcycle. Heaven asks what up, but then gets a call from Severin. She takes off. Jake tells Heaven that he's sorry for the confusion with Karen, but Heaven tells him they'll just stay friends. Cheryl saves Heaven from the situation.

On the pier, Heaven reveals that she kissed Jake. Cheryl is surprised. Heaven is confused. The girls continue to talk about boys and stuff.

They meet Severin. He isn't pleased to see Cheryl. The guy they meet hits on Cheryl. They look together on the scanned pages. He's says no person in the world can read those lines.

Apparently the professor is wrong: Mr. Kogo can read it. He finds the next part of the location of the artefact he is looking for. He gives Sato some of Heaven's hair.

Meanwhile Cheryl and Professor Fleming are flirting. The professor tells Heaven to steal some stone which should help translate the papers.

So Heaven dresses up and goes to the location: the Japanese consulate. Cheryl and Severin cause sa scene to give Heaven some time to sneak in. One of the guards there however attacks Heaven. She knocks him out and steals the bones with the text. Heaven has to run, but Severin helps her. Cheryl drives the getaway car.

Back at the professor's place, he's all excited with what he sees and Cheryl still flirts with him. Heaven tells Severin that she feels lost. All alone and on her own. He tries to comfort her. She explains she felt relieved when she was attacked. He tells her he has given up everything as well to build his case. He explains he lost someone as well to make him come so far. They agree to stay together.

The professor translates the entire text. He reveals that some shrine was not destroyed as it was believed but given away and is now on some mountain. Heaven wants to go there, Severin tells her he'll takes care of t hat, but Heaven tries to lecture him that it's her destiny.

Back at Jake's place, Otto is on his computer and Cheryl tells him what happened today. Karen went shopping. She asks what's up and Cheryl proudly explains she fell in love. Otto goes to see how Heaven is doing as she is preparing to climb a mountain. They talk a bit about her life. Downstairs Cheryl and Karen talk about Cheryl's latest crush.

Karen is cooking. She tells Jake who returns home that Heaven will need his help as she's planning to go up into the mountains. He takes off, much to Karen's displeasure.

Up in the mountains Severin and Heaven scout some path. Heaven has the sword with her. Jake arrives on his bike. He tries to talk to her. He tells her that he doesn't want to be apart again. Then Severin interrupts them. Their way is either 10 hours walking or climbing up.

Meanwhile Sato is at some monument. Fleming is talking and somebody approaches him. Meanwhile Severin and Jake fall down and are only saved by one nail in the wall.

Sato puts Heaven's hair into a statue's hand.

Karen kills Fleming, in the name of Kogo.

The statue opens for Sato.

Both Severin and Jake tell her to cut them loose to save the other. She cuts the rope...
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