Samurai Jack

Season 1 Episode 5

V: Jack In Space

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Aug 27, 2001 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

Jack is traveling through the forest when he hears a commotion and flees from unseen snipers firing exploding attackers. In his flight he comes across a rocket ship and spacesuited scientists working on it. The robot insects pursuing catch up to Jack but also spot the spacecraft and open fire on it as an unauthorized escape vehicle. The robots proceed to trash the vessel and Jack attacks and destroys them. The scientists are unhappy at the destruction of their project and the fact that Aku will soon learn of their activities. Jack apologizes for bringing the robots to them and the scientists eventually agree they should trust Aku to help them.

Jack points out that he can't fight in the sky but the scientists have a plan – they put him through a rigorous regimen and monitor his vital signs, taking physiological readings. When complete, they build him a special spacesuit and attack a rocket pack. Jack triggers the rocket pack and after a few rough moments manages to figure out the hand-control guidance system and soon masters them. The scientists proceed to test him with drones and Jack readily dispatches them.

That night they celebrate but Jack expresses his regret at being unable to return home. The scientists come up with a way to send him back through time by putting him a pod that they will jettison just before they go to light speed. But Jack hears the sound of Aku's approaching forces.

The robot spiders arrive as the spaceship lifts off into space and approach Aku's blockade. Jack leaves the ship and takes out the first wave as the space-spiders dig into the hull. He knocks them off but the heads keep burrowing on their own. Jack associates them with ticks and superheats his sword and dispatches of the heads. Robot mosquitoes start draining the ship's fuel and Jack dispatches of them but robot hornets fire guided missiles. Jack manages to lure half of the missiles into the other half, destroying them all. He then takes the fight to the hornets, destroying them as well.

Jack gets into the pod as the scientists' ship approaches top speed, but the robot-hornets form into a single gigantic gun. Realizing the ship may be destroyed, Jack evacuates and goes after the cannon. The scientists have no choice but to initiate the countdown, and with only a second to spare Jack uses his sword to reflect the beam back, destroying the cannon. The back blast sends Jack plummeting back to Earth. Although his suit protects him, Jack is left to consider the loss of his ride home but consoled by the fact the scientists escaped.