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Cartoon Network (ended 2017)





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  • Truly a Classic, I watched the entire series, beginning to end with my friends recently. This show had a lot of deep stuff.

    This show had an awesome premise, meeting scifi and fantasy perfectly! The whole series felt epic! Everything was so theatrical and suspensful, you could see the effort put into every frame. The show tried a lot of different things for its episodes too, which I really appreciate, it never let things get stale. Some of my favorite episodes were the ones where the formula was done wildly differently, like the X9 noir episode, telling the tragic story of a good robot forced to assasinate jack, but ends up falling to his blade, this episode showed how deep and dark the series wasnt afraid to go. The episode where the bounty hunters team up on jack is awesome too. Lastly, the winter part of the seasonal episode is pretty clever, and awesome, and cleverly awesome as well.

    To bad it never got a finale.