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  • Awesome

    Love this show

  • legendary tv show!

    true work of art!cant wait for the new episodes!
  • This was more than a cartoon

    This show was more than just a simple was ART.
  • One of Cartoon Network's greatest shows ever.

    This is one of Genndy Tartakovsky's best work. I sure wish Jack had just defeated Aku once and for all, before Cartoon Network announce the cancellation. But I am glad Toonami (which is right now in Adult Swim) is rerunning it.

    From the creator of the epic cult classic dexter's lab,comes another show that is also totally epic.

    Sure,this show may be nothing like dexter's lab,but it's still epic in it's own way.

    The premise is GENIUS,the action is AWESOME and the animation is BEAUTIFUL!!!

    There are also some funny as hell episodes like aku's fairy tails :)

    Overall,just an epic show.

    But one question, WHEN WILL THEY MAKE A MOVIE?
  • GOOD !

    very entertaining :D
  • Only have 10 words to say!

    I only have 10 words to say: GOTTA GET BACK, BACK TO PAST, SAMURAI JACK, WATCH OUT!
  • How To Get Jack Home

    Huge fan of the show; always really enjoyed it. Felt like it was too bad he never made it home. There is a blog that suggests an episode order where that might be possible, though:

    playerpage. blogspot. com/2010/08/day-2-samauri-jack-hishe. html
  • This is better than today's crap.

    The animation and the sword fights were amazing. Seeing each episode of how he tries to get to the past interests me and I want to see each one. Aku is a pretty good villian despite the fact that he is a coward. This show was the best of this time. It was only on for a short time in my opinion. Now they have crappy shows like Hi Hi Puffy Ami Yumi and KND. PLEASE Cartoon Network!!! Bring it back!!
  • Poetry... As a cartoon

    This is certainly one of my favorite shows of all time. Simply because of its art style, dramatic scenes and jack himself. But I'd like to address other reviews. For one you can't look at it bluntly and say "it's a dude flung in the past" to write a good review or a gods reason you have to dig deeper and analyze. Just saying that sounds ignorant. Second someone said it had no storyline? And was repetitive. The whol point of this show is jacks quest to find Aku. Although each episode isn't explicitly related, they all tie in a related storyline in which jack continues to do side quests while still doing te main one. And I believe that the overall point of the show was that he'd never get to Aku and it would be an ongoing persuit. Just because the storyline isn't as moving as avatar doesnt mean theres no story,it's a different kind of show.

    And with that I conclude on this superior show. The plot, cool poetic moral at the end, the action robots, and the coolest characters just work, really well. I wrote this to really understand why people don't like it. I try to be open minded but so far there reasons are ignorant. Genndy is a ful fledge genius. Can't wait until hotel Transylvania!

  • What is this? Do I know this?

    Who in the whole, greedy world thought of this junk? This show is unoriginal and it really stinks as a tv show. Every stupid episode they invent makes me want to kill the creators who created this show! Please. I demand everyone to dump this pathetic show. It sucks as hell!
  • One of the shows that got me interested in Animation.

    This show was one of the first Cartoons I remember watching. This show is very simple. Takes place in the future, a guy from the past trying to get back. I really like the plot of it. It seems every times he gets close to his goal it gets snatched away from him. I was pretty mad when this got canceled. I wanted them to make an ending to it. There was no ending. I know of many shows that this happens to and I wish they would make a movie or one last episode that at least brings the series to the close it so diserves.
  • Truly a Classic, I watched the entire series, beginning to end with my friends recently. This show had a lot of deep stuff.

    This show had an awesome premise, meeting scifi and fantasy perfectly! The whole series felt epic! Everything was so theatrical and suspensful, you could see the effort put into every frame. The show tried a lot of different things for its episodes too, which I really appreciate, it never let things get stale. Some of my favorite episodes were the ones where the formula was done wildly differently, like the X9 noir episode, telling the tragic story of a good robot forced to assasinate jack, but ends up falling to his blade, this episode showed how deep and dark the series wasnt afraid to go. The episode where the bounty hunters team up on jack is awesome too. Lastly, the winter part of the seasonal episode is pretty clever, and awesome, and cleverly awesome as well.

    To bad it never got a finale.
  • seemed dark

    I never watched the show a lot when I was younger (nor do I now) but it seemed pretty dark, I thought. The characters, the plots of episodes, the settings... it just seemed dark, and when I was a kid I didn't like dark cartoons/comedy. Maybe if I watched it now I would like it more, maybe not. I think if I do there is a chance I will like it more than I do, so I think I might watch it sometime soon. My overall grade from what I remember is about a C- or so. A bit average
  • This show in my mind is underrated, but very good.

    I like this show. This show is about Jack, a cunning, powerful samurai warrior that enjoyed a peaceful life in his home city. One day, Aku the shape-shifting wizard awakens, and destroys the city. Jack goes of with his father's sacred sword, and fights Aku. Aku was on the verge of losing, but once Jack attempts the final blow Aku creates a protal in time to send Jack to the future. Jack is now trapped in the future with no way home. Jack has many exciting adventures. The dialog in this show is very good. The voice acting is top notch, and the lines are very great. I think the best part of this show is the music. The music in this show rocks!!!! It can be very relaxing, or very energetic. Overall, underrated show in my mind, awesome music, very good dialog, memorable characters, great story.
  • This has to be one of the greatest cartoons ever made.

