Samurai Girl

Season 1 Episode 6

Book of the Shadow

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 07, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • "She's smart as she is brave, she's brave as she is pretty, she is Samurai Girl."

    Jake's new nickname is Vince as in Invincible; who survives a hundred foot fall then a stab to the chest? And while Jake's invincible Otto's absent minded; he strolls into the loft, waltzes past two unconscious bodies and munches on candy it's so stupid it's cool. Okay so this is the final episode to my knowledge and to tell the truth this ending was really passive compared to the action packed beginning. I mean KarenIylie died with just one blow to the back and the fight was over, not saying that the fight wasn't good (I'm a sucker for a good catfight) but the conclusion was abrupt and not too entertaining. The five months later was okay, if you like happy endings but the episode on a whole left me hanging; great plot, great characters but the ending feels as if production ran out of time and/or money.