Samurai Jack

Season 4 Episode 13

LII: Jack And The Baby

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Sep 25, 2004 on Cartoon Network

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  • An all right episode, but didn't really seem like a ending touch.

    Samurai Jack has been a great series from the start, but this episode wasn't really meant to be the series finale. But according to sources: "The series' ratings

    probably just didn't justify and Production on the show was halted in 2004", so it's pretty obvious that the show has been cancelled. But... what can we do?
  • Some people think this episode doesnt feel like a series finale. Well, I think it does. SPOILERS INSIDE, that will disappoint some fans.

    Episode LII was the last Samurai Jack episode to be made. It does sadden me when this episode had nothing to do with a time machine. But, on the positive note, this episode shows evidence of what might happen if Jack is gone.

    The beginning was rather dull but the way Jack was treating the baby like a mother would was quite interesting. There were also a funny scene when Jack was trying to get milk from animal udders but he couldnt get them, ableit farfetched; not all female mammals have udders. ANd also, it seems that it was realistic that instead of crying, the baby achieved Sakai.

    So roughly, this episode seemed like a finale in the sense that if Jack dies, this baby will take over and stop evil. And, I would not recommend this episode to anyone who is so obsessive for Jack to travel back in time. Honestly, I feel for these fans, Episode XIV is what I consider to also be a final episode.