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  • Poetry... As a cartoon

    This is certainly one of my favorite shows of all time. Simply because of its art style, dramatic scenes and jack himself. But I'd like to address other reviews. For one you can't look at it bluntly and say "it's a dude flung in the past" to write a good review or a gods reason you have to dig deeper and analyze. Just saying that sounds ignorant. Second someone said it had no storyline? And was repetitive. The whol point of this show is jacks quest to find Aku. Although each episode isn't explicitly related, they all tie in a related storyline in which jack continues to do side quests while still doing te main one. And I believe that the overall point of the show was that he'd never get to Aku and it would be an ongoing persuit. Just because the storyline isn't as moving as avatar doesnt mean theres no story,it's a different kind of show.

    And with that I conclude on this superior show. The plot, cool poetic moral at the end, the action robots, and the coolest characters just work, really well. I wrote this to really understand why people don't like it. I try to be open minded but so far there reasons are ignorant. Genndy is a ful fledge genius. Can't wait until hotel Transylvania!