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So for "XCVI", I suppose we should have figured the Scotsman was just too stubborn to die. In what is basically a separate subplot, much like the Day in the Life of Aku sequence back in "XCII", various futuristic military forces lead an attack on Aku's fortress. Aku easily smashes them and forces the Scottish contingent (consisting of the Scotsman's many many daughters) to flee. He stays behind, 50 years older and wheelchair-bound, to stall Aku and talk smack, and Aku blasts him apart. Thanks to "Celtic magic" and some magical runes on the Scotsman's sword, the Scotsman comes back in the prime of his life. What that means since he's a ghost, who knows? but it's nice to see Jack get another ally besides Ashi.

And it's the original accept-no-substitutes John DiMaggio. God, I miss The Brave and the Bold, and DiMaggio's Aquaman.

Speaking of Ashi, she comes around pretty quickly after Jack takes her on a sea serpent ride and a few scenic tours of Aku hot spots of death and destruction. Just as Jack says that he's not going to fight because all is hopeless, they find a villager who says that their children have been taken to a nearby factory. Jack and Ashi go there and discover that the evil Dominator has turned the children into feral beasts controlled by an ultrasonic signal.

While Jack leads the children off, Ashi breaks into the Dominator's control booth. He captures and tortures her for a while, she breaks free and knocks out the Dominator and the controllers. Jack, who has been trying not to kill the children, sees them all collapse and seemingly die, and goes off with the Dark Horseman (whoever he is). Ashi arrives and confirms that the children are alive, but Jack is gone. The end.

Given there are only ten episodes, it was nice to see that they didn't have to spend a lot of time bringing Ashi aboard the anti-Aku Express. She has a brief hallucination of the High Priestess telling her to kill Jack in his sleep. However, she refuses and things go pretty smoothly from there. Jack asks a sea serpent to give them a ride (where is he going if he's given up all hope of defeating Aku?), and there are a few roller coaster-like shots. There's also an odd bit where Jack steals some clothing so that he can dress like a pimp. it's the type of "humor" that filled much of the original series.

The plot moves right along, and the big question is, what's going on with the Dark Horseman and Jack's malaise? It's nice to see the parallels between him and Aku, who is still suffering from the same "I've conquered the known universe: now what?" malaise we saw a while back.

But the main thing is the return of the Scotsman, probably the most iconic character of the first four seasons after Jack and Aku. I wasn't expecting him to show back up, if for no other reason that it could prove a bit distracting. The Scotsman has always been the center of attention when he shows up. So while it's nice to see Jack's friend show up, it seems like he might split the viewers' attention just a bit. This is the final season and the big battle between Jack and Aku. Jack doesn't need the Scotsman and his army of daughters to defeat Aku. He needs the magical katana, which he and Ashi are going to go after in a few episodes. Or so the press releases say.

So on the one hand we have the return of a great character. But on the other, it seems a tad unnecessary so matter how beloved he is.

But that's just my opinion, I could be wrong. What do you think?
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