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ABC Family (ended 2008)

what do you think the show wil be like

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    [21]Sep 6, 2008
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    I kind of like this show. i mean it is funny. has alot of cheesy lines but i think that is to be expected from the first few episode of a new show. the fight scenes are cool in my opinion. oh and it keeps you guessing. the Japaneses names are hard to keep up with but hey what can you do.

    Overall (i dont know if you agree with me) this show has ALOT of potential, and people should give it a chance it will not disappoint. (note: i dont know how they are going to go past a season. if they do make a full season. the writers did not make a general plot, it is more narrow and targeted, but hey they are writers and they thing of some good stuff)

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    I really this show, it has a lot action and it's funny. I can't wait for the rest of the premiere today and tommorrow.
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