Samurai Jack

Season 1 Episode 7

VII: Jack And The Three Blind Archers

Aired Saturday 11:00 PM Aug 20, 2001 on Cartoon Network

Episode Recap

The quiet of the forest is disrupted by a vast robotic army who are marching on a single tower in the middle of nowhere. Their leader calls the charge and the army moves in…only to be cut down by a vast barrage of literally tens of thousands of arrows. Only the general is left standing, and from the top of the tower three archers look out across the battlefield.

At a tavern on boat, the general is telling his tale and saying how the tower houses the mystic Well of Ozric, that grants each person one wish, their greatest desire. Samurai Jack is at the tavern and hears the tale, and gets the well's location from the general, who is now working as a janitor.

Jack takes a boat to the shore and walks through the snow-shrouded forest to the tower. He takes a single step to the tower and the archers open fire as soon a his foot passes a certain point. He withdraws but the archers open fire and all but skewer him-- only Jack's extraordinary reflexes save him from death. Jack tries to approach the tower again and deflects and dodges the hundreds of arrows, but still can't get any closer. Withdrawing, Jack meditates beneath a waterfall and contemplates his training when he learned to fight blindfolded. Although initially he was unable to fight blindly, he soon learned to attune all of his senses and extend his awareness to fight on any level.

Jack returns to the tower and blindfolds himself, and becomes attuned to the forest. He then runs for the tower, dodging all the archers' arrows. They are clearly blind as well and operate by their keen hearing. Jack gets to the base of the tower and then ascends the side, leaping among them. Landing in their midst, Jack dodges three simultaneously-fired arrows which strike each other and deflect back into their owners. The archers glow with mystic energy and revert to normal humans as their mystical essence returns to the well.

The archers proclaim that they're free of the curse and Jack goes to the well. But the archers warn that each wish comes with a price. When they wished to become the greatest of warriors, the spirit of the well robbed them of their sight and their minds and enslaving them to guard the well. Jack considers this and then uses his sword to destroy the well. The archers salute Jack's sacrifice as he departs into the forest.

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