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  • haven is an adopted girl by a rich man. when she grows up she discovers the her father is a yakuza boss.

    i think this a very good mini series. One of the best i have seen in months. The story is straight to the point, with a bit of Chinese fantasy, a bit of romance and a lot of action. I really think there should be a sequel to this cause its a pity that is such a short story. i would say this is a must see if you like action and martial arts. Another thing that i liked is the sword a nice shinny Japanese one ( obviously it could be otherwise) with a very cool name. Have fun watching it
  • The best thing I have watched in years. By far.

    OMG. The best spent 6 hours of my life.
    I love the plot and the characters and the action.
    Brendan Fehr = Gorgeous!
    Jamie Chung = Adorable!
    The "goofy" guy (Otto) = Made me laugh SO hard!
    Please please pleaseeeee make this a regular series!
    I am SERIOUSLY begging you!
    I can't wait to see what happens between Jake and Heaven after that really good clinghanger at the end of the last episode.
    I loved how we actually thought Heaven was over with all the ninja mumbo jumbo, but WOW was that a twist!
    I just hope that Otto and Cheryl develop a little "something something" if you know what I mean ;)
    Overall, I really thought the show was pleasant to watch and better than most of the garbage that's out there right now *ahem* Reaper *ahem*
    I will definitely be this show's #1 fan forever.
    Don't end Samurai Girl with a clinghanger, please!
    It deserves to be dragged out more and totally needs a proper ending, unlike what happened with Gilmore Girls (btw, I am still hoping for that GG reunion movie as well!!!)
  • This mini-series was awesome!

    I really loved this mini-series. I just wish they would've showed more of Jake and Heaven at the end. All-in-all, It was a fun 3-night entertainment event..but I would love for there to be more! I really want to watch it again right was a personal favorite of mine. I loved all the characters, they were all very different yet all great in their own ways. I really liked Jake, haha. And I think him and Heaven are great together!! So they should've showed more of where they winded up at the end, but oh well. I'm still very happy with this mini-series. =)
  • Boring... skip it.

    I watched the 1st two episodes and I hoped it would turn out better on the next. The twist was ok, halfway through the third episode it was so boring the I just stopped watching. The story just drags on and on. The main characters are so cliche and the fight scenes are so so. I don't really know what to write here other than that. Maybe you can watch this and waste your time while waiting for the return of the better tv shows out there. If you have nothing else to view, it's fine but I wouldn't really recommend it otherwise.
  • Ok lets give it up for another girl power Tv-show. This new show is based on a samurai princess who knows all the kung-fu-jive moves and shes very pretty to. Along the way she makes friends and needs there help. Will see sooner or later what happens.

    Ok from the start I was hooked in. It looks like they borrowed afew things from other Tv shows like Roswell. Im talking about Jakes character of course. Its like one minute hes on His racing bike and the next hes acting like typical Michael Guerin fashion. He seems like he would be a cool guy to hang out with in real life. I never could see him as a master. But from the looks of it he seems to know what hes doing. Moving along to Ottos character. He looks like a typical goofball loveing character. Who knows alot but never says much until hes needed. Looking ahead to Cheryl. Is it me or does hollywood see alot of short haired blonde women in new stuff from tv shows. I think of Smallville and Roswell come to mind. Cheryls character is cool. Shes quirky and doesnt seem like shes absent minded. She seems to fit in with Otto and not drive Jake up a wall that much. On to Heaven The tv shows star. Shes a princess and knows how to use a sword and use her girl power. I hope to see this tv show take off. Maybe two seasons at most will see. Whomever put this together knew what they were doing. So ill just hope it returns and soon.
  • great show

    i really like the show its nice to see some difference on the screen.. i hope heaven takes down her stepfather.. i am sad to see jack go .. hope he ill be back soon. i think one of my fav character is cheryl she is funny and i hope to see her in more action scenes like the book of shadows... i am glad that heaven is giving otto a chance.. excited to see where they will end up

    just wondering when the next episode is going to be? and why is the no updates on the site.. we r still stuck on sept 7..
  • neteen-year-old girl named Heaven discovers that the well-to-do businessman who adopted her as an infant is actually the head of Yakuza, the Japanese mafia responsible for murdering her brother.

    Great show! Has everything a person would want, action, romance, drama and a lot of sword fighting!

    Just one doubt! Wasn't the namo of the show should be "ninja girl" or "shinobi girl"? I se a lot of ninjas fighting everywhere, but no samurais... These people should know the deference between a ninja and a samurai! Aside from that, Give me more episodes! I just can't stop watching that! Just writing this so I can reach the minimum 100 words^^.

    neteen-year-old girl named Heaven discovers that the well-to-do businessman who adopted her as an infant is actually the head of Yakuza, the Japanese mafia responsible for murdering her brother.
  • My family loved this show. We DVRed it. hoping it will be a series.

    my family loved this show we DVRed it hoping it will be a series. my girls have watched it over and over, and are watching it right now. when part 3 went off, we all wanted to know what happed to jake and heaven,did he come back or does she go on kicking butt all by herself. why does this review have to b 100 words long i'm having a hard time coming up with so many words. we just like the show and waned to say that but now i have to keep typing just to keep typing. yea we are done
  • Great show, nothing like it on tv right now.