    This simply has to be one of the greatest TV cartoons ever produced. My brother says this it was the greatest show the Cartoon Network ever had. Too bad it has a policy of only 52 epsisodes a series maximun. I really want to see more episodes. Not only is the animation great, but it has very deep messages for a cartoon.
  • Epic

    Ah samurai Jack, i remember you fondly. Cartoon network has had it rough lately, putting on some of the weirdest most obnoxious cartoons on the air. It seems that they have the dump of shows and to make matters worse now they are showing real life stuff! WHAT?!?!!? its CARTOON network!!! anyways i digress. long ago in a distant era, i a watcher watched a show that would help cartoon network be on a map, this show was great, tons of action and a great story to boot. And while it is minority inconvenient that we never know if he truly defeated aku, it is still a great story. With some of the best voice actors on board (mako) you just cant go wrong. If you ever needed hope that cartoon network will once again rise to the top, watch this show
  • A repetitive show that was for the lack of a better term Sugar-coated. A show thats hype disguised by over glorified eye candy. But it's substance leaves very little to be desired.

    Samurai Jack was more less, all flash and no substance. It tried to act like it was a serial. But the main plot never advances forward in the slightest. Even Dragon Ball Z was better than that.
    The main motivation behind the show never changed, the episodes just became excuses to have sword fights. Don't get me wrong it looks good. But the story and its characters leave much to be desired.

    Speaking of the characters, Jack didn't really feel like an interesting character. He usually passed himself off as a quiet and overly serious character. But the over bearing attempts to be epic (all the time) and silence became really annoying and made the episodes too gloomy. Usually some episodes would have an upswing in a show's tone. Usually when Jack had someone to play off of, like the Scotsman. But if Jack didn't have that the mood just sat there.

    In my opinion Samurai Jack was an over rated cartoon.
  • Epic

    This show was never one of my favorites growing up as a kid due to how dark it was. I mean all the characters seemed really depressed, and the settings and such seemed really dark and depressing. However, what I did like was the epic storyline inside of all the darkness I mentioned above. It was about Jack, getting sent forward into the future, which was a really concept. I liked how every episode really followed the storyline well, and that defeating Aku kept Jack going. So I really didn't the extreme darkness, but the epic storyline was a plus. 7.5/10 C+
  • this show was pretty good

    this show samurai jack was pretty good it was about samurai jack who goes back in time to fight through all these adventures . the stories were really good . and the action scenes were intense and there was comedy in the show. i think this was reall well don show that was made by cn and i wish it would of last longer but for 4 years i watched every ep and have all the boxsets of the show. his main enemy is aku who sends monsters after him and this was a good show and i enjoyed it.
  • This show is so much fun that it's difficult to even label it a cartoon!

    I was 28 when I first saw this show in 2001 and it has been one of my favorites ever since. The portions that pay homage to all of the different influences making this creation possible have been done so well that you know praise is being given, but without such extreme modification to the storyline that it seems out of place. Another aspect that I really like is the fact that I have a close connection to different aspects of this series which leads me to believe that the creators are of similar age. I'm referring to the obvious references to Predator, Metroid, Star Wars, Alice in Wonderland, Hanna Barbara, etc. which are all part of my childhood in the '70s ans '80s. Kids may not like or even understand the references, but their parents sure will!
  • The coolest Japan-relaited cartoon. ;)

    Title: good.

    Theme song: not perfect, but not bad.

    Story: a samurai(japaneese warrior)sent to the future to kill a funny lookin demon guy.Original.

    Art: There are no words in my lithuanian-english dictinary which could say how awsome it is. In every episode the art varies a bit, but the backround stile is still the same- hand drawn.

    Humour: This show is mainly adventure-rated, yet it has some moments,too. There is one episode, where Jack has been stolen, and now, completely naked has to walk around a city. Man, I almost died laughin...

    Misc: "Jack" never reveals his true name. Well, that is the stupidest part of all cartoon, anyway...

    In conclusion: a marvelous show which I recomend to anyone. This show is so good drawn and has such an interesting plot, that once I found myself crying when I watched a sad episode where he fights with a currsed viking warrior. And,trust me, it's not easy to make me cry ;)
  • An anime and cartoon

    Samurai Jack is one of the best shows I have ever seen it started off on cartoon network and I used to watch it when I could. Then it changed over to toonami and I used to watch it there. When it was cancelled without a proper ending I was really sad. But there has been talk that a movie is being released :) or there is an ending in the season 4 boxset :D !!!! Also alot of people like the scotsman in this series and I am from scotland! I love all the episodes and wish it would return! XD
  • A brave and honorable samurai must defeat the evil Aku and return back to his own time and undo the evil that is Aku!

