Samurai Girl

Season 1 Episode 5

Book of the Shadow

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 07, 2008 on ABC Family

Episode Recap

On the wall, both Severin and Jake want to be the one who dies. She cuts Jake lose. Heaven cries. Severin isn't happy, but tells her to move on. So they climb up further. However on the top Sato and his men are already waiting. When Severin manages to get a hold of Sato's gun, he shoots some of the guards and frees Heaven. Then a helicopter arrives who is about to save the two of them. They get in and away, but Sato still has the mirror.

In the helicopter Severin is not happy at all. Meanwhile Jake lies on the floor and is presumed dead.

Otto and Cheryl are redecorating Jake's place. Karen stops by and agrees with Cheryl. When Otto moves some of Karen's stuff, he finds her passport and finds an alias name in it.

Severin and Heaven return home. He apologizes to her for being harsh. They talk about Jake's funeral. Heaven cries and doesn't know how she can face Karen now.

So Heaven enters the house and everyone is gathering when she states that Jake didn't make it.

Turns out Jake isn't dead yet. He attacks the guy who finds him. He gets away and already knows the guys back home will never believe it.

Meanwhile Sato calls Mr. Kogo to report their success. He wants to return to Japan, but Kogo doesn't let him. Jake takes out Sato to get to the car.

Back home, everyone is sad about Jake's death. Then Jake walks through the door. He also got the mirror from Sato. They call Severin, as Sato is tied up in the car.

The mirror is just a few crystals. Not much of a mirror. Jake, Heaven, Karen, Cheryl and Otto look at it. Karen takes care of Jake.

In the garage Severin takes care of Sato. Severin knows a lot about Sato. He's about to take Sato apart with his scalpels. Sato is willing to cooperate for the right price.

At night, Heaven goes to see how Jake is doing. She apologizes.

The next morning Heaven complains to Cheryl that on the mountain she almost kissed Jake again, just before she cut his rope and now he hangs out with Karen.

Then Severin steps by and has some important information about some woman in Prague. She's called Sonja.

After that meeting, Heaven tries again with the sword. Cheryl informs her that Karen and Jake out on a walk together. Cheryl thinks Karen is bad news. They talk a bit about friendship in general as well. Inside Otto is cooking.

Karen and Jake are walking; she remembers the day he proposed to her. He tells her that he tried to sell her motorbike to get back at her. She's upset, but glad he didn't sell it. Then they kiss.

Heaven sees them kissing.

Next morning, Heaven explains she can't talk to Jake now about her feelings as he appears to be back together with Karen. Then Jake and Karen walk in. Karen is wearing a wig.

They go out to get Sonja and use Sato as bait. Sonja is chases by Heaven, Jake is after Sato. Jake gets Sato pretty quick. Karen joins them.

Sonja meanwhile holds a gun to Heaven's head. Heaven tells her she works for Kylie. So Heaven gets out of the situation.

Meanwhile Karen cuts Sato loose. Then she stabs Sato and drags him away. She also cuts her arm so it looks like Sato got away.

Back in the house, its evening already, Severin holds a debriefing. They need to watch out now.

Later on Jake opens his weapons' box. The mirror reflects only Heaven. She needs to go to Sakhalin islands. Karen reports the location in as well.

Meanwhile Mr. Kogo is arrested by Severin on Sakhalin Island. Severin says they need to take care of Karen somehow. She wants to talk to Jake first. She walks up to Jake to tell him Karen is working for her father. He doesn't believe her. Then a knife ends up in Jake's back. It's Karen's.