Samurai Jack

Season 1 Episode 11

XI: Jack And The Scotsman

Aired Saturday 12:30 AM Oct 29, 2001 on Cartoon Network
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Jack finds himself opposed by The Scotsman, an opponent every bit as skilled as himself.

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  • Jack is a Pajama-Wearing, Basket-Face, Slipper-Wielding, Clype-Dreep-Bachle, Gether-Uping-Blate-Maw....

    Genndy does it again with this episode. This one was the first comic-light-hearted vein of episodes, and probably one of the best. This is good for so many reasons, that it will be hard for me to list. Except for Aku himself, this episode includes everything that we have come to expect from the series. The ambient intro, with Jack who knows where, still traveling through the north, probably not far from where he was in the Lava Monster episode.

    Jack has to cross a narrow bridge so high that he can't see the bottom of the gorge he's crossing...or the other side of the bridge. It takes days to cross, and he has several very close calls, nearly falling through the old rickety bridge. Business as usual until....bagpipes.....loud...blasting...bagpipes.... Enter probably one of the most memorable side characters, and one of the first reoccurring characters of the series....The Scotsman. Take his accent as what you will, but the dialog here is priceless, just priceless.

    Rather than step aside the Scotsman challenges Jack to duel. Jack refuses...until the Scotsman calls him a Pajama-Wearing, Basket-Face, Slipper-Wielding, Clype-Dreep-Bachle, Gether-Uping-Blate-Maw, Bleathering, Gomeril, Jessie, Oaf-Looking, Scooner, Nyaff, Plookie, Shan, Milk-Drinking, Soy-Faced Shilpit, Mim-Moothed, Sniveling, Worm-Eyed, Hotten-Blaugh, Vile-Stoochie, Cally-Breek-Tattie...then they break out the swords and have a it....for a day...or two.

    It appears Jack has finally met his equal, as both end up exhausted and unable to continue...just when two bounty hunters come riding in for both of them (or maybe just Jack, who knows). The two escape narrowly by....falling off the bridge... Fortunately a swamp miraculously breaks their fall, just before they are attacked by more bounty hunters. At this point I would like to point out that whenever that pig thing opens his mouth I can't stop laughing. Just the gibberish (well perhaps not gibberish, I could make out a few words in there that probably shouldn't be on children's programming, but I digress, all for the better) coming out of his mouth was hilarious "ba-ba-ba-bang-bang-bangity-bang-bang!"

    You will really have to watch the episode to see what I'm talking about here, it was really something, I was in tears from so much laughing the first time I watched it. And the second time...and the third get the idea. Samurai Jack at its best.moreless
  • 2 Great episodes in a row!

    This is definitely one of the best episodes of Season 1!!! Jack meets " The Scotsman " one of the few of returning characters for Samurai Jack. This episode is hilarious and full of action ( like any Samurai Jack episode ) but The Scotsman is definitely one of my favorite characters, Jack and him get into a fight on the bridge which neither of them wins! The Scotsman sword is special, even when Jack tries his Horse technique it does not crush his sword. But this was one classic episode of Samurai Jack, and a very popular one at that. Enjoy this episode!moreless
  • a good and popular episode

    this episode of samurai jack was one of the most exciting episodes i have seen (i have only seen episode 3, 5, 10, 11, 19, 20 and 21). i have seen this episode a few times, and it\\\'s a little silly sometimes... the scotsman reminds more of a viking than an scotsman though. one thing i don\\\'t like with the whole samurai jack, is that he is just walking and walking, and nothing happens for a while... they talk too little, but don\\\'t get me wrong, i like samurai jack. if there will ever be more episodes ( not that i have seen so many) they should talk a little more.moreless
  • Jack goes crazy on and with a scotish!

    This episode is easily the best one on the first season. The story is simple and quite much taken from other places(movies, games and such), but it doesnt have to be "all new" to become special. Very well script aswell.

    The handcuff scenes isnt really something new made up, but it sure represent the tactical tag-team element superb.
  • Enter the Scotsman!

    Probably the greatest ally Jack had in the whole series (not to mention probably the most often [if not only] recurring character besides Aku) started out battling Jack because neither of them would step aside to let the other pass and continue on an impossibly long rope bridge.

    But then they must work together as bounty hunters attack, seeking Aku's reward on both of them.

    In the process they find that they are rare equals with something in common...and then they fight over who's gonna buy who a drink.moreless

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Trivia, Notes, Quotes and Allusions


  • TRIVIA (4)

    • Although this is a very amusing episode, it features one of the worst Scottish accents I have ever heard. (editor's note: I think that was the point... :) )

    • The Scotsman's machine-gun peg-leg, although a creative weapon, would not work. Machine-guns like that have QUITE a kickback, and if he fired it while standing on one leg, he'd more than likely fall over (and break the other one). (Note: In this episode when he fired it, he was in the air)

    • Why doesn't Jack just jump right over the Scotsman, Tremendous Horsecut-style, and continue along the bridge instead of spending days fighting him?

    • Why didn't Jack just cut the handcuffs off with his sword?

  • QUOTES (4)

    • Jack: You mistake my comment, sir!
      Scotsman: Doo Iii! Yer think I'm dumm, too?
      Jack: No, I... look. We are both in a hurry, so I shall hang from these planks and you may walk right over.
      Scotsman: So you get to peek up me kilt?
      Jack: That is not what I am suggesting.
      Scotsman: So ya say ya plucky-face hinoot.

    • Jack: I fear no man.
      Scotsman: Ooohhh. That's some tough talk comin' from guy who wears a basket on his head.

    • Scotsman: What do you think of that, Mr. Pajama-Wearing, Basket-Face, Slipper-Wielding, Clype-Dreep-Bachle, Gether-Uping-Blate-Maw, Bleathering, Gomeril, Jessie, Oaf-Looking, Scooner, Nyaff, Plookie, Shan, Milk-Drinking, Soy-Faced Shilpit, Mim-Moothed, Sniveling, Worm-Eyed, Hotten-Blaugh, Vile-Stoochie, Cally-Breek-Tattie?

    • Jack: The arrow relies on the bow. The bow relies on the arrow. But they are not tied together.
      Scotsman: That would be pointless, now, wouldn't it?

  • NOTES (2)

    • This episode owes some inspiration to the Japanese tale of two samurai who meet on a bridge and only one can pass - they merely stare at each other then turn around...which you kinda get the idea is what Jack expects to happen.

    • First UK showing : 18th January 2002 5:30pm