Samurai Girl

Season 1 Episode 1

The Book of the Sword

Aired Friday 8:00 PM Sep 05, 2008 on ABC Family

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  • This episode is the bomb so check it yo!

    The first episode it's just sweet intro you know with lots of twist and turns and so interesting. The crazyness like Heaven gonna get married then it gets turn upside down so it's like oh no he didn't. But i think it's a splendid episode awesome intro and cast are mostly fresh faced but they still pack a punch. Jamie Cheung does a splendid job. Also the action sequences are pretty sweet and intense they A+ material i mean the cheoragraphy was sick. Even the bad guys where hardcore. Hey if you miss it watch tommorow at 4pm at abc family trust me it's not a waste of time. Hey if you want a action mini series and hot chicks check out samurai girl ya hear me yo.
  • Yakuza, Samurai, this is my kind of television.

    First order of business: How can she run in that Kimono, second order of business: this show is absolutely fabulous. Cheryl is by far the coolest character but she and Otto are really trusting; you find a girl in your house (who falls asleep in a closet?), you send her off with your home address and phone number? Well I guess it's that innocent face Heaven has, innocent, beautiful and extremely stubborn. The fight scene in the hotel was incredible; I especially have to applaud the durability of that laptop. This was a great beginning and now to find out what else this show has to offer.