    Great show, nothing like it on tv right now.
    It's got adventure, action, drama elements. In a way that makes it enjoyable. Like indiana jones. Little bit ysterious but still realistic.

    Also the asian myth is well thought out. En works for this show. Action is great, great actors. Humor is placed very well in the episodes.

    I would recommend this show to anyone who is into these kind of shows. For the record, other favourites of mine are:
    Ghost Whisperer
    Stargate Atlantis
    Kyle XY
    and many more...
    So that you can see if your taste is about the same as mine.
    Even if it's not, just check it out and see for your self. It's a one to watch show.
  • Heaven, who is 19, discovers that her father is actually the head of the Japanese mafia responsible for murdering her brother. Heaven decides to become a samurai with the help of her new friends and grows determined to take down her father's empire.

    I can not get enough of this show! It is absolutely one hundred percent my all time favorite show! For five reasons 1) It makes me cry 2) It makes my adrenaline pump 3) the acting, 4) the sword fighting, and 5) the strategic planning. I just absolutely love it! I can't get enough of it! It is like my chocolate fix and I am a chocoholic, so that is saying a lot! I want more! Please give me more! I need more Samurai Girl! So as you can see I am quite addicted to this show, I love it that much!
  • Usually not the guy that trashes shows but - Horrible show, do yourself a fav and change the channel !!!

    Had no clue what was the show about, Seen it's name and said to myself, ok (both samurai and girl are positive things for me) let's give it a try... Horrible mistake, 15 minutes of my life that will never come back.
    The storyline... well lets just say it's not that good.
    The girl, pretty but i've seen a few girls from Japan and (not that i'm an expert on the subject) this girl doesnt look like Japanesse to me (China maybe, Japan no way)... I seriously doubt director ever read anything about Japanesse culture before making the show because this girl was acting like a regular western girl and not like someone from Japan (and once again i'm no expert on the subject but it's so obvious) and flying jakuza ninjas ??? Seriously...
    Decided not to go into the acting and the characters so i'll sum it up - this show is for 13 year old kids, i advise you to stay away but it's only my opinion and people rather do their own mistakes.

  • wow i love this show it so great that i am has everything i like in show frighting, love and friendships and just say this my kind show that i like to watch.i hope to see alot more episiodes and i also nocies that going sec season.i hope that true

    this show so cool that i love it and hook on it. so i hope there alot more episodes.... i also hope that the samurai girl and jake together in the show they make really cute couple.
    i hope also jake comes back.... i give this show ten, it great show that has fighting, love and friendship and that's just kind of show i like to watch.
    i hope this show is going be on the air and i hope you guys make alot more episodes realy soon becasue i want to know what happens to to her since she lives in different country and that she knows she is samurai girl and also she might br in love with and meant some great friends..
  • Good movie, great cast, action sences were good, but not over the top. I hope you all bring it back on a more consistant basis.

    To the writers, and the people responsible for assembling a cast. You all hit a home run. You all made a new type of action show that keeps your on the edge of your seat. You did this all with an unknown cast, and they all did a great job. they all played there parts well. I was very on edge about another Jet Li, Jackie Chan type of movie or movie that might have need needed subtitles to understand what they say. You not only made a good action film that didnt go completely matrix, but the movie was also humourous.
  • Samurai Girl is a sweet action mini series it's just mind boggoling sweet story and great cast yo.

    Samurai girl is the next big thing i mean the cast is awesome. The story is pretty sweet but you have to see it from the begginin to understand but after that you just wish it wasn't so short. Like Jamie Cheung is the perfect actress to play Heaven and she does an A+ ovation. Then all the supporting charectors rock even the bad guys are pretty sweet. Oh and they have Stacy Keibler as a guest star which is sweet becuase she a hot ex WWE diva and a fine actress. If you have nothing to do and want somethign sweet check out samurai girl. It has hot chicks, great story, cast, and lots of great action sequences it's a must see if you into the action drama so yo check it out okay.
  • Buffy, she ain't...

    We've seen it before; at least that's the impression one is left with after seeing the first episodes. Silly is another thing that comes to mind. But it isn't totally clueless, it just lacks that extra spark that made Buffy - so far. Hopefully, the show goes in a different direction in the future. Time will tell, so far it's a bit of a dud.
    Scriptwise it's not so bad, just a little bit of lacking in the logic department. The actors are surprisingly well chosen and I for one have faith in that they will develop their characters accordingly.

    Basically, looks ok, but not much more. One can only hope for improvment.