    Every episode brings something new. Some episodes are funny, some epic, some sad, some are almost works of art, but they are ALL good. Samurai Jack is the ultimate honorable hero and his nemesis, Aku, is a very unique villain in that he is despicable, yet hysterical at the same time - a difficult feat to accomplish! The animation is just beautiful - fight scenes flow well (I remember the fight scene in the episode where Jack battles a ninja - the interplay of white and black in that episode was stunning), the voice-acting is completely perfect, and the music is completely amazing, molding itself to every episode. Some episodes have such a different look and feel to them (for example, compare the "Aku's Tales" episode with "The Spartans") that you can hardly believe it comes from the same series! I adore this show and I miss high-quality cartoons like it. Cartoon Network's on its way down because it's too dumb to recognize top-notch shows like this. Bring JACK BACK!
  • For sure, one of the greatest shows of all time.

    Samurai Jack is about a young samurai who lives in Japan. One horrid and feared day, an evil force Aku, breaks free of its imprisonment and attacks the town. Jack is saved, fortunately, and is trained in many different ways of fighting. One day, Jack returns to his village, and hunts down Aku. Jack is close to destroying the evil force but Aku sends Jack into the future through a time portal. There in the future, Jack must find a way to go back in time and destroy Aku to stop this horrid future from happening.

    In my opinion, this is definetely one of the greatest shows of all time. It mixes intelligence, humor and excitement into one big, unfortunately short lived adventure. My one complaint is that they ended the show in the very middle. They should bring it back or make a feature film to complete it. P-leeeaaasssseeee!!!!
  • Truly one of CN's greatest classic cartoons.

    I remember seeing some episodes of this show too, and i loved them!!! Another great Action/adventure cartoon cN had back in it's glory days. It was an exciting show but also kind of daring as it also had some violence in it, but was still a greeat show nonetheless. Some poeple are into that kind of stuff too, which is fine in my opinion because it fits spectators tastes quite well. It gets more people to watch and like a fabulous and awesome show like this!:) Samurai Jack was cool, as he is a hero for trying to stop the evil wrath of Aku. Jack is a samurai! He must conquer the world Aku has taken over by restoring peace and tranquility from Aku's enemies and destructive powers. Sadly it doesn't even look like this show airs on CN anymore. This is another show where it at least deserves to be still on the air to catch more awesome reruns! It shouldn't have been taken off the air completely, well maybe once CN gets its glory days back, they will make some sort of sequel. Hope for the best everybody!
  • One of Cartoon Network's best.

    This show follows the story of Samurai Jack as he was banished to the past by Aku, an evil superhuman monster. Jack tries to find ways to get stronger so he can find Aku and kill him. They have one last fight towards the end of the series and Jack wins but Aku doesn't die. There are only a few more episodes after that encounter. They are usually flasbacks of Jack's childhood. This was a good show that shouldn't have ended when it did. It could have had another 4 or 5 seasons on Toonami. It shows reruns on Toonami every saturday at 10:30.
  • An excellent Action/Comedy set in futuristic Earth. As a samurai is about to slay the terrible demon, Aku, he is flung into the future by the evil wizard. Now he seeks to return home, and put an end to what he started.

    Great Action show with a nice humorous undertone. Jack is a well created character, possessing his own morals,way of life, and style for sure. The show is rarely ever boring as every moment has some sort of action, or comic relief in some cases. It is perfectly made for its targeted audience, the young adults and teenagers. Since most of the beast Jack fights do not "bleed" in real terms the show isn't a violent show in most views. This results in a great anime for those who aren't fond of blood-and-guts anime. With the last episode bearing no real finality, fans were diissapointed for a long time. Now, with the announcement of a movie coming in '09 we all rejoice! Anyone who likes the action or comedy genre should give this a try!
  • This is a decent show, but its the same thing every episode. Visually Samurai Jack is very creative, but the plot isn't great, and the show thinks its way better than it is.

    Samurai Jack was different than anything else on TV when it came out. It brought artsy, anime style animation to a more mainstream audience. It was however, restricted heavily since it was on primetime Cartoon Network. Any violence had to be PG, and there couldn't be anything too complicated about the plot or the characters. Had it been on Adult swim, it could have been a lot better. The show was very imaginative though; every episode has a dense setting and colorful characters. This was a kids show, so the dialogue, plot, and conflict all had to be simple. I can live with simplicity, but there were always slow motion scenes, and overly dramatic action sequences. The show relied too much on these effects, and the artwork became mundane after a while. Genndy Tartakovsky did well with Samurai Jack, but he did not do great.
  • A cartoon that showed that action cartoons aren't only anime.

    Samurai Jack was about a warrior trained to fight and defeat a wicked sorcerer named "Aku" (which, in Japanese translates as 'Demon' or 'evil'). Aku sends the warrior to the distant future, and the people of that time name him Jack. He knows that he has a quest, and it's to return to the past and destroy Aku. This show was awesome. It's cinematic concept, action sequences, creative designs, and comic relief was something both western-animation and anime fans alike could enjoy. Gennedy Tartakovsky brought something new to the table with it, and, if someday, could make it fresh all over again.
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